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How to Use Pokemon Go Hacks Safely and Easily? FULL Guide in 2024

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-04-26 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Pokemon GO is a very popular game nowadays. For Pokemon Go players, obtaining rare or shiny Pokemon poses a challenge. Rare spawns like Gible or Deino are hard to find due to low encounter rates. Shiny Pokemon, like Pikachu or Magikarp, have even lower odds of appearing.

There are many safe Pokemon GO hacks and cheats that can be used to hack Pokemon Go entreatingly in platforms like Android, and iPhone. In this way, players can get these Pokemon rewards more quickly and safely. In this detailed and updated guide, we will introduce the latest way to hack Pokemon Go by spoofing, auto catching, shiny tracker, and IVs showing in 2024.

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Part 1. Can you legally spoof Pokémon Go? 5 Spoofing Ways

Yes, it is possible to imitate Pokemon Go quickly. Pokemon Go Hacks 2024 is available even though the iPhone has a very restrictive operating system. One may do this via a variety of means, such as by using a jailbreak technique, a rooted Android device with an official application, or any number of other approaches.

How can you hack Pokemon Go or use the hacked version Pokemon Go? This is a detailed guide regarding playing Pokemon Go safely and efficiently via hacks and cheats. Following is a list and explanation of the five most effective methods to Pokemon hacks for IOS and Pokemon Go hacks for andriod.

1. Use Android+iOS Pokemon Go Spoofer

How to get hacked Pokémon GO? One of the best ways for how to hack Pokémon GO on iPhone is to use a location spoofer. Since the game relies on your location to help you get rewards and other items, you can use a location spoofer to change your location without actually moving even an inch.

Tenorshare iAnyGo is a software that allows you to change the GPS location of your device. Once you have done this, your iPhone will pretend to be somewhere else and this should help you with your game playing. The following are the steps of hack pokemon go on iPhone.

Benefits of this method:

  • Change your current location in a few easy clicks
  • Save your locations to quickly use them later
  • Support for all apps including Pokémon GO
  • Prepare custom routes
  • Do not require installing any app on your iPhone
  • No need to jailbreak your iPhone
  • Download the software from its website and install it on your computer, and click on Enter.
  • ow to hack Pokémon GO
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and tap Trust on your iPhone.Choose the location that you want to pretend to be in and hit Start to Modify.
  • Choose Location
  • Adjust your speed settings for precise navigation in any location to explore at your own pace.
  • pokemon-go-joystick Trial Experience from Blog Author: This app is easy to use and well-compatible with Pokemon GO. Usually, I use the joystick feature to move around my home, in this way can I play the game without being on foot."

2. Use a VPN service

How to get Pokémon GO hack on iphone? Another way is to use a VPN service. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and with it, you can change your phone’s IP address which changes the location of your device. You can install your favorite VPN app on your device and it will help fake your location.

  • Download an app like Expressvpn Pokemon Go to your iPhone.
  • Launch the app and choose a location you want to use.

    use vpn to fake location in Pokémon GO
  • Your iPhone should now show your chosen location as the phone location.

Benefits of this method:

  • Many location options to choose from
  • Works for all apps that connect to the Internet
  • Easy to use
  • Turn on and off in a single-click
Trial Experience from Blog Author: If you are a Pokemon GO player, then you know that changing location is not enough. And if you change location frequently in the game may cause being strunk by Niantic. What's more, VPN only works on changing IP address, not the GPS location on mobile devices. So, I don't recommend this app."

3. Use Pokemon Go++ without jailbreak.

Pokemon Go hacks like PokeGo++ can help players easily bypass the reality of walking to catch the rarest Pokemon with a joystick. PokeGo++ is a hacked version of the original Pokemon Go game that brings a lot of innovative features to fans.

  • Connected Devices and Services.
  • Tap Pokémon GO ++ and your smart device will begin trying to connect.
  • Please press the main button and the top button on the side of your Polémon GO ++ at the same time
  • A confirmation message will appear once your PolémonGO Plus + has successfully connected.
Pokemon Go++

Benefits of this method:

  • Allow you to spin Pokestops and throw Poke Balls at Pokemon
  • The Plus Plus will enable you to hurl Great Balls or Ultra Balls.
Trial Experience from Blog Author: The Pokemon Go Plus Plus is compatible with Pokemon Sleep. When you go to bed, press the Plus + button to start the sleep monitoring function in Pokemon Sleep, which you may also remove when you wake up."

4. Use PoGoskill to Fake Pokemon Go GPS Location

With PoGoskill, you can spoof your Pokémon GO device's GPS without jailbreaking or rooting it. It's a potent tool. You can enter any desired coordinates for your GPS location with just one click

  • Attach your gadget to the PC on which PoGoskill is on.
  • Please choose your device and move on to the next stage once PoGoskill has detected it.
  • IOS users can move on to the next section and begin location-sharing immediately.

