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How to Check Activation Lock Status

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2024-04-17 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Apple is the brand that never fails to keep its phone users updated and satisfied with the new features and updates. And today, we are going to tell you some essential things that you need to know about the activation lock. Activation Lock is the security feature that Apple added to its devices to provide their customers with an extra safety layer. This security layer will keep all your Apple devices from unauthentic access, even if your device is stolen or lost.

Part 1: How to Check iCloud Activation Is Disabled or Not

It is more than crucial to know if the iCloud activation lock is disabled or not. Because if it is disabled, your device is at risk, and you have to take steps to make your device safe from the intruders. So, you have to make sure if the activation lock is disabled or not. The following are the steps that you have to keep in mind to check the activation of iCloud.

  • Turn on the device and unlock it.
  • If lock screen appears, it means that the device is not erased. Take the sellers help to erase the device by following the pattern given below:
  • Settings>> generals>> reset>> erase everything.

    erase iphone
  • Don’t buy any device without erasing it.
  • Initiate the device setup process.
  • If the screen prompt you to enter the previous Apple device user’s password, don’t make a deal with seller and give this phone back to the seller. And if the seller is the previous Apple user, he will enter his password to activate the device. Before buying any device make sure to erase the device before getting the ownership.

If You Lost Your Device:

The most frustrating thing that you might have come across and the situation is when you lose your phone. I think, in my opinion, nothing can be more troublesome except for losing your phone. You lose your data, you lose the controls over your device, and in short, you lose everything that you saved in your phone. It is a certain thing to lose a phone, and if somehow or the other, you lose your phone, you should immediately get benefit from “mark as lost” utility given by the company in “find my app.”

Steps to mark the device as lost:

The following are the steps that you have to follow while marking your device as lost.

  • The first thing is to sign in to your iCloud account. Or you can also use “find my apps” utility to do it. Open “find my apps.”
  • There, you have to search for your device in the Devices tab.
  • Then you have to hit “activate” under mark as lost.

    lost mode in find my app
  • The screen will prompt some instructions, and you have to follow all those instructions to continue and complete the process.

In this way, you can easily mark your device as lost, and after that, nobody will be able to use your device or sell it. Only your password will open your device. Otherwise, the screen will be blocked.

Part 2: Can You Bypass The Apple Activation Lock

Some people ask us if they can bypass the apple activation lock, so yes! There are some software utilities available in the market through which you can easily bypass Apple activation lock. And we are going to tell you about one of them. Tenorshare 4MeKey is the best software available on the internet that you can use to bypass Apple activation lock. It is used to unlock the Apple devices in the case if you forget your Apple ID. Follow the following steps to bypass Apple ID to unlock your device using Tenorshare 4MeKey!

  • The first thing first, you have to download the app Tenorshare 4mekey, and then launch it on the laptop.

  • The next step is to connect your Apple device to the laptop you just downloaded the app. You can connect your phone with a computer through a USB cable.

    connect your device
  • In the third step, the jailbreak tools in the software will automatically start the jailbreaking process after you connect your phone with a PC or Mac. The screen will prompt a message bearing that the jailbreak tool has successfully downloaded.

    start to jailbreak
  • The next step is to hit the “start” button to start the process.

  • After that, you have to confirm your device information that you want to bypass. After entering all the details, tap “start Remove” to bypass the Apple activation lock.

    confirm to jailbreak
  • The screen will prompt you after the successful completion of the process, and your phone is just like the brand new phone that you can use right according to your needs.

    removing icloud activation on 4mekey successfully removed icloud activation with 4mekey

Video Guide: Using 4Mekey to Bypass Apple Activation Lock

Part 3: Other Questions Related to Check Activation Lock Status iCloud:

We received some of the important questions about the iCloud activation lock that we thought to share with you. In case you have any questions, you may consult this portion to get all your queries entertained. Have a look!

How Can I Check If My iPhone is Locked or IMEI?

It is the universal question that we are asked most frequently, and today we decided to share a brief answer with you about it. If you want to know if your device is locked or not, you have to follow the following instructions to check if your phone is locked or IMEI.

  • First of all, go to the settings menu > Generals > Tap “about” option.
  • Scroll down the list to find the IMEI number.
  • After getting IMEI number, go to the iCloud website on your laptop, enter your device IMEI number there.
  • Then enter verification code and click ok to continue, the screen will prompt you if the device is locked or not.

How Do You Turn off The Activation Lock on iPhone?

The next step is for the people who are stuck with their activation lock on Apple devices. You can also turn off the activation lock. The following steps are necessary to follow if you want to turn off the activation lock. So, please read them carefully and follow them!

  • Hit the settings option in your device.
  • Scroll down to find “iCloud.”
  • There, you have to select the option “find my iPhone.”
  • Tap the switch to turn this feature off.
  • The screen will demand you to enter your iCloud password to continue the process.
  • Enter the password there, and here you go!
  • You have turned off the activation lock on your iPhone device. Now, you can easily reset the device.


It was all about Apple’s activation lock. It is a useful feature, but sometimes, it may be troublesome when you forget your password, and you are unable to use your device. In such times, you can easily bypass the activation to get all your phone’s features back to enjoy to the fullest. Stop being worried about the locked device because now, you can easily remove the lock. I hope this article is of much help to you guys. Follow the instructions and enjoy your incredible Apple devices!