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12 New Legendaries In Pokemon Platinum Legendary  

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2022-01-11 / Update for  iPhone Tips

pokemon platinum legendary

Introduction of 12 New Legendaries And How To Catch Them

As a player aspiring to reach the top level, it is essential to have information about the strengths of new legendary and the ways to catch them. Given below are 12 new Pokémon Platinum Legendary with brief details about each of them.

1. Cresselia

Cresselia is known for cleaning all the mess that Drakrai spreads. It is the top Pokémon of 12 new legendary and can soothe horrible nightmares. It has a unique built, and it can be a great aid to the teammates providing its supportive tactics like a safeguard to repel status conditions for trick rooms and turns. 


To catch Cresselia in Pokémon Platinum Legendary, you will have to head to the full moon island. There you can look for Cresselia getting the Lunar Wing and healing the sailor's son. It would help if you used a marking map to make your search easier.

2. Manaphy

Manaphy is an upgraded version of Phione. It is incredible water Pokémon and is super adorable with all its powers. The Pokémon is very kind and possesses a straight-up broken status move, tail glow, and Manaphy boost to launch its special attack by 2.5 stages.


To get Manaphy, you will have to trade the egg from Pokémon Ranger to Platinum. You will have to pick the egg in any Poke Mart from the green delivery man and hatch it to get Manaphy. Another possible way to get the legendary Pokémon in platinum is to get to route 212, enter the mansion and read the book on Mr. Backlot'sBacklot's desk in his room. 

3. Giratina

Giratina has well-rounded stats and possesses a high base HP. It has a good move pool and includes ghost-type attacks with priority move shadow sneak and shadow force that breaks walls. 


To get a Giratina, you will have to head to the distortion world. To reach this world, you need to beat the first seven gyms. Once you beat them, you will have access to the Distortion world and Spear Pillar. 

4. Darkrai

Darkrai comes with the ability to cause horrific nightmares. It feeds upon them and has a spooky vibe to it. It is a mean Pokémon that is known for tormenting people relentlessly. 


Darkrai is a rare Pokémon and can be encountered only during specific battles. The players will have to wait until the Pokémon is used in a Raid Battle to find a Darkrai. 

5. Arceus

Arceus is a PokeGod who created all the Pokémon’s. It was the first Pokémon ever to exist and created the entire Pokémon Universe. It is a mighty Pokémon and has a beast competitive factor. Arceus can change in any shape and type it desires.


Out of all legendary Pokémon in platinum, Arceus is an event Pokémon. It can only be caught through special events that Nintendo rarely holds. 

6. Shaymin

Shaymin is a cute hedgehog that has a spunky form. It has a Land Forme of 100 stats and a Sky Forme with some differences. The Pokémon is mighty and is a potent add-on to the team. 


Unfortunately, you cannot catch Shaymin in Pokémon platinum legendary. The only way to acquire it is through an emulator on your computer system or with the help of Action replay.

7. Dialga

Dialga is known as the ruler of time; it has a blue colour scheme and is a great box art legendary. The Pokémon has excellent stats and offers excellent viability. It can be used as a wall or support as per the need of the trainer. 


You will find Dialga in level 70 of the Pokémon platinum legendary game. You can use Ultra balls to catch Dialga quickly. 

8. The Lake Trio

The Lake trio is also known as the spirit of the lakes. These spirits include Uxie, who is the being of Knowledge, Azwlf – the being of will power, and Mesprit – the being of emotions. The three are guardians of the Sinnoh'sSinnoh's Lake. Each of them has rare abilities, and the trio combines to form one of the most potent combinations to defeat enemies. 

the lake trio

Catching the trio requires a good investment of time and patience. The first step to acquiring them is to stop the Galactic team steams plot to destroy the world. 

9. Heatran

It is the only legendary Pokemon that can be either male or female, yet it cannot breed. Heatran can be a tremendous offensive force on account of its magma storm and cannon flash moves. 


You can catch Heatran from the cave in which the Magma stone was kept. You can also head to the top of Stark Mountain or route 225 to spot a Heatran. 

10. Phione

Phione is a water-type legendary that is weird and cute. It is achieved by breeding Manaphy. 


Since it is a water-type Pokémon, you can catch Phione, primarily in locations like harbors, docks, and rivers. The only way to capture a Phione is by defeating it in a raid battle. 

11. Palkia

A Palkia is a legendary Pokémon that belongs to Water/ Dragon-type. It is the ruler of space and has exceptional moves that turn it into a crit-machine.


You can use a Razz Berry to catch Palkia. It is commonly visible from level 70. 

12. Regigigas

Regigigas is not a compelling Pokémon, and many players consider it a joke to the competitive quotient. However, if the opponent entirely underestimates it, the player can use its limited capabilities to win some battles. 


You can only catch Regigigas if you have the three golems and a special event. 

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Hope you have a better understanding of the 12 New Legendaries added in Pokémon Platinum Legendary after finishing this article. And if you are a Pokemon Go player, please don’t hesitate to click the download button to save your time in playing Pokemon Go.