Benefits of this method:

  • Use the GPS Joystick to control your movement direction freely.
  • Create a simulated moving path.
  • Customize or change the simulated traveling speed to meet your demands.
Trial Experience from Blog Author: Transitioning between positions offers convenience overall, though occasional stalling occurs. Despite this setback, the ease of use remains a notable feature, making adjustments smoother and enhancing overall functionality. "

5. Use PGSharp to Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

With PGSharp, an effective Pokémon GO spoofer, you may modify your Android device's GPS location without rooting it. One of PGSharp's primary features is that it's simple to install and doesn't require root access; you only have to download the software and begin faking your location.

  • Download the PGSharp APK file from the official website, then install it on your mobile device.
  • Launch the installed program.
  • Open the PGSharp app and navigate to the settings menu.
  • Find the "Send" button, then press it.
change locationuse pgsharp pokemon go

Benefits of this method:

  • Shortcuts can be customized.
  • Hide the trainer's name.
  • Inventory IV and encounter IV.
Trial Experience from Blog Author: Transitioning between positions offers convenience overall, though occasional stalling occurs. Despite this setback, the ease of use remains a notable feature, making adjustments smoother and enhancing overall functionality. "

Part 2. What is the Best Shiny Tracker app? Pros + Cons

First, you need to know how rare a shiny Pokemon is. Shiny Pokemon is the rarest pokemon of all. The Probability of finding it is very low. So, you need a proper shiny scanner to find these in Pokemon Go, and we will introduce you to them. These apps are available for both iPhone and Android.

1. PokeHunter

PokeHunter is a web-based map of Pokemon Go. Suppose you want to know the location of various gyms and ongoing tournaments in Pokemon Go globally. Then, you can use Poke-Hunter.



  • You can quickly locate gyms and raids without physically exploring the area.
  • It would also save you time by providing real-time information on raid availability.
  • It will also help you in raids and collaboration.


  • It reduces the sense of adventure and fun of exploration of the game.
  • Information can sometimes need to be more accurate.
  • Some may find its use unfair.

2. POGoMap

Pogo Map is a website that provides a detailed map of many in-game features while playing Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go players can locate Pokemon spawns, PokeStops, gyms, and other points of interest in the game.

Pogo Map


  • You can get information about pokestops, gyms, and raids around the world.
  • You can also track Team Rocket's invasion and get to fight them.


  • It relies on community-sourced data.
  • The map only loads limited locations at a time.

Part 3. How do you auto catch in Pokemon go? iOS + Android

You can also use other apps to auto-catch Pokemon for Pokemon Go hacks. These apps are worldly known as Pokemon auto-catchers ,supporting iOS and Android Pokemon Go players. Some of the best apps are listed below:

1. iPoGo

IPoGo is a very popular app for Pokemon Go players who want to play the game without physically moving. They can sit on a sofa and enjoy the game.



  • You can quickly teleport to any location within the game to catch useful rare Pokemon.
  • You can enhance Pokemon spawns.


  • Installation of iPoGo, especially on iOS, is very challenging.
  • Some users have reported instability with the app.

2. Go-tcha

Go-tcha is a top-rated app for Pokemon Go players who want to play the game without complexities.



  • You can easily catch Pokemon and spin Pokestops.
  • Some users have reported an improved Pokemon catch rate with the app.


  • It may result in account bans.
  • Nintendo does not officially endorse it.

Part 4. Any Apps Showing IVS in Pokemon Go? 3 Methods

In Pokemon Go, the IV of a Pokemon is a feature that is almost always required. The IV of a Pokemon instructs us on the essential characteristics of a Pokemon, such as its defense and attack capabilities. Additionally, they may be used as a Pokemon Go assessment cheat. These are some Pokemon Go evolution hacks.

1. Poke Genie

Poke Genie supports both iOS and Android which can instant IV results through screen reading. On the Pokemon Go Reddit, many users recommended Poke Genie, especially iPhone users.

Poke Genie


  • Support both iOS and Android
  • Instant IV result through screen reading.
  • Keep a history of your Pokemon collection for easy comparison and planning.


  • Group fights require resending the friend request
  • Sometimes there are errors in the data that need to be modified manually.

2. PGTool -Android

PGTool is a set of tools designed for Pokemon Go players that enhance your gameplay and provide additional features.



  • It has a very user-friendly interface.
  • You can mass transfer any Pokemon.
  • It replaced Pokemon names with IV values for easier management.


  • There are some safety concerns due to the use of third-party applications.
  • Only have Android version.

3. Pokemod-Android

Pokemod is a powerful tool designed to enhance Pokemon Go players' gameplay by providing them with many features.



  • It has features like Go Plus, which has auto-catch, auto-spin, and auto-reconnect.
  • It will reveal hidden rewards in quests to you.
  • It loads Pokemons very fast.


  • It has some safety concerns due to the use of third-party applications
  • It may result in an account ban.

Final Words

So, we learn how to use Pokemon GO hacks safely. Many of the hacks described above are available for players to use. There are also spoofing apps available for players to use. These apps can spoof GPS, attributes, and others.

Out of all the apps, the brightest is iAnyGo. It is a very safe app that is also very spoofing. This guide will also help you choose the product you find convenient for yourself.

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