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10 Best iPhone Measure Apps for Accurate Measurement

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-01-13 / Update for  Top

Measurement tapes are one of those things which are extremely hard to find when you need them the most. Luckily, Apple has introduced a new measure app with the introduction of iOS 12 which makes measuring things very easy and convenient. This iPhone Measure App makes use of the AR Kit, to measure the things and spaces in the real world with the help of iPhone’s camera. You can measure anything from height to furniture’s length using this app. There are other applications available online which perform the same measuring function. This article talks in detail about the best 10 iPhone compatible measurement applications available for download.

1. Apple’s Measure App

Apple’s Measure App is a newly introduced application by Apple as a part of the iOS 12 operating system which makes use of augmented reality kit. This application lets you measure almost anything with your iPhone in the simplest way possible, making it the most effective length, area, volume, and height measurement app. You would no longer need to relentlessly search for your measuring tape all over the house to determine whether a particular furniture will fit a space or whether a wall hanging is hung up straight. It works best on the newly introduced Apple iPhones. It has the ability to automatically detect the approximate measurement of rectangular and square objects. The measurement can be stored in any conversion unit.

measure app by apple
pic: measure app by apple

2. AirMeasure App

Originally known as the AR Measure App, AirMeasure also uses the AR technology for measuring things around you. This iOS measure app is similar to Apple’s Measure App in many ways but has way more options in terms of inbuilt tools used for performing different measuring tasks and it is also way more powerful and accurate in measuring things. For those of you who don’t wish to upgrade to iOS 12 or cannot upgrade to iOS 12, AirMeasure App is a great option. Basically, three modes are there in this app, point and shoot mode, surface locked mode and air mode. It has many other powerful tools which can be used for the several designing applications like making floor plans, placing virtual furniture, designing virtual photo walls, getting the vertical height, and much more.

air measure app
pic: measure app by apple

3. Moasure App

Moasure App uses the motion sensors of your iPhone to measure objects and things. By a simple movement of your iPhone, you can measure a variety of physical dimensions like height, volume, angle etc. You would just have to move your phone from one point to another point of an object and Moasure App uses its four distance measuring modes and two angle measuring modes and measures the object or space for you accurately. The accuracy of the measurement depends on the speed with which you move your iPhone from point to another; higher the speed, better is the accuracy. Though it is accurate for a measuring app, it is not accurate enough to replace the traditional measuring tools.

moasure app
pic: moasure app

4. EasyMeasure App

This is one of the best iPhone measure app which not only measures the object or space dimensions but also measures the distance between a particular object and you. This feature can be made use by simply pointing your iPhone’s camera lens at the object. The values or the results of the EasyMeasure App mainly depend on the height of the camera and the tilt of your iPhone. First, you will have to ensure that you have set the camera height correctly and then you should move the measurement box on the app’s screen to correctly fit the image which you want to measure.

easymeasure app
pic: easymeasure app

5. GPS Field’s Area Measure

GPS Field’s Area Measure uses the GPS data to measure spaces which are particularly large. Therefore, it is more useful for farmers who are looking to design their farms, construction workers and architects who want to create a plan for a building or outdoor activity planners who majorly work on site planning. You will just have to open the app on your iPhone and move it from one point of the space which you want to measure to the other point and you will get the measurement. This is just the method for measuring the length of the space, if you wish to measure the whole area, then you will have to make a loop.

gps fields area measure
pic: gps fields area measure

6. ARuler App

Even ARuler App uses Augmented Reality Technology for measurement of different objects and areas. Through this app, you can take a picture of any place or object or a person and save it to measure it later. The measurement process is very simple and can be done in just two taps and the areas and volumes can also be measured accurately. You can use the height measurement feature of this app to record the progress of height of any person or to just record the height of an object or space. It has many user-friendly features such as, it is available in 12 languages, offers the option to choose from the metric or imperial units for measurement and it is totally customizable with many options for visual changes in any picture.

aruler app
pic: aruler app

7. Measure 3D Pro

Measure 3D Pro is one of the best applications for measurement using Augmented Reality technology. It can accurately measure the length, breadth, area, and volume of any object or space of any shape in real time. You just have to point your iPhone’s camera lens to the wall or object and tap on the screen, the app will instantly calculate the length, breadth and the area. You can convert any measurement taken by this app into 3D measurement and find out the volume.

measure 3d pro app
pic: aruler app

8. AR Tape Measure App

This is one of the most simple and accurate augmented reality iPhone tape measure apps which can be used to measure any distance, length or height with high accuracy. The measurements which are given out are in either centimeters, meters or inches according to the user’s choice. Any object or space in the natural environment can be easily measured using this tool. AR Tape Measure App can be used to measure unlimited distances by just tapping your finger on the screen pointing to the starting point of the measurement and holding it and moving it till the end point of measurement and then releasing the finger. This is one of the best tape measure app for iPhone.

ar tape measure app
pic: ar tape measure app

9. PLNAR App

TapMeasure App is an amazing tool for creating 3D models of any kind of spaces. Open this on your iPhone and slowly move it in circles so that your iPhone records the whole space. As you move keep tapping on points which you wish to measure. As you do this, you can see the area, perimeter and other measurements being displayed on the app screen. You can view both the 2D and 3D models of any space and then save the model for future use.

plnar app
pic: plnar app

10. TapMeasure App

TapMeasure App is another tape measure app iPhone, which uses augmented reality. This application features three useful tools including 3D room builder for measuring spaces, quick measure for objects and a smart level. While using any of these three tools, you will just have to simply scan the area which you wish to measure until the application locates the surface of measurement. Once this is done you have to tap on the screen to confirm and you will then get the required measurement. You can either use centimeters or inches as the units of measurements.

tapmeasure app
pic: tapmeasure app


Measuring tools such as rulers or tapes are never found when needed, the iPhone measuring apps mentioned above come handy in such situations. And, the best part is that they offer the accurate measurement of any space, area or object of any shape. You would no longer need to waste money and space for other measurement tools as you will have everything in your iPhone.
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