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iOS 17 WhatsApp Business Crash You Can't Handle? Check Fixes Here

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-07-21 / Update for  WhatsApp Tips

WhatsApp offered a business version of its Application a few years ago. This Application is used by many small businesses to communicate with their clients. Several online stores also use WhatsApp Business to promote and run their business. It has several features that allow users to open a store and sell their products from WhatsApp.

Many users find their WhatsApp Business crashing without any apparent reason, some of them know that's because they updated iOS 17/16. The crashing issue affects the user and their business. Hence, it is a serious problem. However, there are no clear solutions available on the internet. Hence, we bring this article as your ultimate guide to fixing the WhatsApp Business app crash.

whatsapp business

Part 1. The Exact Reason Why WhatsApp Business Crash

The user community is scratching its head over a simple question, “why is WhatsApp Business not working?" There are no clear answers available. However, here are some main reasons why your WhatsApp Business is probably not working.

Update Issue

The main reason that WhatsApp Business keeps crashing is the update issue. If your WhatsApp Business app is not UpToDate to the latest version available on the iOS Appstore, you might face a crashing issue. WhatsApp fixes minor updates and rolls out a more stable version in the updates. Hence, if a bug causes it to crash, then an update might fix it.

Server Issue

Although it does not happen often, sometimes WhatsApp has server issues that do not let people connect to the communication platform. WhatsApp fixes these issues as soon as it can.

System Conflicts

If your iPhone settings do not grant the WhatsApp Business application the proper permissions to work, it may cause the app to crash.

Insufficient Storage

Storage issues can also cause a WhatsApp Business crash. WhatsApp stores data locally on the user's device. There is no cloud storage available for WhatsApp Business users. If your device is low on storage, the WhatsApp Business will not be able to store data efficiently, which could cause it to crash the iPhone problem.


Malware or virus-infected phones are another reason that interferes with the WhatsApp Business app. Malware can also steal or corrupt your mobile phone data.

Part 2: Top 6 Common Ways to Fix WhatsApp Business Crash

Here are some easy ways to help you fix your WhatsApp Business app crash issue.

1. Delete and reinstall WhatsApp Business on your phone.

Sometimes a simple, old, and trustworthy trick come in handy to fix your WhatsApp Business crashing problem. Users can delete the Application from their mobile phone and then reinstall it. Users have reported that reinstalling WhatsApp Business sometimes solved their crashing problem.

2. Clear the cache and cookies.

Cache and cookies are temporary files that your phone keeps. These cache and cookies files make it easier to load an application and display data when needed. However, it can also weigh down on your device and interfere with performance.

You should clear the cache of your WhatsApp Business application. Here's how you can do it:

  • Launch WhatsApp application.
  • Open settings and navigate to "Data and Storage".
  • Open Storage Usage.

    storage usage
  • Select the data you want to remove and then click Clear.

    manage clear cache

3. Update your Apple Store.

All the Applications on iOS are available on the Appstore. If your Appstore is not running on the latest version, you will not get proper app updates. You should update your Appstore to avoid any issues and get the latest versions of your apps.

4. Update iOS.

Apple's mobile phone operating system, iOS, is not free of problems. Many times minor bugs reach the users' devices and cause problems. That is why users should update their iPhones to the latest iOS version.

5. Reset your phone settings.

If your WhatsApp Business is crashing, you can try to reset the iPhone settings. Here is how you can reset app settings on your iPhone:

  • Open iPhone settings and go to General.
  • Open Reset option.

  • Click on Reset all settings.
  • Enter your passcode, and then all of your iPhone’s settings will reset.

    enter passcode
  • Note:You should backup your iPhone data before performing this action. Otherwise, you will lose all your data.

6.Contact the WhatsApp Support

nother way to fix your WhatsApp Business crash issue is to contact WhatsApp support directly. You can contact the support team from within your Application.

Following these easy steps, you can contact WhatsApp support and notify them about your problem.

Part 3. How to Back up and Restore WhatsApp Permanently and Safely

WhatsApp Business crash issue is common. The solutions we mentioned in the upper section to fix your problem require users to delete the WhatsApp application or data. In either case, you would lose your WhatsApp images and other data.

Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer is a great utility that is very useful for restoring and backup WhatsApp Business applications.

Here is how you can back up your WhatsApp Business data easily and never risk losing it:

  • After downloaded and installed the iCareFone Transfer software, connect your phone to your computer. Then click on the WhatsApp Business option and the "Backup now" option.

    back up whatsapp
  • You will be prompted to verify your WhatsApp account.

    enter verification code for backing up
  • After a short while, your WhatsApp backup will start and finish automatically.

    view select backup files

This software has some other very useful features as well,

  • Transfer data between iOS and Android devices.
  • View the backed-up data.
  • Restore WhatsApp Business backup to your device.

Extra Tip: WhatsApp Business Vs WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business is a different version of WhatsApp that introduces more useful features for the business community. Here are the key differences:

whatsapp and whatsappbusiness


WhatsApp Business is a very popular and useful application that helps users conduct their businesses on the WhatsApp platform. Users can sell their products and communicate with the customers. However, many users are facing the WhatsApp Business crash issue. You can follow our steps to fix your WhatsApp Business crashing issue. However, it is advised to use Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer to back up your precious app data and restore it after you solve your crashing problem.

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