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What Is My Current Location And How do I Change My Google Maps Address?

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-06-28 / Update for  change location

When you don’t know where you’re, it is very common to ask someone "What is my current location?" But if you’ve a phone with you, you don’t need to ask anyone because of the blessings of today's technology.

On phones, GPS and map apps like Google Maps will show your location instantly. Knowing your current location is important for finding your way, nearby services, or sharing with others. Also, you can change your present location, if needed. So, let’s know about how you know your location and if you need to change, how you can do that.

Part1: What Is My Current Location? Can I Change My Location on Google Maps?

Finding your current location on your phone is not a big deal. Really? Can I change my current location on my phone? Yes, you can.

On iPhones and Androids, you can use the built-in Maps app to see where you are. But if you would like to change your location, there are two main ways.

change location on ianygo

Change Google GPS Location

You can change your GPS location or change your IP location. Changing your GPS location uses special apps or software. These apps fake your device's real position. It's very accurate and works well for apps that need precise location data.

Change IP Location with a VPN

On the other hand, To change your IP location, you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It looks like you're browsing from somewhere else. With a VPN, you can pretend to be browsing from a different spot. It lets you reach region-specific online stuff and stay private. It’s less precise than GPS spoofing but you can set it up easily. Let’s talk in detail about both options!

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Part 2:How Do I Change My Home Address in Google Maps?

If you change Google map home address, you can do it easily. So, how to edit an address on google maps?

Just open the app, tap your profile, select "Your places," then "Home." Edit your address, save, and you're done!

Google Maps now uses the new address instantly. You do not need to type your home address every time. If you update it once in Google Maps. it will take you in a quick direction every time. If you need to change home location Google Maps to another country, there are two primary methods you can use:


You can change GPS Location and change IP Location with a VPN. Changing GPS location is the most useful tool for changing location.

It is trustable and provides accurate information. Let’s know about the best location changer.

1. Best GPS Location Changer

If you’re thinking about how to change my current location, there is a trustable solution for you. And it's name is iAnyGo. iAnyGo lets you change your GPS location on iOS and Android without special hacks. It's helpful for using location-based services, playing games, or staying private. With iAnyGo, you can update current location from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

Key Features of iAnyGo

  • Freely Change GPS Location: iAnyGo allows you to change your Google Maps location to anywhere in the world without needing to jailbreak or root your device. This is useful for gaming, privacy, or accessing region-specific services.
  • GPS Joystick: With the GPS joystick feature, you can control the direction of movement in location-based games like Pokémon GO, or more.
  • Historical Records: iAnyGo automatically saves your past Google Maps locations and it allows you to quickly select and reuse them.
  • Import/Export GPX Files: Create, import, and export GPX files to use custom routes. This feature is particularly useful for planning Google Maps routes in advance.

How to Use iAnyGo

  • Select a Location on Google Maps: Open iAnyGo on your iPhone or computer and select the “Change Location” mode. Then enter your desired address or GPS coordinates in the search box. change location on ianygo
  • Customize Multi-point Route: Select the “Multi-spot Movement'' mode in iAnyGo. Then choose multiple locations on the map to create a route. Modify Speed:
  • Collect in Historical Records: iAnyGo saves all your used locations in the historical records. That’s why you won’t select the location again. You can reuse them by opening the app. You can also add frequently used locations to your favorites for quicker access. click enter on ianygo

Also, you can adjust the speed and the number of round trips as needed. Then click “Start to Move” to simulate GPS movement along the planned route. This feature is great for changing your Google Maps location to be more natural and realistic.

Modify Speed:

Video Guide: Google Maps Guide

2. Change IP Location with a VPN

Modify Speed:

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can also be a reliable way to change your IP address. You can change the current Google Maps location by accessing the internet from a different country. This method is useful for accessing region-specific content and enhancing your online privacy.


Key Features of NordVPN

NrodVPN is a highly recommended application for changing your IP location. Here are its key features:

  • Access Geo-restricted Content: NordVPN allows you to view websites and streaming services that are only available in certain regions by changing your IP address.
  • Enhanced Privacy: By hiding your real IP address, NordVPN helps you maintain your online privacy and security.
  • Fast and Reliable Servers: NordVPN has over 5,000 servers in 60 countries, ensuring a fast and stable connection wherever you choose to appear.

How to Use NordVPN

Here is a quick guideline on how you can use it to change current location. Firstly, you need to download and install the NordVPN app on your device. After that, open the app and log in with your NordVPN account details.


Then you need to browse the list of available servers and select one located in the country where you want your IP address to appear.

Once you’re connected, your IP address will reflect the server’s location. It allows you to access content and search results as if you were in that country.

Final Words

If you are lost anywhere and don’t know where you’re, you can know about your location by searching “what is my current location".

If you would like to know- how can I change my current Google Maps location, iAnyGo is the perfect tool. This powerful tool lets you change your GPS location on both iOS and Android devices.

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Freely Change GPS Location without Jailbreak!
  • 1-Click to change current location on iPhone
  • Plan a route by selecting two or multiple spots on the map
  • Easy to simulate GPS movement based on customized route
  • GPS joystick to take better control
  • Import GPX file to start a designed route