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How to Put iPhone in Safe Mode Manually (iOS 17/16/15)

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-07-20 / Update for  iPhone Tips

The safe mode is a feature which blocks the third-party apps temporarily from running in the background on your iPhone. This will permit you to delete or uninstall applications that might be causing the issue.

However, the safe mode resets some of your internal settings too and the power button of the iPhone will begin working fine again if it’s not working.The safe mode of your iPhone can be extremely useful if you want to get rid of the basic issues experienced by iPhone users.

Part 1: What is Safe Mode on iPhone?

Safe Mode of an iPhone guarantees that all the substrates, for example, themes or tweaks that can raise an issue in the iOS system or other different tweaks are disabled. This will help to troubleshoot your iPhone or eliminate the substrates which are the cause of such issues. Want to know how to put iPhone 6s in safe mode or how to put an iPhone 8 in safe mode or experimental mode? Here you get the answer to your questions.

Part 2: How to Put iPhone in Safe Mode Manually

How to put your iPhone in safe mode? In the case that your iPhone starts to give indications of malfunctioning, it is significant that you should manually put iPhone into safe mode. In some cases, you have to put the iPhone in the safe mode when your iPhone is stuck in the restoring process. Putting your iPhone into the safe mode is the most ideal approach to analyse issues.

Follow the below-mentioned steps if you don't know how to put your iPhone in safe mode manually.

  • Step 1: Turn off your iPhone.
  • Step 2: When your iPhone is completely turned off, turn it on again by pressing the "Power" button for some time.
  • Step 3: After this, your device will light up, press the "Volume Down" button until the time you see Apple logo.
  • Step 4: Once your device is booted, it will go into the "Safe Mode".

    how to put iphone in safe mode
    Chosse safe mode now
  • Step 5: After this you can erase all the themes or tweaks which are causing the problem.

In the case that you discover the problem is gone in Safe mode, at that point can either delete applications individually and test in ordinary mode again to attempt to distinguish the problematic application, or you can also factory reset your iPhone and install applications and games selectively.

An Useful Tip: One Click to Free Enter Recovery Mode with Tenorshare ReiBoot

There are a few issues that cannot be settled utilizing the safe mode. Your only choice for this situation might be to enter the recovery mode.

To enter the recovery mode, you have another simple & quick method, using Tenorshare ReiBoot. It offers a single click answer to queries of putting your phone into recovery mode without holding any buttons manually, and also aides to securely exit iPhone recovery mode.

More, you can fix different iPhone issues like boot loop, frozen, won't turn on, blank screen, easily. Below mentioned steps will explain how to enter into the recovery mode.

  • Install ReiBoot on your PC or laptop. Then connect your device to PC via a USB cable.

    launch reiboot to enter recovery mode
    Download and launch ReiBoot to enter recovery mode
  • Select "Enter Recovery Mode" from the main interface.

    enter recovery mode through reiboot
    Choose Enter Recovery Mode now by ReiBoot
  • After this, your iPhone will be in "Recovery mode".

    entering recovery mode using reiboot successfully
    Enter recovery mode within seconds Using ReiBoot

So the users who cannot easily put their iPhone in the recovery mode manually, they can use Tenorshare Reiboot for this purpose.

iPhone Safe Mode FAQ

1. How to Exit/Turn off Safe Mode on iPhone?

If your iPhone is stuck on safe mode, here are 4 suggested ways to exit iPhone safe mode and get back your iPhone to standard operation.

  • Way 1: Tap "Restart" from the Safe Mode pop-up message.
  • Way 2: If the first method still leads to Safe Mode, press Power and Home button until device turns off totally and restarts.
  • Way 3: Remove all kind of Erratic/Incompatible Packages from your phone.
  • Way 4: Restore your iPhone.

2. How do I know if iPhone is in safe mode?

  • Switch off your iPhone.
  • When the device is turned off totally, switch it on by pressing the power switch.
  • When iPhone lights up, press the Volume down button till you notice the Apple logo.
  • Once your phone has booted, it'll be in the safe mode. You can now get rid of any tweaks or themes that are causing the unease.

Final Thoughts

In short, go for any above-mentioned method if you want to put your iPhone device in the safe mode due to any reason. These methods are easy and simple and everyone can perform them. The easiest way to enter the recovery mode is by using Tenorshare ReiBoot for iPhone. Just install it on your PC or laptop for free.