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10 Most Recommended Distance Measurement Apps for iPhone

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2022-01-24 / Update for  Top

Many of the gadgets which we use on a daily basis are being replaced by our iPhones. May it be a flashlight, a watch, a camera or any other common gadget, every need is catered for by our multipurpose iPhone. With the various applications being introduced, we can track our health and change to a better version of ourselves. A typical distance measurement app available online do exactly this. The application tracks the distance walked or run by us with the help of a GPS tracker. These distance measurement apps come with additional features like calorie counting, water consumption reminder, and many more. This article speaks about the top 10 iPhone distance measurement apps of 2018.

1. Runkeeper

The basic version of the Runkeeper App is completely free but the upgraded version comes at a price. Once installed, this app can be used to track all your activities like running, walking, hiking, cycling etc. It not only tracks and records your activity but motivates you to reach the fitness goals set by you faster. This is by far the best running/walking distance calculator. You can either set goals yourself and follow your own plan or choose from the many personalized plans offered by this app. This app even lets you connect with your friends and compete against them in various challenges.

runkeeper app

2. Running Distance Tracker Pro

Running Distance Tracker Pro serves as an accurate distance tracker app for running and has the most simple user interface for your convenience. A lot of your activities can be tracked with the help of this application like calories intake, calories burnt, running/walking pace, heart rate and the distance traveled by you. The voice feedback feature of this app works with your iPhone’s music player to guide or notify you when you are approaching your target distance or target time. It records and stores the history of all your runs since the day it is installed and even displays your improvements and progress over time.

running distance tracker pro app

3. Pacer

It is undoubtedly the best pedometer app for iPhone which can be used to track your fitness as well. It makes use of your iPhone’s inbuilt sensors and tracks your running/walking distance, speed, time and pace. Pacer App users can conveniently track their activity by seeing the history and trends, the routes that were taken, customize their own fitness goals, take part in the many challenges offered by the app and even stay motivated by being a part of many motivational groups. This app can be easily synced with other fitness applications like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Apple Health etc.

pacer app

4. iSmoothRun Pro

This app is packed with many attractive features and therefore comes with a price. It works very efficiently with other fitness gadgets and fitness tracking applications. iSmoothRun Pro app uses the iPhone’s inbuilt motion sensors and the GPS facilities and has an option of even switching between the two in an effortless and hassle-free way. You can log in and get a variety of running metrics on the screen like distance, speed and time. The information which is recorded in this app can be exported to any other fitness application easily.

ismoothrun pro

5. Strava

If you are a person who stays motivated by working out with a company, then Strava is the perfect fitness application for you. It is compatible with more than 50 GPS devices/gadgets like Garmin, Fitbit, and Timex etc, from where you can download all the information about your activity and compare it with your friends and compete against them. This app helps you in finding the best running/walking routes, the information about the upcoming marathons in your city, upcoming races in your area and many other fitness competition-related information. This is a very apt application for people who don’t like following a fitness regime alone.

strava app

6. Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running app was first developed in 2006 and went through many iterations to become one of the fitness applications with the best features. It boasts many features including an in-app camera to capture instant pictures while running/walking, coaching provided virtually by trainers and videos and fitness motivation by star Nike athletes like Allyson Felix. If you are a person who is obsessed with posting every fitness progress on your social media sites, then this app is perfect for you as it helps you in sharing your activity easily with friends and followers on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

nike running app

7. Map My Walk

This is the best walking distance tracker for any fitness walker. It has a unique feature of tracking your movement throughout your walk and displaying it on a map, this way you can easily track your way back to the point from where you started your walk. As you walk, parameters such as speed, pace, distance, calories burnt and time are displayed on the main screen of the app. If you require an audio announcement of all these parameters, even that can be managed by Map My Walk. You can even analyze your performance and sync it with other fitness applications on your iPhone.

map my walk app

8. Argus

If you are looking for a distance tracker for running with a lot of features then Argus is your go-to app. It makes use of the motion sensor of your iPhone and acts as an all-day pedometer. Your workouts can be tracked easily using this app. The workout tracker Argus which is developed by Azumio, tracks, and displays the workout time, distance traveled and the map displays the running/walking path. You can view a lot of information about your workout like calories burnt, steps taken, elevation gain, average pace and cadence, best pace throughout the workout, and much more. You can even check your heart rate by the integrated heart rate app which uses your iPhone’s camera to give out this information. Your water and food intake can also be recorded and viewed on this app.

argus app

9. MotionX GPS

You can measure walking distance and other outdoor fitness activities efficiently by MotionX GPS app. It shows the time, distance and speed of your workout and also displays a map featuring your running/walking path. It has the unique feature of live voice coaching on its interactive stopwatch. Another great feature of this app is that you can pre-download the required maps/routes and use it when you are offline. In the map displayed on this app, you can view your live positions as this app has the feature of live-tracking.

motionx gps

10. Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker app was formerly available only for Nokia users, but now it is available for iPhone users as well. This app uses the GPS tracker of your iPhone to track several activities like, running, walking, cycling, hiking etc and provides you with a route map, calories burnt, heart rate, distance and average speed of your entire routine. You can record all the work out details and set fitness goals according to your own preference and stay motivated by participating in weekly leaderboards.

sports tracker

Final Words

Every one of these walking distance measurement app is very helpful in tracking a fitness regime and it motivates you to stick to it till you reach your ultimate fitness goal. Many of them offer an interactive platform for all the fitness freaks to share their daily progress and to also compete against each other. This proves to be very useful in keeping yourself motivated. All these distance measurement apps store your workout history and progress.

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