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Best Free iPhone Recovery Mode Tool & Repair iOS System at Home

  • 1-Click to Enter/Exit Recovery Mode free
  • Repair 150+ iOS/iPadOS/tvOS system problems like stuck on Apple logo, screen won't turn on, recovery mode loop, etc.
  • Downgrade iOS to previous version without jailbreak new
  • Reset iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without iTunes/Finder
  • Repair iPhone/iTunes errors like 4013/4005 with simple clicks
  • Support all iOS versions and devices including the latest iOS 16 & all iPhone 14 models

Whatever issue your iPhone may have, there is one tool that can fix them all. It is ReiBoot - iOS system recovery software, which can repair your device without leading to any data loss.

Reiboot is a Mac app that acts as an all-in-one system recovery tool for iOS that allows you to quickly and easily fix many common issues with old, out of date or malfunctioning devices.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is an iPhone recovery tool that can repair problems in iOS stops it from booting and other issues. It can repair the system with minimal user effort, and keeps data on the device.

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Put iPhone in Recovery Mode/Exit Recovery Mode Totally Free FREE

ReiBoot (Mac or Win) is the World No.1 iPhone repair tool that offers you a free way to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode (support.apple.com/iphone/restore error) with only 1 click, super easy.

Provide More Beyond Your Imagination

ReiBoot is far more than just an iPhone recovery mode tool, it is also a professional iOS system repair tool that can help you solve more than 150 iOS system problems, downgrade iOS 16 without iTunes, troubleshoot Apple TV problems, iPhone/iTunes errors, and more...

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Fix 150+ iOS/iPadOS Stuck Issues & Restore IPSW File

This professional iOS repair tool not only fixes more than 150 iOS stuck issues, such as iPhone update error, iPhone app update stuck, etc. You can also use ReiBoot to install the latest official version of the IPSW file.

Downgrade iOS 16 without iTunes/Finder

ReiBoot comes with the feature that can downgrade iOS without iTunes or Finder. You can revert iPhone to previous version even if you don't have a developer account. Also, it's available for iPadOS downgrade.

Note: Unsigned version cannot currently be downgraded.

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repair iTunes backup errors

Repair iTunes Backup & Restore Errors, More Efficient

Restoring iPhone in iTunes but encountered error 4013/4005? ReiBoot can easily fix iTunes restore or backup errors with high success rate and no data loss.

Liberate You from Apple TV Stuck, Live Leisurely & Trouble-Free

Apple TV stuck on Apple logo/recovery mode/Airplay mode? Relax, ReiBoot also cares about your tvOS. It can repair the system and fix many stuck issues on Apple TV without data loss.

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Reset iPhone/iPad/iPod without Much Effort new

Help you return iPhone settings to defaults or reset device to factory settings. Easier than ever to solve issues like disabled iPhone, freezing, crashing, network or notification not working, etc.

Factory Reset General Reset

Save Your Life from Various iOS Stuck Scenarios

ReiBoot enables you to fix various iOS system issues without losing a single byte, like iPhone recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start. etc.

  • Device Bug
  • Screen Stuck
  • iOS Mode Stuck
  • iPhone Error
  • Apple Driver Error
  • Update Problem
  • iPhone is frozen
  • iPhone keeps restarting
  • iPhone won't turn off
  • iPhone light won‘t turn
  • FaceID not working
  • iPhone battery drain
  • iPhone stuck in headphone mode
  • iPhone not ringing
  • iPhone boot loop
  • iPhone won’t restore
  • iPhone won't restart
  • Computer not recognizing iPhone
  • iPhone screen won‘t rotate
  • Cannot get mail on iPad
  • iPhone won't reset
  • iPhone stuck in portrait mode
  • iPhone stuck on airplane mode
  • iPhone stuck on do not disturb
  • Apple TV won't turn on
  • iPhone stuck on no service
  • iPod touch stuck in headphone mode
  • Apple TV stuck on ask Siri
  • iPhone stuck in shutdown mode
  • Apple TV stuck on setting date and time
  • Apple TV stuck in conference mode
  • Apple TV stuck on could not sign in
  • Stuck on connect to iTunes screen
  • Stuck on white screen
  • Stuck on loading screen
  • Stuck in silent mode
  • Stuck on Emergency SOS
  • Stuck on lock screen
  • Apple TV stuck on Home Sharing screen
  • Apple TV stuck on computers and settings
  • Apple TV stuck on Data & Privacy screen
  • Stuck on call screen
  • Apple TV stuck on home screen
  • Apple TV stuck on language selection
  • Stuck on zoom mode
  • Apple TV boot loop
  • Stuck on searching
  • iPad stuck on App Analytics screen
  • iPad stuck on choose a wifi network
  • iPad stuck on remote management
  • iPad stuck in lost mode
  • iPad stuck in kiosk mode
  • iPad stuck in split screen
  • ipad stuck on install now
  • iPad stuck in sleep mode
  • Apple TV stuck on update screen
  • iPhone stuck in DFU mode
  • iPhone stuck on updating iCloud settings
  • iPod touch keeps flashing Apple logo
  • iPhone stuck on iTunes logo
  • Apple TV stuck on AirPlay screen
  • iPhone stuck on restoring from iCloud
  • Apple TV stuck on activating
  • Apple TV stuck in Recovery mode
  • Apple TV stuck on Apple logo
  • iPhone stuck on verifying restore
  • iPod touch stuck in disk mode
  • iPhone error 1009
  • iPhone error 14
  • iPhone error 2009
  • iPhone error 29
  • iPhone error 1671
  • iPhone error 75
  • iPhone error 0014
  • iPhone error 9
  • Other iPhone errors
  • iTunes error when restoring iOS devices
  • Can't restore error
  • iTunes unknown error -50
  • iTunes sync error -54
  • iTunes error 0x8000068
  • iTunes error 0x800000a
  • iTunes error 45054
  • Other iTunes errors
  • Stuck on slide to upgrade screen
  • iOS Update Failed
  • Stuck on verifying update
  • iOS download stuck
  • Insufficient space for iOS download
  • Unable to install update
  • iPhone software update failed

