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Stuck on Preparing iPhone for Restore? Fix Now

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2021-02-24 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Sometimes you might find that your iPhone stuck on preparing iPhone for restore. This is an annoying situation that can happen on iPhone.If you too are facing this issue on your iPhone you might want to learn how to fix this issue on iPhone.

Fortunately,there are various ways to fix this issue "stuck on preparing iPhone for restore". Come on and let discuss them.

100% Fix Stuck on Preparing iPhone for Restore with iTunes Alternative

If you are facing problems Stuck on preparing iPhone for restore? Tenorshare ReiBoot application now-a-days is the best leading software which will solve your 150+ problems related to iOS on just a single click.

Do not think twice, Let’s see how ReiBoot fix your all issues on your iDevices.

  • Download Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer and connect iPhone to ReiBoot. Then click "Start".

    stuck on preparing iPhone for restore-repair ios
  • As shown in picture below click on "Standard Repair" to proceed the device properly.

    stuck on preparing iPhone for restore- fix now
  • In the next step you will enter the Firmware download screen. To set the save path for the firmware click by clicking ‘Browse’. Now hit Download to begin. Please be patient for it will take a few time.

    stuck on preparing iPhone for restore-firmware package
  • After downloading the Firmware Package. Click "Start Standard Repair" to start iOS system repair.

    iphone stuck on preparing for restore-repairing
  • This process will complete in minutes. Keep in mind that do not disconnect the device during the process. When the repairing process ends, your device will boot up. Now check if the issues was fixed.

    stuck on preparing iPhone for restore - repair successfully

5 Usefull Tips for iTunes Stuck on Preparing iPhone for Restore

iPhones are most popular to use now a days due to several reasons like camera quality and many other features. Like other devices iPhones have their own issues but a serious issue related to iPhones "stuck on preparing iPhone for restore " You are generally face this problem when you are going to update and restore your iPhones with iTunes. This error may occure due to many reasons like.

  • Not use of proper USB cable
  • Network unstable
  • Outdated iTunes version
  • Disable antivirus software

Here we are telling you some tips to fix this issue "Stuck on preparing iPhone for restore".

Tip 1: Fix Preparing iPhone for Restore Stuck by Updating iTunes

While you are facing this issue it may be possible that you are using the outdated iTunes version. In this case you need to update the latest iTunes version.

There are some steps to check and update the iTunes version.

  • Run the iTunes software and click "Help" menu.
  • Next Click the "Check for Update " If any update available here Then download and install the it to resolve your problem you are facing.

Tip 2: Check Network Connection

Sometimes iTunes fail to establish the connection with the Apple server and you face the issue. In this situation you need to check your network connection and make sure that you have an active and stable network connection which is performing well or not. If it is not working well try to switch another high speed and stable network connection and then try to resolve your issue.

Tip 3: Disable Antivirus-Software

To the next you need to disable anti-virus software before restoring your device because in some cases when iTunes try to connect with Apple server this antivirus software may create the problem and block the iTunes to perform its activity as a result you face" Stuck on preparing iPhone for restore".

Tip 4: Use Original USB Cable

It is higly recommend that you have to use only original and authentic accessories of Apple store especially you should use Original USB cable to connect your iPhone with the computer. It will not damaged your data or device application.

Tip 5: Seek Help from Apple Store

If all above mentioned tips are not working and you still facing the issue then it is possible that you may have issue in your hardware . In this situation we suggest you to visit your nearest Apple store and fix your issue "Stuck on preparing iPhone for restore ".


We hope that above mentioned tips will help you to come out this annoying issue. Even though many methods are available to fix this issue but Tenorshare ReiBoot Application 100% fix stuck on preparing iPhone for restore. This method is highly recommended because it will fix your issue well. Try it and get to know that how safe and easy it to solve iOS system issues.