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[People Also Ask] What is My iPhone Backup Password and What Is the Password to Unlock My iPhone Backup

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-04-26 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Apple introduced encryption for its backup files with the hope of providing an additional layer of security to the data of its users.

The goal was achieved, but there was also another issue, as well. Several users started to forget their respective password asking all over the internet, 'What password is my iPhone backup?' No one knows what the password was. But there is a way to break it. Read our article below to find out.

Part 1: What is My iPhone Backup Password?

Before we tell you how to find out the lost iPhone backup password, let's find out what is an iPhone backup password.To protect user backup data, Apple implemented an encryption protocol if a user is looking for a more secure option; they can choose to password-protect respective backup files.

It is a very simple operation while making a backup. All you need is to check the 'Encrypt' box, and the file will be protected. But you also need to remember the passcode, as you will be asked for it while restoring it.

  • Well, you need to connect the iOS device to the computer and run the iTunes app.
  • On the iTunes panel, click on 'Summary'.
  • Now, all the backup options will be available. You need to check the box for 'Encrypt iPhone Backup'. Now, you will be asked to set a password.
  • You need to remember that, after activating the encryption, all previously made backup files will also become encrypted as well.

    what is my iPhone backup password

Now that you have successfully encrypted the backup, all you have to do is to remember the password. As you have to use it while restoring the said backup files. Now that you have an understanding of iPhone backup encryption, you need to know how to figure out 'What is my encrypted iPhone backup password?' It is detailed in the next part of this article, continue reading.

Part 2: How to Unlock iPhone Backup When I Forgot

So, what happens if you don't know what is the password for my iPhone backup? Without providing the proper password, you won't be able to access your files. So, it is necessary to remember the password.Sadly, several iOS users have forgotten the password, and they asked all over the internet, 'how do I find out what my iPhone backup password is?'

As iPhone backup encryption is very secure, you need to use a professional program that is capable of breaking the encryption without damaging the files. As we are an expert on this matter, we recommend using Tenorshare 4uKey – iTunes Backup. This is an expert program by Tenorshare, designed specifically to remove encryption from iTunes backup files. It is easy to use, and when you are asking, what is my password to unlock iPhone backup? This is the best program to use.

  • You need to download and install Tenorshare 4uKey – iTunes Backup on your computer or Mac.
  • Once the installation is finished, run the program. Click on the 3 dots on the main interface and select 'Remove Backup Encryption Settings'.

    how do I find out what my iPhone backup password is
  • After that, connect the iOS device to the computer.

    what is my password to unlock iPhone backup
  • After the iOS device is detected by the program, click on the 'Start' button. 4uKey will immediately start the encryption breaking operation.

    what is my iPhone restore backup password
  • Now, just wait a few minutes for the procedure to get finished. The progress bar will be displayed on the screen. After the encryption is broken, you will be notified.

    what is my password to unlock iphone backup file

Tenorshare 4uKey – iTunes Backup provides the most effective and safe measure for the removal of iTunes backup encryption if you are missing the password for it. So, if you want to know, what is the password to unlock my iPhone backup in iTunes? There is no better way than Tenorshare using 4uKey – iTunes Backup.

Part 3: Some FAQs about iPhone Backup Password

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the iPhone backup password. We have answered them below for a better understanding.

Q1: iPhone Backup Password Never Set

A1: Well, if the iPhone backup password never set, then you won't be asked for a password while restoring. But it is also true that your iPhone backups are not secure.

Q2: I don't know what my encryption password is so I can't backup my iPhone 8

A2: If you are unable to figure out your encryption password, then you should use Tenorshare 4uKey – iTunes Backup to break the encryption. After that, you will be able to back up your iPhone.

Q3: The password you entered to protect your iPhone backup could not be set. Please try again" Error Message Shows

A3: If this error is showing whenever you are putting the password to unlock the backup, then you must use Tenorshare 4ukey – iTunes Backup to remove the encryption itself.

Q4: Can't backup iPhone because an error occurred?

A4: If you are getting an error and unable to back up your iPhone, then we recommend using Tenorshare iCareFone to create the backup instead of iTunes.


Therefore, Apple introduced the encryption feature on backups due to security reasons. The encryption indeed provides an additional layer of security, but it also prevents users from accessing their backup files when they fail to provide it. So, this encryption has also created an issue which was not easy to fix.

A lot of users struggled to access the backup as they forgot its password. But now that Tenorshare 4uKey – iTunes Backup is available; it is not an issue anymore. If you have forgotten the password for the backup, just use Tenorshare 4uKey – iTunes Backup to remove the encryption.

  Updated on 2020-04-26 / Update for  iPhone Tips

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