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How to Fix Error You Don't Have Permission to Delete This Item iPhone

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2022-11-02 / Update for  iPhone Tips

“you don't have permission to delete this item". Maybe you’ve been struggling to delete a file on your system but all to no avail, we’ve prepared a guide for you. By the time you will finish reading this article, That issue will be perfectly solved.

don't have permission to delete this item error
You don't have permission to delete this item

Part 1: Why Error "you don' t have permission to delete this item"

You can encounter the issue "you don' t have permission to delete this item" when new security and privacy feature has been added to your Window operating system.

Such an update will require you to access administrator level on your operating system. With that permission, you will be able to delete any of your desired files. In most cases, the error message is to ensure that an unauthorized user doesn’t access your laptop and take the vital data on your PC away.

Part 2: How Do I Fix No Permission to Delete

So, relax, you’re not the only one in the situation. This section will show you how to deal with “you don’t have permission to delete this item” iPhone issue. Before doing any other thing, try to work on your iCloud phone album.

It’s more likely that your iCloud photo album is another cause of this issue. When those pictures are backed up in the cloud, there could be a restriction on your phone to enable file deletion. To overcome such a challenge, kindly follow the procedures below :

  • Step 1 : On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > iCloud.
  • Step 2 : In iCloud settings, tap “Photos” .
  • Step 3 : Toggle the “iCloud Photo Library” to the Off position.

    disable icloud to fix don't have permission to delete this item

Part 3: Best Alternative To Delete Items from Computer Directly

Have you tried the earlier option and yet didn’t achieve your objective? Then, it’s worth trying another solution. iCareFone-Pro Files Manager can assist you to delete any of your chosen files without any obstruction. It gives you the privilege to deletes your files directly from your computer. With it, you won’t be having any headache of deleting items from your phone.

Also, the app allows you to take full control of the vital data on your phone. It offers you a feature that supports importing, exporting, and even de-duplication of multiple files in one click.You can use it to uninstall apps to free up limited space on your phone. The opportunities this app offers is unlimited. To enjoy them, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Download and launch iCareFone, then connect your device to computer.

    launch icarefone to delete files
    Launch iCareFone and connect your device
  • Thereafter, select “manage” from the top menu to start the file deletion process.

    select files with icarefone to remove files
    Choose any one of files to deleted by iCareFone
  • Choose the file you intend to delete and kindly go to the left panel of the app and click "Delete" button.


If you cannot delete your photos in your iPhone DCIM folder, it’s best to try several alternatives. One of the best ways to resolve you don' t have permission to delete this item and delete your iPhone photos on your computer is by using iCareFone.This app works best in any situation and for any purpose. It can allow you to delete all kinds of your iPhone photos permanently from computer. That implies that you won’t be able to recover them once they’ve been deleted. But since you aim to free your phone of some space, you don’t need to be bothered about that aspect. Thanks for reading!