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Everything You Must Know About iPhone 'Reset All Settings'

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2020-04-27 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Are you facing error in purchasing items from Apple store? Or have you experienced your iPhone being stuck on Apple logo? Sometimes iPhone users complain about these and few other issues for which the only solution left is to perform the "Reset All Settings" option on your iPhone. What does reset all settings do? This feature gives a new life to your iPhone. If you are wondering how, follow this article as it has got everything you must know about "Reset All Settings". Make sure to read all the mentioned parts described below in order to know them in detail.

Part 1: Everything You Must Know About "Reset All Settings"

Sometimes when your iPhone starts showing few errors for unknown reasons, you may want to know what does reset all settings do on iPhone. Believe us or not, it helps resolving most of such errors in iPhone. Here is a bunch of information you need to know about reset all settings.

1.1 What Is "Reset All Settings"?

By choosing reset all settings, all the settings on your iPhone will be changed to factory default. Your personal preferences regarding network settings, brightness, wallpaper, sounds, Bluetooth and notifications will be removed.

1.2 Will I Lose My Data?

No, you will not lose your data including documents, apps or any files. But your preferred settings will be changed to default settings.

1.3 Do I Need To Backup Before Reset All Settings?

Though, in most of the cases there is no data loss while performing "Reset All Settings", it is still recommended to back up your data before doing so. We would suggest to take benefit of a free back up tool, Tenorshare iCareFone, which provides you a smooth and reliable data transfer at a fast pace. You can easily backup all your data and also restore selectively or in bulk to your device. This tool helps to transfer photos, music, videos, contacts and many more without any limitation.

Part 2: How to "Reset All Settings" on iPhone?

Sometimes when your iPhone starts showing few errors for unknown reasons, you may want to know what does reset all settings do on iPhone. Believe us or not, it helps resolving most of such errors in iPhone. If you think you should try it once, here are the steps you need to follow. Make sure to follow all the steps carefully and one after other.

Step 1 Go to device Settings.

Step 2 Select "General" and you will see many options to choose from.

select general from iPhone settings

Step 3 Select "Reset" option. This will take you to a list of different reset options.

Step 4 Now tap "Reset All Settings".

Step 5 After this step, a tab will pop up on your screen asking you for confirmation. Tap "Reset All Settings" again.

  reset all settings confirmation

Step 6 The next step requires you to enter the passcode that you have already set for your iPhone.

Step 7 As soon as you enter your passcode, the iOS will start resetting all your iPhone settings and in a few moment you will be done with it.

Part 3: How to "Reset All Settings" On iPhone Without Passcodes

As we have already mentioned above that the procedure of "Reset All Settings" includes entering your passcode for confirmation. There may be times when you may have forgotten your passcode. Eventually, you will be stuck at the last step of the process and you will have no idea how to proceed. Congratulations, you are at the right place because we are going to explain a comprehensive procedure of How to "Reset All Settings" on iPhone without passcodes.

For this process, it is advisable to use Tenorshare 4ukey which allows you to skip entering your passcode in the "Reset All Settings" process.

Follow these steps:

Step 1 Firstly, download the 4ukey in your PC/Mac.

Step 2 Once the installation is completed, open the 4ukey software and you will see the following screen.

 tenorshare 4ukey main page

Step 3 Now, you have to connect your iPhone to the PC/Mac in which the 4ukey is installed. It will be automatically detected by the software.

Step 4 Click "start".

Step 5 Next, the software will request you to download the matching firmware package. Select your save path and continue to "Download".

download firmware

 firmware download in process

Step 6 After the successful completion of the firmware download, you may now click "Start Unlock" to finally start the process of resetting your passcode.


Step 7 When the process is complete, your iPhone becomes passcode-free.

Step 8 You may now go to Settings, then tap General then select "Reset".

Step 9 Now you may go to "Reset All Settings" iPhone and perform it without the need of passcode.

Part 4: Difference Between "Reset All Settings", "Erase All Contents and Settings" and "Reset Network Settings"

iPhone has two more options "Erase All Contents and Settings" and "Reset Network Settings" similar to "Reset All Settings" which might be confusing for its users. If you are also wondering what these three options mean and how are they different from each other, please take some time to go through the following information.

Reset All Settings: On using iPad reset all settings option, all the settings including network settings and other personal preferences of the iPhone are set to default. There is no data loss in this process and all your files, images and apps remain intact. It is a relatively easy and less time consuming procedure.

Erase All Contents and Settings: "Erase All Contents and Settings" completely clears all of the data as well as all the iPhone settings. It is strongly suggested to take a backup of your data before using this option as once the data is erased, it is practically impossible to get it back. It may take up to one hour to perform the whole process. This is mostly useful when you are selling away your iPhone and therefore, you cannot risk leaving trace of any of your personal information in the iPhone.

Reset Network Settings: When you tap "Reset Network Settings" option, the iOS starts working to remove the Wi-Fi networks that have been saved earlier. The passwords of the Wi-Fi networks are also removed. Other than that, no settings are disturbed and all the data and personal preferences of the user remain the same.


In this article you got to know that it is recommended to backup all the data before erasing all the settings of the device and the best tool to backup the device data and content is by using Tenorshare iCareFone. The best software for resetting all your settings on iPhone is Tenorshare 4uKey that provides you a one-stop solution for all your iOS problems. Hope you have learned something new today. If you have any question then you can comment below.