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FAQS About Dreepy Evolve: Where To Catch Dreepy And Evolve It

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-01-11 / Update for  iPhone Tips

To catch a pokemon dreepy, you’ve to know the dreepy location first! We’ll help you and guide you to the dreepy pokemon sword so you can catch it and increase your ranking.

dreepy evolve

Dreepy Location: Where to Find It in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Before starting your journey to catching dreepy pokemon, you need to finish the Circhester Gym and get a Rotom Bike to cross the water. Only then you can head to the Wild Area and start your search in the south or Hammerlocke. Because of the rarity of pokemon dreepy, you’ll only have a 3% chance of spotting it in the wild grass patches. Keep in mind, it’ll only appear if there is heavy rain or fog, so if the weather is clear, you won't have any chance of seeing it in the dreepy pokemon sword. 

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How to Get Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield

To get dreepy pokemon, head over to the dreepy location when there is either thunderstorm or heavy fog. Be patient because you'll only be able to find it in the grassy part of the wild area. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll spot the rarest and charming pokemon dreepy. But, be prepared because it’ll not be easy as the dreepy pokemon would be around Level 40-70. We highly recommend preparing yourself mentally and emotionally before going to the Lake of Outrage so you can catch it if it comes.

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Dreepy Evolve: What You Need to Know

After catching the dreepy pokemon in the dreepy pokemon sword, you won’t need any unique item to get your dreepy evolve. But, you need to keep in mind that they evolve at very high levels. 

What Level Does Dreepy Evolve

Your dreepy evolve into Drakloak when it reaches level 50. After that, it will evolve into Dragapult when it reaches level 60. To get access to powerful moves like Dragon Rush and Last Resort, you have to increase the levels of your dreepy.

what level does dreepy evolve

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Hope you can find your answer about dreepy evolve in this article. Catching a dreepy isn’t an easy task. Just relax and take it easy on it. Try to enjoy the real joy of the game.