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The Latest News about 2024 New iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2021-03-20 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Apple is no doubt the most secretive brand when it comes to announcements about its new upcoming. So that people keep on guessing about their new tech. There are many rumors that are spreading now a day about the new iPhone is that it will probably be the iPhone 12s or iPhone 13.

1. iPhone 13 Release Date: When Will It Launch

It is expected that the new iPhone 13 will be launched in the fall of this year 2021, as it is normally seen that Apple always holds a new iPhone announcement event every September. So, it is expected to be launched around this month.

2. iPhone 13 Price: What Will It Cost

The rumors about the price of the new iPhone 13 are not very reliable. So, there are certain things to note. The Samsung Galaxy S21 that is being launched recently costs less than its prior Galaxy S20. According to analysts and researchers, it is found that Samsung is coming up with a strategy to lower the prices of their new technology so that people can purchase it despite the poor economic conditions.

Now we need to wait to know whether Apple follows the same strategy or not for their upcoming technology. It’s likely that the iPhone 13 will costs you the same as iPhone 12 that is $799.

3. What Are The New Features of The Upcoming iPhone 13

After seeing several changes in the features and design of the iPhone 12, now it is more likely that the iPhone 13 will probably have the same features. But updates do occur in new tech, so do expect some up-gradation in the previous features.

Apple New iPhone Design

Apple again returned to flat sides in their new design like iPhone 12. It means it is not going to change the iPhone external design every year. The longer time it uses the same external, the more margins Apple will make on its new and current models.

The most physically attractive and noticeable thing in the mobile device would be its camera notch and bump. The bump of the camera will be expected to be separate for every lens.

New different colors are expected to be introduced for the new upcoming iPhone 13. The colors that are presently offered are green, black, whit, red. Apple always replaces the previously used colors from the new ones in order to boost their sales for the new model.

It is also likely that Apple will reasonably increase the water resistance capacity in the iPhone 13. This model might be the first iPhone that has the feature to take photographs underwater.

iphone 13 new design


The same with minor external design changes, usually changes also occur in the camera but stay for a longer time. The iPhone 12 pro had the same three cameras in its system as the previous model iPhone 11 Pro, along with a new sensor for LiDAR. So this design of the camera is likely to be carried with having minor changes to the iPhone 13 as well.

It is being heard from some sources that the LiDAR might be included in all the new upcoming models instead of being contained for the advantages. It is also expected that Apple comes up with a change in the RAM. The standard iPhones come up with 4GB RAM, and pro models have 64GB RAM.

Improved Battery life

The preceding iPhone 12 did not improve its battery timing compared to iPhone 11 series, so now Apple would see this flaw and try to focus more on the battery life in the future.

However, it is very true that the iPhone 12 mini has the worst battery timing in the entire family of iPhone. It is okay to keep up with it on a daily basis, but it would be better for Apple to see into it and improve the battery life of upcoming iPhones.

iphone 13 improved battery life

About 5G

As 5G becomes more extensive, so Apple wants to provide the same access and speed while traveling, which they used to have at their home. That's why the expansion of 5G globally is natural. 5G ideally offers max 305 Gbps speed for downloading.

Apple is working on its cellular modems, which means the new upcoming iPhone might drop Qualcomm as a modem provider. It starts right from the Apple possession of the Intel 5G modem, and it will lead Apple to bring in another part within its house.

iPhone 13 Biometrics

The Face Id will replace the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 13, and this will cause a smartphone market to be shifted on it. Some of the manufacturers recently moved to face recognition; on the other hand, some moved to the fingerprint sensor on the right below of the smartphone screen.

However, Apple might not have to introduce the new biometrics because of the new update in iOS 14.5 , which lets you unlock your iPhone while wearing your Apple Watch. Apple will introduce Touch ID in its future iPhone models due to those people who do not have an Apple Watch.

iPhone 13 with Under-display Touch ID

There is a rumor saying that iPhone 13 may feature under-display Touch ID, because Apple is working on in-screen fingerprint technology.

iphone 13 under display touch id

4. What Will Apple Call The Next iPhone, iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s

It is worth noticing that if Apple calls its new iPhone be like iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s, Apple will not do this randomly. It also shows that the next model is not worthy of a new number but just a minor update.

This is all for now from the rumors about iPhone 13. It is also expected that the iPhone's design would also be very similar to the iPhone 12.

Bonus Tip: How to Fix iPhone 13 Common System Issues

Deep Repairing could fix the most common issues with such a success rate, but it will remove all of your data. So whenever the standard method of repair fails to repair, you can go for deep repair to fix your issues.

  • First, Download and then run ReiBoot. Now connect the device to PC via USB cable.

  • In the following interface, choose 'Deep Repair' and read the note below carefully. If there's no problem, then hit on 'Deep Repair' button.

    reiboot advanced mode
  • Now, you can start downloading the firmware package by pressing the 'Download' button, and it will take a few minutes.

    download firmware
  • Once the firmware package has been downloaded, go and press on 'Start Deep Repair' button to start the repairing process.

    download firmware
  • Deep Repairing will lose all your data and settings. If the device can operate, you can back up data first and then try again. If not, then hit the 'Repair' button in order to proceed.

    download firmware
  • After few seconds, your device will be repaired successfully, the go and check if your device goes back to normal.

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The above mentioned are all the latest news roaming in the smartphone market about Apple's upcoming iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s. Hopefully, the new iPhone will launch soon in the fall of 2021.