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Quick Look at iOS 15 Emoji [New Released iOS 15.4]

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-08-03 / Update for  iOS 15

Emojis are a nice way to put some extra life in your texts. While they’ve been around for several years now, companies keep adding more of them in new updates of their operating systems. Just like that, Apple has recently launched new emojis iOS 15 with the 15.4 update.

iOS 15.4 brings many features to the table — but the most prominent ones are the ability to use Face ID with a mask, and the new iOS 15.4 emoji.

In this article, we talk about all the new emojis introduced in the iOS 15.4 update.

Part 1: What's New in iOS 15.4 Emoji

New iOS 15 emojis with iOS 15.4 emoji include 37 new, shiny artworks for your messaging treat. These iOS 15 new emojis include many interesting emojis like the melting face, salute face, pregnant man, lip bite, and more.

iOS 15.4 new emoji

They are:

  • Melting face , Face with hand over mouth, Face with eyes hidden behind hands, Saluting face, Dotted line face, Diagonal mouth face, Face holding back tears.
  • Rightward hand, Leftward hand, Palm down hand, Palm up hand, Hand crossing index finger and thumb, Pointing towards you, Heart hands.
  • Lip bite.
  • Person with crown, Pregnant man, Pregnant LGBTQ human.
  • Troll, Coral, Lotus, Empty nest, Nest with eggs.
  • Beans, Pouring glass, Mason jar.
  • Playground slide, Wheel, Ring buoy.
  • Hamsa, Disco mirror ball, Low battery, Crutch, X-ray, Bubbles, Identification card, Heavy equals sign.
  • And finally, there are some new colors for the handshake emoji. The emoji itself isn’t new, but there are some more, diverse colors for it in the 15.4 update.

Part 2: 5 Hot New Emojis in iOS 15.4

The new emojis on iOS 15 have sparked many conversations on the internet. Some of the emojis are quite controversial, while some are getting an intense amount of praise from the users.

In this section, we talk about the top 3 hottest iOS 15.4 emoji.

1. Melting face

melting face emoji

This one is getting a lot of love from the users on different social media platforms, especially on Twitter. People are creating entire threads talking about their favorite new emojis in the update, and melting face is coming out on the top! Users are loving it because it fits well in a number of use cases.

It’s also one of our personal favorites at Tenorshare.

2. Salute face

salute face emoji

Another popular new emoji among people is the salute face. Just like melting face, this one is also getting a lot of love from the people on different social media platforms, including Twitter.

People love it because of its wide array of uses. It can be used as an actual salute, for respect, or for taunt, too.

3. Biting lip

biting lip emoji

Last but not least, the biting lip is going to be a popular emoji among lovers and spouses. Due to the nature of this emoji, this one is going to be used by a lot of teenagers, as well as married couples.

There’s nothing wrong in saying that it’s one of the hottest emojis in the 15.4 update.

4. Pregnant man

pregnant man emoji

Apple has added two new non-gender-specific emojis as well. However, the hot topic on the internet is the pregnant man emoji.

While some say this emoji relates to “gender equality”, others say the situation is going too far and out of hand. We wouldn’t comment on it considering the sensitivity of the matter — but if you wanted a pregnant man emoji in iOS, there you go.

5. Multi-racial handshake

multi-acial handshake emoji

The thing we will comment on, is the addition of inter-racial handshake emoji. While the handshake emoji was already there in iOS, Apple has added more colors to it. Specifically speaking, Apple has added inter-racial handshake colors to promote anti-racism.

Part 3: How to Download iOS 15 or iOS 15.4 Emoji

You might be wondering how to get new emojis with iOS 15. Well, to do an iOS 15 emojis download, all you have to do is update your iPhone to the latest iOS 15.4 update. To do that, follow the steps.

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to General > Software Update.
  • Download and install the iOS 15.4 update.

    iOS 15.4 update

Part 4: All New iOS 15 Emojis Compared to iOS 14

If you’re wondering whether there are new changes introduced in iOS 15 emoji as compared to iOS 14 — there are not.

Simply put, all the old emoji iOS 15 look exactly the same as they did in iOS 14. All Apple has done is introduce some new inter-racial colors in the handshake emoji.

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