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Codes to Bypass Google Account (FRP) Free? Quick Answer Here

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-11 / Update for  Unlock Android

Have you ever forgotten your Google account password and got locked out of your Android phone? If so, you are not alone. Many people want to find master codes to unlock their phones and free codes to bypass Google accounts for their Android phones, like Samsung, Xiaomi, ZTE, etc. However, these codes are not always reliable or safe.

In this article, we will show you everything about codes to bypass google account, as well as the best alternative, 4uKey for Android to bypass a Google account effeciently.

Part 1. Secret Code to Bypass Google Account on Android Free

One of the codes that may help you bypass Google account verification on Android is ##7378423##. This code is used to access the service menu on some Sony devices. Here are the steps to use this code:

  • On the Google account verification screen, tap on the emergency call option.
  • Dial ##7378423## and press the call button.
  • You will see the service menu on your screen. Tap on Customization Settings and then Reset Customization.
  • Ensure the reset and stay for your phone to restart.
  • You should be able to access your phone without Google account verification.

This method is not a reliable method and it may not work for all Android devices. To bypass Google account effeciently, using professional FRP tools, like Tenorshare 4uKey for Android below, is a wise choice.

Part 2. SIM Pin Code to Bypass Google Account without Computer

Another code that may help you bypass Google account verification on Android is the SIM pin code. A SIM PIN code is a 4 or 6-digit code that protects your SIM from unauthorized use. You need to enter this code when you insert the SIM into a new phone or after you restart your phone. This way, you can ensure that only you can use your SIM on the mobile.

Steps to Bypass Google Account Verification with SIM PIN Code:

  • Remove the SIM card from your device and connect to a Wi-Fi network. You will see the Google verification page. Select Go to Galaxy Store.
  • Tap the search icon and look for Internet Browser. Download and install it.
  • Use the browser to find a trustworthy FRP bypass apk. Head to Settings > Security > Pin Windows > Use Screen lock type to Unpin.
  • use-screen-lock
  • Create a PIN code and reboot your device. You have successfully bypassed the Google account validation with the SIM PIN code.

This method may not work for all devices and the success rate is not guaranteed. Remember to find reliable methods to bypass Google account verification.

Part 3. SMS Code to Bypass Google Account on Android

Another way to bypass Google account validation is by using SMS. You need a reliable internet connection for this method to work. Heed these steps to bypass Google account verification via SMS:

  • Connect to the internet and enter any email address. Look for the option to send the email as an SMS.
  • Type any message and send it to 112. You will see a window with this number on the screen.
  • You will acquire a notification that says your message failed to send. There will be a call button next to it. Press the call button.
  • Dial #4636##. This code will take you to the settings section, where you need to do a hard reset. Once you do that, you can access your phone.

You may not be able to receive notifications or enter the settings section. Once errors occur, get the alternatives, like 4uKey for Android in this article to remove Google Account verification.

Part 4. QR Code to Bypass Google Account

Some people may wonder if there is a QR code for Google accounts that can help them bypass Google account verification on Android. The answer is no.

There is no such thing as a QR code for a Google account. QR codes are used to scan and access information, not to bypass security features. Even if you find a QR code that claims to bypass your Google account, it is most likely a scam or a virus that can damage your device or rob your data. Therefore, do not trust any QR code that promises to bypass Google account verification on Android.

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Part 5. How to Bypass Google Account without Free Codes? Quick Answer HereHOT

As you can see, the free codes to bypass Google account verification on Android are not very effective or reliable. They may not work for your device, erase your data, consume your resources, or expose you to risks.

The most useful method to bypass Google account verification on Android is to use a professional FRP tool, like Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. This tool can help you bypass your Google account in minutes without any codes or risky APKs. Here are the advantages and steps of using this tool:

What makes 4ukey for Android perfect on bypassing Google account

  • Simple: Easy to bypass Google account, no technical skills required
  • Fast: Bypass Google account (FRP) in just a few minutes
  • Reliable: Professional methods have a high success rate of up to 99%
  • Safe: No codes or risky APKs; advanced encryption technology protects your privacy
  • Compatible: Supports Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, Vivo, Huawei, OPPO, Realme Oneplus, etc.
  • Unlock All: Unlock the Android screen lock with simple clicks, and even unlock Samsung without losing data

Steps to use Tenorshare 4uKey for Android

  • Start the procedure by downloading and installing 4uKey for Android on your laptop. Then, connect any Android phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Launch the tool and then click “Remove Google Lock (FRP)” from the available options on your screen. Select the brand and OS version of your device and enter "Start."

    how to remove google frp lock on any phones select the brand of the device
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions according to your chosen OS version. Click on Next.

    4ukey for android remove google account verification
  • Let the 4uKey for Android start the Google account removal process.

    4ukey for android removing google account
  • The process will take a while to complete. Click Done to complete the process. Then you will find you've successfully bypassed Google account without passcode!

    4ukey for android bypass google account successfully

[Video Guide] How to Bypass Google Account Using 4uKey for Android


In this article, we have shown you some of the codes to bypass google account on Android, as well as the reasons why they are not the best option.

We have also introduced you to the best alternative to bypass Google account without codes, which is Tenorshare 4uKey for Android This tool can help you bypass your Google account safely and easily without any hassle or risk.

Remove Android Screen Lock & Bypass Samsung FRP Lock
  • Bypass Google account verification on Samsung devices (Android 6-13)
  • Remove Android password, pattern, PIN, and fingerprint lock just one click away
  • Support removing screen lock and FRP on both Win & Mac

  Updated on 2024-04-11 / Update for  Unlock Android

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