How Long does it Take to Update iPhone

Apple launched its new update for the latest iOS 12 operating system. The new iOS 12.0.1 update is a normal upgrade. And depending on your device, it time may differ as per each devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. But have your ever wondered how long does it take to update iPhone? Well, the answer is as simple as it can be. The time differs according to the type of device. This is majorly dependent on the hardware of your device. In addition to this, the time may also differ on the type of update and whether the update is for your device or not.

In addition to this this, the speed of the Internet connection is one of the crucial factors that decides how long does it normally take to update an iPhone. If you are connected to a superfast Wi-Fi connection, then updating to the latest iOS 12.1 will hardly consume 5–10 minutes. In contrast, if the speed is too low, this might take forever.

The Current Version of iOS

Apart from the above mentioned factors, one main feature that decides the time period to download the update is the current version of the OS. Hence, if you are using the latest iOS 12 and are upgrading to iOS 12.1 update, you may require less time to do so. The latest update has a size of 106 MB for iPhone X while it has a size of 156 MB for the latest iPhone XS. Hence, if shifting from the latest iOS to the new update, you need less time.

On other hand, if you are operating on a slight older version such as iOS 11 or iOS 10 (or even older), then this might be time consuming. The size of the update might also be obviously too much and the list of updates in the Log might also be long. This might let you know how long does the iOS 11 take to download.

Fragmenting the exact time and to know how long does it take to update iPhone iOS 12, we did some math. It takes on an average 5–45 minutes for syncing. This is an optional process. Next, it might take almost 30 minutes for backup and transfer. This process is also optional and can be omitted. In order to actual dogwood the iOS 12.0.1 update, you might need almost 2–10 minutes. Further, for the installation of the update, the device might consume almost 5–15 minutes. This sums up to 10 minutes to 1 Hour+ long, depending on the different factors mentioned.

Before Installing The New Update

Before you move to update the new iOS version, we recommend you to follow some tips that will answer your "how long does it take to update my iPhone 6" question.

Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. The speed of the Wi-Fi is the major factor while updating to the new OS.

Make sure your device is connected to the network throughout the process. If the connection is broken then the update might stop or worse can go bad.

Make sure you have enough juice in your device. If your device does not enough charging, do not forget to connect the device to a power source.

Make sure that the process is not interrupted due to a call or any other reason.

Also, do not forget to backup your data. If the update goes wrong, the backup may protect you from a potential data loss.

After Installation Of The New Update

As checking some factors before a new update is necessary, so is taking some measures after the update is done.

Ensure that the updating process of updating has ended successfully. Do not try to start the phone while in the process. If your iPhone asks for a passcode to unlock after the update, then it means that the process has finished.

Remember to check your Apple Pay, iCloud account, and different apps that need you to sign in. Sometime, updates make you log out of the apps. Hence, it is necessary to check beforehand then logging in at the last minute.

Make sure to check your primary apps such calling, message, and so on. Sometimes, such updates cause these core apps to malfunction. In addition to this, check if other apps are working fine or not.

In addition to this, make sure that your data is safe or not. Most of the time, if an update goes wrong, it is possible that you may lose your

Seeing the big picture here, you just had a look on how long does it take to restore and update an iPhone. You saw that different factors may affect the time to update to the newest OS. If you encounter with any issue while updating, you can always use Tenorshare ReiBoot.

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