ReiBoot: Deeds, Not Words

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FAQs about ReiBoot for Mac & Win

  • ? Is Tenorshare ReiBoot Free?

    ReiBoot helps any iOS device free to enter recovery mode with one click. When you encounter iPhone stuck in recovery mode, you can easily exit recovery mode (5 free times). As for Repair Operating System and Factory Reset, you can upgrade to ReiBoot Pro to enjoy all functions like fixing frozen screen/white screen...

  • ? Can hardware issues be fixed by ReiBoot?

    No. ReiBoot mainly solves the most iOS system issues like Apple logo, boot loop,etc. However, if your device has a hardware problem caused by jailbreak, the computer environment problem or other reasons, then it can't be fixed by any software.

  • ? Does ReiBoot Bypass iCloud Activation Lock?

    No. ReiBoot only fixes iPhone not activating issues caused by network or system issues instead of iCloud activation removal. You can use the software called Tenorshare 4MeKey to remove iCloud Activation lock.

  • ? Is Tenorshare ReiBoot safe to download?

    YES, it is 100% safe to download as the software is virus-free and ad-free. The first priority of ReiBoot is to repair your device with no harm.

    Our website has been tested in McAfee Web Advisor is totally safe and secure without any risk.

  • ? How do I put iPhone in restore mode?

    Restore mode means recovery mode. So you can quickly and simply put your iPhone in restore mode using Tenorshare ReiBoot.

    • Download and install ReiBoot on your Windows or Mac.
    • Connect your iPhone to computer with an original cable and unlock with passcode on iPhone.
    • Click Feature "Enter Recovery Mode".
    • Get into Recovery Mode Successfully.
  • ? How can I restore my iPhone without iTunes?

    If you don't want to use iTunes to restore iPhone, you can restore iPhone without iTunes using Tenorshare ReiBoot. To do that:

    • Download and install ReiBoot on your computer.
    • Connect your iPhone to computer.
    • Click "Repair Operating System" to go on.
    • Click "Fix Now" to proceed.
    • Click "Download" to install corresponding firmware package.
    • Click "Start Repair" to begin system recovery.
  • ? What's the difference between Standard Mode and Deep Repair?

    Standard Mode can fix almost all iOS stuck issues, such as stuck on Apple logo, stuck on frozen screen/black screen and more. When the iOS bugs cannot be repaired by Standard Mode, the program will guide you to use Deep Repair which will easily repair your iOS bugs, and reset your iPhone to factory settings. Please note that when you use Deep Repair, all your data will be erased.

  • ? What's the difference between ReiBoot Repair and iTunes Restore?

    iTunes Restore is to restore the iPhone/iPad/iPod to factory settings. It also can be used to repair iOS but comes with a high failure rate, data loss, and more issues.

    ReiBoot Repair, mainly focuses on fixing all iOS system errors. It has three repair modes with a higher success rate and fully compatible with any iOS device. Moreover, ReiBoot is simply unmatched in terms of speed and reliability and offers many more features than iTunes. When you use Standard Mode on ReiBoot to repair stuck on black screen or other issues, it won't cause any data loss.

  • ? How to use ReiBoot for iOS system repair?

    To use ReiBoot for iOS system repair, follow the detailed steps:

    • Download and install ReiBoot on your computer.
    • Double click ReiBoot on your desktop then connect your iPhone.
    • From the main interface, click 'Repair Operating System' option.
    • Then click Fix Now > Fix Now > Download > Repair Now > Done.
  • ? ReiBoot failed to obtain the firmware download address?

    When ReiBoot failed to obtain the firmware download address, you can try:

    • Click 'Copy' on the bottom right of the ReiBoot UI.
    • Then it will download a firmware on your browser at the download bar.
    • After firmware downloaded, go to ReiBoot UI > use 'Select' to import the firmware.
  • ? How to know which version the device can downgrade to?

    ReiBoot can downgrade any version of iOS to previous version as long as Apple is still signing it. You can visit IPSW website to check which firmware Apple is signing.

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