Registration Code

Q1: Why do I not receive the registration code E-mail after purchase?

A1: Generally you'll receive the order confirmation e-mail within one hour after the order processed successfully. The confirmation e-mail includes your order details, registration information and download URL. Please confirm you placed the order successfully and checked the SPAM folder in case it has been tagged as SPAM.

If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail even after 12 hours, it might be due to the internet problem or system glitches. Please contact our Support Team and attach your order receipt. We will reply within 48 hours.

Q2. How to register Tenorshare software?

A2: Take UltData for example. Click the key icon on the top right menu of iPhone Data Recovery, and click Register option in the popup window.

click register button to register the program

In the Register window, please enter the License Email and License Code (Registration Code) that you receive in the confirmation e-mail. Both e-mail and code are case sensitive, you'd better copy & paste and delete the trailing blank.

enter your email and code in the boxes
Q3: What should I do if the registration code is invalid?

A3: Make sure you have ordered the correct product. Copy and Paste the registration E-mail and code to the registration box. Note that the registration email is case sensitive, make sure all the letters are lower case.

Q4: What should I do If the registration code is expired?

A4: Check if your subscription has been cancelled, if yes, you can apply to our payment platform to update it. The registration code will remain valid as long as your subscription is active.

Q5: How do I retrieve my registration email and code?

A5: Go to the Registration Code section, input your order email or ID, then hit search to retrieve the delivery.

Q6: What should I do if there's no order record for my email?

A6: Check if you are using the exact email with which you signed in on the payment page for delivery. Go to the Registration Code section, input your order email, hit search to retrieve the delivery.

Order FAQ

Q1: Is it secure to purchase from your website?

A1: Yes, don't worry about that. Your privacy is guaranteed by us when you are browsing our website, downloading our product or making an online purchase.

Q2. What is the refund policy?

A2:Tenorshare values every customer that comes to us and puts customers' satisfaction as the top priority. To achieve this, we are working continuously to provide customer a pleasant experience with better software and service.

All Tenorshare software can be tested with a trial download. The trial version offers free scan and preview with only a limitation of no recovery or export. This should help users to determine whether the software works as expect and satisfies purchase demand.

Circumstances of no refund:

1. Change of mind after purchase.
2. Part of a bundle.
3. Did not receive order confirmation e-mail and registration code in time, and didn't try online support or contact staff assistance.
4. Request refund for technical trouble, but fail to cooperate by providing details for troubleshooting.
5. Refund request based on dissatisfaction caused by misunderstanding of the product's functions and capabilities.
6. Purchase of wrong products, followed by the purchase of products from another company.

Circumstances eligible for refund:

1. Duplicate purchase.
2. Mistaken order followed by ordering a correct product from Tenorshare.
3. Fatal technical issues with the software that could not be resolved within 30 days.

Q3. What is Download Protection?

A3: The Download Protection is an extra service that is provided by our payment partner, who stores a back-up copy of the software that you purchased on server for two years. Check more info here.

It is not necessary to purchase this service since we update software periodically and always provide free downloads and updates for purchased customers. Click Remove button in the shopping cart and update the price will free you from being charged for this service.

Q4. What is the upgrade policy?

A4: We provide free upgrades for purchased customers. If the upgrade requires new registration code, please contact our support team and attach your order info for quick answer.

Q5. What should I do if I purchased the wrong product?

A5: Go ahead and order the correct one, then Go to Useful link section, click Contact us, submit a ticket to request refund for the wrong purchase. If the product you want has the same price as the mistaken one, you can apply to our support staff for a straight swap.

Q6. What should I do if the payment is not successful?

A6: Clear the cookies of your browser, make sure the network connection is good. If possible, switch to another payment method and try ordering again.

Q7. What kind of payment method can I use?

A7: You can purchase any product using PayPal, VISA, Master Card, America Express, Wire Transfer, Giro Pay, JDB, etc

Q8. Can I evaluate the free trial before purchase?

A8: Yes, all the products have free trial available on the product pages for you to evaluate prior to the purchase. If you have questions about the functions, please reach out to our support center.

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