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2024: Apple’s Biggest AI Features Coming Any Minute Now [Must-Know]

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-03-25 / Update for  iPhone Tips

It has been a year since the launch of the ChatGPT that got the spotlight in 2023. No one guessed that such an AI chatbot would be so successful that it’ll make the world’s giant tech companies scramble for AI positions. Generally, Apple has been absent in the conversation about AI around the public. All the major tech companies adopted it to help elevate the user experience. However, Apple is planning massive AI developments through software updates this year.

Apple AI

Part 1: Is Apple Coming Out with AI in iOS 17.5 or iOS 18?

After the successful launch of the iOS 17, the iPhone users have their eyes on the iOS 18 - bound to launch in the WWDC2024. With every launch of the iOS update, there’s something new, out of the box, to surprise the users.

This year, 2024, the iOS 18 will bring massive AI developments to iPhones. Earlier, there were only rumors regarding Apple’s plan to incorporate AI into its ecosystem. However, it’s already been there in iOS in the form of Siri, but it has paled compared to the other competitors.

On Apple’s Mac Air Pro laptop's launch, Tim Cook hinted at the company's plans to incorporate AI in its products. He said Apple is investing heavily in AI and automating the device. He didn’t provide any further details regarding this.

However, rumors say that Apple plans to launch the iOS 18 with features that offer AI functionality, confirming that AI is coming to the iPhones.

Part 2: What's New in Apple AI 2024?

As mentioned earlier, Apple AI is gearing up for a major push, and glimpses of what’s coming are already emerging. Here’s a sneak peek at what you might see in the next iOS 18 update on your iPhone:

1. Siri

Since the launch of Siri, it has been the same, and no major updates have been made to the voice assistant. Even though the Google Voice assistance came into being later, it is still the most modern and smart AI Voice assistant in your pocket.

However, this year, Apple is going to end these complaints and bring improvements to the platform. One example of Siri's improvement is the ability to perform multi-step tasks, such as converting a photo into a GIF file and then sending it to one of your contacts.

It’s not possible to tell what exactly will be coming to Siri, but this example hints it will be far smarter and more intelligent.

iPhone Siri AI

2. Apple Music

Apple is revolutionizing the way you discover music. The integration of AI in Apple Music will curate the music playlist by adopting your music taste. It’ll even be able to generate songs for you. You won’t need to search for the songs manually, but Apple Music will suggest it.

Moreover, further rumors reveal that Apple Music will be able to understand your mood and suggest you songs perfectly according to the moment. This will really revolutionize the way you listen to the songs, and spend time discovering your taste.

iPhone Music AI

3. Message

Apple’s AI will also be elevating your messages app in the next iOS updates. It’s a simple feature, but awesome enough to bring more to the user experience. The new Apple AI will be powering the messages app to auto-complete the messages, answer the questions, and summarize the received texts.

All these features might not seem a big deal at first glance, but using them in real-time and in day-to-day usage will really make a difference in the user experience.

iPhone Message AI

4. Photo

Recently, Apple released the MGIE model, which interrupts the simple user command into precise pixel-level manipulation. For instance, asking it to garnish the pizza in the photo will interrupt the real-time editing of the image using the Generative AI.

Think of photo editing on your iPhone by asking Siri to do it for you. This feature will really be helpful for photographers and people in the fields required to edit photos.

Besides this, rumors reveal that Generative AI will equip the iPhone with the ability to convert static images into animation. It is not a feature that many users will benefit from, but the users linked with the graphics field can use it to test the ideas of how they would look.

iPhone Photo AI

Part 3: Future Implications of Apple's AI Update [Looking Ahead]

With such intensive AI integration, it is relevant to ponder what this could mean for the future. How will this technology reshape the way we utilize our Apple devices, communicate, and consume media?

The steps taken by Apple towards AI are certainly a paradigm shift. Not just in the way Apple designs its products and services, but also in terms of facilitating the interaction between users and their devices. The evolution of Siri into a more dynamic and intelligent voice assistant and the augmentation of features and functions across Music, Messages, and Photos sections, will see a migration towards a more intuitive and personalized user experience. This evolution is only the tip of the iceberg.

It's not just about basic task automation or increasing the efficiency of daily routines. It's about harnessing the dynamic capabilities of AI to completely redefine user experiences. For example, utilizing AI to analyze, learn, and predict a user's music preferences results in more personalized suggestions in Apple Music. Similarly, intelligent messaging systems would revolutionalize how we communicate, leading to more natural and fluid interactions.

Apple’s Roadmap with AI

It’s evident from the recent developments across the AI landscape and Apple's ambitious plans, which suggest that AI is expected to be at the forefront of Apple's evolution in the next decade or so. As AI technologies advance, we can expect Apple to continue incorporating these into their products and services.

While the complete scope and scale of Apple's AI commitment remain under wraps, the major facelift of iOS with AI would yield more engaging user experiences. Further, the prospect of Apple developing AI beyond Siri and its applications in Apple Music, Messages, and Photos indicates that the AI incorporation could further span across other services and devices.

In conclusion, the AI integration in iOS 18 and beyond signals a radical transformation shaping Apple's future, and the way users engage with their devices. Apple's solid stride into AI will continue to mark significant turning points in technology with its ability to learn, analyze, predict, and respond in more personalized ways.

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The recent revolution of AI is bringing wonders to the tech world. More and more tech companies are adopting it to compete. Similarly, Apple has announced that iOS 18 will bring AI-related features to iPhones to automate tasks and processes. In this article, we discussed the possible features of the Apple AI.