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Can You Install TrollStore on iPhone 2024 to Sideload IPAs to iPhone without Jailbreak?

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-07-04 / Update for  iOS App

A lot of apps out there promise to let you install modded and pirated apps on your iPhone. And TrollStore is one of them.

Troll Store iOS says it can install apps on your iPhone without even you need to jailbreak your iPhone.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, we thought the same. So we went ahead and tested it out for you! Here’s everything you need to know about TrollStore iOS.

Part 1: What is TrollStore?

To begin discussing the process of downloading TrollStore on your iPhone, it is essential to understand its nature and functionality beforehand.

TrollStore app offers the capability to download applications that are not officially available in the App Store. However, it should be noted that it also enables the installation of hacked and modified apps, which is strongly discouraged.

Furthermore, TrollStore GitHub says it can do what it promises without even needing you to jailbreak your iPhone — which is wild.

How true is that? Let’s find out in the next sections.

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Part 2: Does TrollStore Work?

So, does the TrollStore iPhone app actually work? Nope, not at all.

We did some digging and testing, and turns out the TrollStore app is a big letdown. And here's why it's a total flop.

You see, Apple is super picky about where you can get your apps for iPhones. They won't let any so-called "App Store alternative" slide. No matter how much these apps try to convince you they're the real deal, it's just not happening.

Now, by 2024, Apple will have to allow sideloading apps from third-party stores on iPhones to follow EU laws. But hold up, in 2023 with iOS 17, sideloading ain't possible. So, all those "alternative App Stores" you stumble upon online? Yeah, they're nothing but scams.

Since TrollStore says it allows installs of IPA files, here’s a bit of information for you.

IPA files are only meant for developers to test their apps on their own Apple devices. They can't just pass around their IPA files to everyone and their mom to sideload apps.

Even if TrollStore did work, their own official website says it will only work in iOS 14 and 15. And as you probably know, those iOS versions are outdated, and we’re already shooting for iOS 17.

Part 3: Are All IPA Installers a Scam?

There are legitimate ways to install IPA files, such as using Apple's official development tools and having a valid developer account.

However, third-party IPA installers that claim to provide access to a wide range of apps outside of the App Store can be risky. These installers often bypass Apple's security measures, which can lead to compromised devices, malware infections, or unauthorized access to personal data.

It's always recommended to download and install apps from the official App Store, as Apple thoroughly reviews and vets the apps available there to ensure user safety. Trustworthy sources prioritize your security and provide a more reliable experience.

Part 4: How to Install Apps From Outside App Store the Right Way

If the TrollStore download and TrollStore install are indeed a fraudulent scheme, does that imply that there are no alternatives for installing apps outside of the App Store? Well, not exactly.

There is one method you can utilize, known as Tenorshare iCareFone. Now, you might wonder how iCareFone can function if third-party app stores are not permitted.

So, what does iCareFone actually do?

In simple terms, iCareFone provides a means to bypass the restrictions imposed by the App Store and allows you to download apps without iOS app store. For instance, let's say a popular app is prohibited in your region, such as the ban on PUBG in India. In such cases, you can utilize iCareFone to still download the app onto your iPhone.

Here's a guide on how to use iCareFone to download apps onto your iPhone.

  • Download and install Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer and connect your iPhone to it. Open iCareFone and select the Manage tab.

    download app without ios app store
  • On the left-hand side, select the “Apps Store” menu.

    download app without ios app store
  • To find the app you want, you can use the search functionality.

    download app without ios app store
  • If you want to download the apps that are not available in your country, go back to App Store page and You will see a list of apps available to download. Simply choose the one you’d like to download to your iPhone.

    download app without ios app store


  • It's worth mentioning that in order to download an app using iCareFone, you must have previously obtained it from the App Store. You do that by hitting the “Get” button in your App Store.
  • Only free applications are available for search and download in iCareFone.

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The Bottom Line

And that’s everything you need to know about TrollStore iOS 16/17!

If you really want an alternative to TrollStore app that actually works, check out Tenorshare iCareFone.