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How To Remove Apple ID Photo With 4 Effective Ways

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-05-28 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Not everyone is comfortable with having an ID picture. Some people don't want their business contacts to view their personal picture. If not that, they want to remove it before selling their phones or handing it over to someone. Whatever the reason might be, it can be pretty challenging to remove your Apple ID photo if you don't know how to do it. Lucky for you, there are four simple ways to get it done in no time. Let's talk about each of these methods in more detail, shall we? Also, we will discuss how to delete Apple Id profile picture on iPhone.

Part 1. How To Set Apple ID Picture

If you want to know how to set an Apple ID photo in the first place, let's talk about it. If you want to set up your Apple ID picture using a Mac, select Apple Menu and choose System Preferences. Now, select Apple ID. (In case you are not yet signed into your ID, click on Sign In and enter your ID information. Keep following the instructions on the screen.) Once you get in, you will see a sidebar on the screen. Select the image over your ID name in this sidebar and choose one of the following options: 

  • You can select Default and choose an image. 
  • You can take a fresh photo by clicking on Camera. 
  • You can go to your Photos app and choose a specific photo that you want to use. 
  • After you have selected a photo, you can zoom in or zoom out and adjust it by using the slider at the bottom. 

Once you are satisfied with how the image looks inside the circle, select Save, and that's it! You have now set up an Apple ID photo. 

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How To Remove Apple ID Photo From Settings

Now let's move on to the primary purpose of this article: How to remove Apple ID picture. The first method involves your iPhone's settings. Unfortunately, there is no option to altogether remove an Apple ID profile photo in your iPhone settings. However, there is an indirect way to do this: 

  • Find Settings in your iPad or iPhone. 
  • In the menu, select your ID name. It will be somewhere at the top. 
  • Click on the icon above your name; you will see an image on it. 
  • Once you do this, a pop-up will appear on your screen. Select Choose Photo. 

    how to remove apple id photo- iphone data recovery

You can select any blank photo in your camera roll and replace the one that's already on. If there is no such a picture in your Photos already, you can always download a blank black or white image, click one using your camera, or take a screenshot of it and save it on your phone. 

Part 3. How To Remove Apple ID Photo In Contacts

The second answer to how to remove Apple ID photo on iPhone is: through your iPhone contacts.

  • Head onto your phone's Contacts and find yourself on the list. 
  • Tap on your ID and choose the Edit button below your photo. 

    how to remove apple id photo on iphone
  • You will see an option that says remove or delete your photo. Click on it, and you're done! 

    how to remove apple id picture

Part 4. How To Remove Apple ID Photo On Mac

Most people are also very confused about how to remove Apple ID profile picture using their Mac. It's simple, but this method, too, is an indirect one! 

  • Select your ID photo following the same steps mentioned above (set up your Apple ID profile picture.)
  • Once you reach the point where you have to select a photo, choose a blank picture from your pre-existing photos. 
  • Then, click on Save, and that's pretty much it! 

Part 5. How To Remove Apple ID Photo Through iCloud.com

If you want to know how to delete Apple ID profile picture using iCloud.com, here are four easy steps to follow: 

  • Open iCloud.com. 
  • Select Account Settings. 
  • You'll see a picture right next to your ID name; click it. 

You can either drag a picture or file onto the screen or select Choose Photo and pick a blank photo in your gallery. 

Useful Tip: How To Get Back Lost Profile Pictures On iPhone

It is not rare to accidentally delete a profile picture or need an old one after losing it. For such scenarios, data recovery applications and software can be beneficial. One of these platforms is Tenorhsare Ultdata. UltData is a multimedia data recovery application that enables users to recover different files that they may have accidentally deleted or lost. Luckily, you can also use this application to recover profile photos that you have accidentally deleted without saving them. What's more, using this application is also a breeze. Here is how you can recover your files using UltData in 5 easy steps. 

  • Download UltData on your system. You can download it for free and enjoy the service with lifetime upgrades without any charges whatsoever. The cherry on top: you also get 24-hour technical support, in case you have any problems. 

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  • If you download it on a computer, make sure your iPhone is on, and you have connected it with a USB cable. Once a stable connection is formed, the software will detect it automatically. 

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  • After the software detects your iPhone, a window will open, displaying different options to search and scan. Depending on your requirements, you can check the boxes or uncheck them. After this step, simply press "Scan."

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  • Once the scan is complete, you will get two options: Show All and Show Only Detected. You can select one of these options and recover whatever you need. 

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  • Once the recovery process is complete, you can review to double-check it and make sure your profile picture is recovered. Close the application and disconnect your phone. Recheck once more to see if your recovered file is still on your phone. If it is, congratulations, you got your favorite profile picture back! 

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Final Words 

One of the most popular questions asked on Google is "How do I remove my Apple ID picture from my iPhone?" If you had searched the same, hopefully, you got your answers, and one of these methods will work for you. And in case you end up deleting a profile picture without saving it, don't panic; UltData will save you! 

  Updated on 2021-05-28 / Update for  iPhone Tips

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