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[Knowledge Pro] What Is iPhone Firmware?

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2020-05-29 / Update for  iPhone Tips

iPhone firmware is a very common term that all Apple users hear about. But if you have questions like what is iPhone firmware, which firmware your iPhone is using, and what are easy methods to download it then you are not alone as many iPhone users have the same queries.

After reading this piece of writing, you will understand everything about iPhone firmware. We will answer all your questions in the easiest way possible.

What Is iPhone Firmware?

Many iPhone users ask what is firmware iPhone? In simple words, the operating system iOS is called iPhone firmware. It is the defining feature of the iPhone that controls all the basic functions of your iOS device. It contains built-in apps like safari, photos app, and Apple music, etc. and also manages the internal programming of iPhone like booting, installing third-party apps, and connection to cellular and Bluetooth networks.

What Is the Latest iPhone Firmware Version?

According to the official Apple administration, the latest version of iPhone firmware is 13.5.

What Firmware Is My iPhone Running?

After understanding what is firmware for iPhone, we will elaborate on how can you find out the version of firmware running on your iPhone? To do so:

  • Go to the Settings > General and then tap on the About icon. A screen will show you the details of what firmware is my iPhone.

    how do I know what firmware is for my iphone - find firmware

Curious Questions: How Do I Download iPhone Firmware?

Generally speaking, if you ever want to restore your iPhone, you would need to download iPhone firmware. All iPhones share the same format of the firmware. Follow the below methods to know about how do I know what firmware is for my iPhone and how to download it?

1. Download iPhone Firmware in IPSW Website

You will find many websites online from where you can download iPhone firmware. But I recommend you to always download the required iPhone firmware from the official site, IPSW. Follow the below steps to download firmware on your iPhone:

  • First of all, click on the iPhone icon on the website, and from the next screen, select your iPhone model.
  • Now, the website will show firmware corresponding to your mobile. Select a firmware version, better to select a signed IPSW.
  • Finally, an interface will show all the details of the firmware. Click on download (Size) to begin the downloading process.

    what is modem firmware on - choose a product of apple to download

2. Using iTunes to Download iPhone Firmware

Apart from the website, you can also download iPhone firmware with the iTunes. But it is important to mention that you can only download latest version of firmware on your iPhone i.e., you can just upgrade or update your iPhone using iTunes. So:

  • Launch iTunes on your computer and connect iPhone with it. When it is connected, click on the mobile icon on the screen.

    what is modem firmware on - choose a product of apple to download
  • Now, click on Summary and then select Check for Update. iTunes will show the update is available. Click on Update to install it on your iPhone.

    what is modem firmware on - choose a product of apple to download

3. Easy Way to Install iPhone Firmware without iTunes

iOS is regarded as the best operating system in the world. But many Apple users face issues in their iPhones when they install a new firmware. If you are facing any such problem, then Tenorshare ReiBoot will help you fix it. It automatically repairs all the issue of iOS in your iPhone by updating it to the required firmware. That is why it is rated as the most effective software to install latest iPhone firmware.

To install iPhone firmware using ‘Repair Operating System’ feature of Tenorshare ReiBoot, follow the below guideline:

  • Install and launch Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer and connect your iPhone using a cable. Then, click on the ‘Repair Operating System’.

    what is the latest iPhone firmware version – repair ios
  • You will enter a new screen. Here, click on ‘Fix Now’ to initiate the repairing process on your mobile.

    what is the current iPhone firmware – fix now
  • Now, the software will scan and find the latest firmware package matching your iPhone requirements and will show the details. Here, click on Download to start downloading it on your computer.

    how do you tell what firmware your iphone is – download firmware package
  • Lastly, click on the ‘Repair Now’ once the firmware is downloaded. The software will take some time to repair your iPhone your issue will be fixed.

    how to find out what firmware your iPhone is on pc – repair now


This tutorial has analyzed many FAQs about what is iPhone firmware and discussed in detail some common methods to download required firmware on your iPhone. Some issues can arise when you install iOS firmware but Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best third-party software to resolve any issue in your iPhone iOS. It effectively repairs your iPhone completely using the Repair Operating System feature.