How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

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iPhone 11 stuck on apple logo. Can you help? Tried everything I can find on google.
Phone got stuck on apple logo while charging. I've tried soft reset. I've tried connecting to iTunes and updating. It just gets stuck and says unable to finish update.

No matter what models you are using, there is a chance that you may get troubled in a common issue, which is iPhone stuck on the Apple logo. So, if you really have this problem, what will you do?

iphone apple logo

Do U Know: Why Is My Phone Stuck On The Apple logo?

If you see your iPhone stays on White Apple logo or Black Apple logo, you should know what causes your iPhone in such situation. Learn why and find out the situation you are in with the below troubleshoot.

  • Some users said, their iPhones are on Apple logo screen after updating to iOS 15 Beta. - Since the issue happens to iOS 15 Beta, you can check out the iOS system problems.
  • Others say that their iPhones are stuck on the Apple logo after jailbreak. - As we all know, jailbreak has risk, so if you intend to jailbreak your iPhone, you may face this problem.
  • You may get stuck on Apple logo after restore from iTunes. - When you restore your iPhone, many reasons, like weak network, may cause your iPhone in Apple logo screen.
  • You might also face iPhone stuck on Apple logo during updating or restoring backup. - During installing iOS update or restoring backup on your iPhone, you can get into this trouble.
  • Not the above? Maybe hardware glitch - Generally, hardware seldom causes this issue, but if you have your iPhone dropped accidentally or gotten liquid damage, things can happen.
iPhone stuck at apple logo

Now that you understand all possible reasons of iPhone Apple logo screen stuck. Please feel released as we will clear some powerful and verified ways for you.

How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

Method 1: Force Restart iPhone

If your iPhone can perform force restart, I'd like to ask you do this first when your iPhone stuck on Apple screen after update. Force restarting your iOS device may fix the problem within few minutes. Below is steps on how to restart your iOS devices.

iphone 7 stuck on Apple logo what do i do if iphone stuck on apple screen

Method 2: Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo Without Data Loss

Dear, if you failed to get rid of stuck white or black Apple logo with Force Restart, here comes with a user-verified way. That's to use Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro for Win & Mac. Why recommend this tool for you? Because ReiBoot is the prefessional tool focusing on 150+ iOS system issues. Easily fix in a few clicks? Don't trust? See the real feedback.

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Click Download to Try!

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  • Run ReiBoot, and connect your device to the computer. Click "Start" on the main interface.

    reiboot my iphone is stuck on the apple screen
  • Check "Standard Repair" option and Click on "Standard Repair" button.

    reiboot iphone se screen stuck on apple logo
  • Download the firmware package for your iPhone online by clicking "Download".

    reiboot my iphone is stuck on the apple logo
  • After downloading, you can get your iPhone started to fix by clicking "Start Standard Repair".

    reiboot iphone stuck on white apple screen
  • Just wait for a while, then your iPhone can be fixed successfully. Follow the on-screen to use your iPhone.

    reiboot my iphone is stuck on the apple logo

Method 3: Restore With iTunes (Data Loss Risk)

If your iPhone is frozen on Apple logo for hours, you can try to restore your iPhone with iTunes, and I should note you that this method also can help you fix the problem but with data loss. So, if you would like to take a risk, you should do backup first.

To use this method, you should put your iPhone into Recovery Mode first. Different iPhone models have different ways tttps:o enter Recovery Mode. So, I'd like to recommend ReiBoot Free iPhone Recovery Tool. This tool supports all iPhone models. Just try!

iphone stuck on white apple screen

After entering Recovery Mode successfully, you can open iTunes. Please wait until you see an iTunes pop-up message informing that your iPhone is detected in recovery mode and required to be restored.

why is my iphone staying on the apple logo

Click on 'Restore and Update' and iTunes will start to download the software to restore and factory reset your device.

iphone wont go past apple logo

Method 4: Restore iPhone From DFU Mode

If the Recovery mode doesn't solve your iPhone 6/6s stuck on Apple logo problem, you have to enter the DFU mode. Please note DFU mode will also cause all data from your iPhone lost. Follow below steps to enter DFU mode.

Step 1: Connect your PC and iPhone. Go to open iTunes, hold on Home button and Sleep/Wake button at the same time for about 10 seconds.

iphone stuck on apple screen

Step 2: Once the screen is black, release the Sleep/Wake button. Continue holding the home button until a pop up message from iTunes is displayed confirming that your device is detected in recovery mode.

what should i do if my iphone is stuck on the apple logo

If you see a complete black screen, congratulations you are in DFU mode and you can follow the above method (Recovery mode) to repair your device using iTunes. Take a note fellas, there are chances that your data is lost or damaged by DFU mode. So if you are ready to take the risk, go for it.

Method 5: Contact Apple For Help

Some problems may not be solved with software solutions mentioned above. It may be caused by hardware reasons. In this case, you need to contact Apple.


In the above article, we have discussed the best 5 methods to solve iPhone 12/12 Pro/11/XS/XR/X/8/7 boots infinite loop goes Apple logo issue. Among all the solutions, ReiBoot really can be the best choice as it fixes far more Apple logo, but other issues like iPhone black screen, recovery mode stuck, frozen screen and more. Hope one of these solutions listed above gives you success. Share with us the feedback by commenting below.

  Updated on 2021-07-23 / Update for  iPhone Fix

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