The Complete iOS 14 New Feature Rumours, Release Date and More

From the past few years, Apple had been working on its new versions. Whether its iOS 13 or upcoming iOS 14, Apple has something new for its users. Once a year, Apple launches its latest version with unique specifications and updates.

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Pic.- iOS 14

From a fitness app to a new home screen, this time, Apple has incredible things for its users. A new version of iOS is going to be released in the fall of this year. Probably, this new version will be given the name iOS 14. It’s expected that the new version will be free from bugs, and will have new polished features.

If you want to know more about iOS 14, then read this article carefully because we have something new for our users.

Part 1: iOS 14 New Feature Rumors

Here are the details about the new features which we think will be in iOS 14. Besides, most of these things were already in iOS 13, so we think Apple is going to make modifications in the previous application.

Let’s discuss these features one by one for better knowledge.

I. New Home Screen

Currently, you can watch apps on the home screen by search bar and home screen icons. But in the latest update, you can see all the applications alphabetically ordered, and all of them will be available in one place. In this way, the user can find the apps effortlessly.

Furthermore, the new feature will include a sorting process for better searching. For instance, your most-used apps will be filtered according to the sorting process, and you will see them at the top of the screen. This new feature will make it easier for the user to search for its most used application.

II. New Features in Messages

Apple is also testing some incredible features for iMessage. And we are assuming that the new feature will be added in iOS 14 according to the recent reports. The new feature that is going to be added will be the Slack-like mention system that will allow the user to tag names during the chat.

In addition, Apple is also working on a feature where people can mute group conversations. The other element that Apple is going to add will be marking messages as unread so that people can read them later and can track their tasks.

III. New Augmented Reality App

iOS users will see the new augmented reality app in iOS 14 named codenamed the Gobi. The app will be providing more information to the users, which is going all around the world. The app will be adding new features that will be integrated through Apple stores and Starbucks.

Due to this new feature, people can easily check all the information about the product present in the Apple store. All the processes will be done with the help of QR codes.

IV. New Fitness App

A new fitness app will be seen in the iOS 14, and it will be available for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Besides, this app will allow users to download fitness-related videos and much more. It's the best step from Apple as a fitness app will help people to stay active for a longer time.

In addition, the app will also track down all the progress of the users like their workout routines, calorie intake, and much more. This fitness app will comprise different videos that will be on running, cycling, rowing, and much more. People will also be able to add the timer according to their requirements.

V. HomeKit Feature Update

People are going to experience different HomeKit features such as Nightshift for light and facial recognition cameras. Moreover, there are many HomeKit features already available in iOS, but this time it will be something new as per the reports.

a) Night Shift for Lights

This feature will allow users to change the color of the HomeKit lights according to the requirements. Hence, if it's day time, then lights will be turned on according to the day, and the same will be the cause during night time. Lights will be changed according to the night, which is an incredible feature.

b) Facial Recognition for Cameras

This feature will be best for identifying people, which can be best for privacy. So, using this feature, HomeKit will make a list of family members and will match it with the already stored faces. In this way, the app will recognize the difference between strangers and family.

VI. Accessibility Update

iOS 14 will add a new feature for people who have hearing issues. This update will add alarm options such as emergency alarms, fire alarms, and much more. It will also add a new feature such as hand gestures, which will be performed with the help of a camera. In this way, audio tuning of AirPods and EarPods will be improved.

VII. Apple Pencil Update

iOS 14 is going to have a new feature named PencilKit, which will allow users to handwrite text in private messages. You will also be able to create standard text or can make an input field using Apple Pencil. The new feature will be compatible with Messages, Mails, and more.

VIII. Apple AR Glasses Supports

Apple is going to add Apple AR glasses support for iOS 14 as the new version of this support will also be going to release in September this year. So, we are hoping that Apple is going to optimize it with the new iOS version.

IX. New App Switcher

iPhones owners are going to expect new app switcher functionality in iOS 14. Apple will be providing four different types of App switching, such as Automatic, Deck Switcher, Grid Switcher, and Minimum Viable Switcher.

You can know more iOS 14 feature rumors from the video below:

Part 2: iOS 14 Possible Release Date

We are expecting Apple to release this new update between 14 and 18 September 2020. However, their first beta version will be going to launch around 29 June as per the report. In addition, Apple is going to give updates about the new version in WWDC 2020 event, which will be held on 8 June this year, hopefully.

In order to spot the pattern below are previous dates of iOS that will help you to understand while we said they are going to launch a new version in September this year.

  • iOS 13: 19 September 2019
  • iOS 12: 17 September 2018
  • iOS 11: 20 September 2017
  • iOS 10: 13 September 2016
  • iOS 9: 16 September 2015

Part 3: The Compatibility of iOS 14

The new update will be compatible with all the devices which were with iOS 13. Besides, we are expecting that Apple will drop support for iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and 6S plus. Below is the name of the devices which will be compatible with iOS 14.

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod touch
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus

Part 4: What Do People Want to See on iOS 14?

People are expecting to see new features that comprise alarm enhancements, security improvements, and more. The fitness app will be a new addition as it can bring a healthy lifestyle, and we are expecting Apple to add it.

Part 5: Will iOS 14 Be Better Than Ever iOS System Before?

Yes, it will be much better than the last ones due to new incredible features. The iPhone owners are excited about the new updates as there will be many amazing things for the users

  • It would be easier for users to access Apple's products.
  • The new update will bring change for people who have hearing issues.
  • You’ll see Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa improvements.
  • This time security will be improved.


iOS 14 will be going to amazed us; we'll be experiencing new features including the latest icons, home screen, better drag & drop options, split view, and much more. Other than that, you can select your own default apps and can set them according to your requirements. Let us in the comment section below how much you are excited about the new version?

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