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[2024 Update]The Best Software to Fix iOS to Normal Free

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2021-06-28 / Update for  iPhone Fix

It has been noticed that iDevice such as iPhones often encounter certain problems like being stuck on the Apple logo, reboot logo, or white screen. Lots of these problems are related to faulty iOS; hence, they can only be fixed by using the best iOS system repair software.

Stop worrying about any iOS problem because this article will reveal the best free iOS repair software you can use to fix it.

Question. Does Apple Fix iOS Problems Free

Yes, Apple can help you to fix the iOS problem for free through the use of iTunes which is a popular free iOS system repair program. As long as you have connected iTunes to your iPad, iPhone or iPod, you can fix its iOS problem with iTunes.

We will describe how you can fix the iOS issue with iTunes below:

  • Ensure your Mac operates on the latest macOS version. Also, the iTunes on the computer must be the latest version. Then, you need to launch iTunes on the computer to start the process to solve the iOS issue.
  • Put your iPhone into recovery mode.

Now, you need to set up your Apple mobile device like a new one.


  • Cost – You can download and start using iTunes from Apple’s website without paying anything.
  • iCloud integration – It is easy to integrate iTunes with your iCloud. This allows you to synchronize your account across different Apple devices.


  • Too slow – Many users complain about how slow iTunes usually is on lots of computers. There is also a complaint about the fact that it consumes a good amount of system RAM.
  • Erasing data and settings – You can delete all data and settings on your Apple device with iTunes.

What’s The Best Alternative Software to Fix iOS to Normal Free

Due to the cons of iTunes, you may not want to use it to fix your iOS problem. Fortunately, there is an alternative that you can count on for solving different kinds of iOS problems. This software is known as Tenorshare ReiBoot. This tool will help you to solve any issue that may want to stop your device from functioning optimally.

Notably, you can use the “Recovery Mode” function of this device to fix your device at no charge. In other words, this function will solve the problem for FREE. Another benefit of this tool is that it can solve the iOS of different devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

  • Download ReiBoot on your computer. Once downloaded, you need to install and run it. You should use a USB cable to connect your iOS device to the computer.

    connect iphone to pc
  • ReiBoot will detect your device. After this, just tap “Enter Recovery Mode” and your device will go into Recovery Mode.

    enter recovery mode
  • Within a minute, your Apple device will go into Recovery Mode. To confirm this, the “connect to iTunes or Computer” logo will appear on the screen of your device.

    iphone in recovery mode
  • Now, your phone is in recovery mode.

Top 10 Common iOS Problems You May Encounter

  • Cellular connection problems: Sometimes, an iOS issue may prevent your device from connecting to cellular service.
  • Stuck on the Apple logo: If you have an iOS problem, your device’s screen may be stuck on the Apple logo.
  • Black screen with a spinning wheel: When you are trying to put on your device, it may be stuck on a black screen with a spinning wheel. The wheel will continue spinning even after switching it on and off several times.
  • Not receiving message notifications: After updating to iOS 14, your device may stop showing any sound notification after receiving a text message.
  • Google Authenticator not functioning: When you are trying to load the Google Authenticator, it may stop and send your phone or tablet back to the Home screen.
  • Touch ID or Face ID not working: Many users report that the Touch ID or Face ID sensors of their devices are not working. It will not respond or function at all.
  • Cannot edit or add iOS 14 widgets: Generally, iOS widgets are great for adding more beauty and functionality to your device. Unfortunately, the widgets can stop working at times when your device is having an iOS issue.
  • Wi-Fi not connecting: iOS issues can also make Wi-Fi stop connecting on your device.
  • No update for the newest version: In some cases, your device may not be able to update to the newest iOS version.
  • Bluetooth not working well: After installing a new iOS system, the Bluetooth connections may stop working well on your device. You can solve this problem by re-updating the OS.


With this article, you now know the best free iOS repair software that you can depend on whenever you need to fix iOS for free. As explained above, don’t hesitate to download Tenorshare ReiBoot to solve different types of iOS issues you may be having.