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3 Useful Tips To Help You Get Shiny Espeon

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-04-13 / Update for  iPhone Tips

In Pokemon Go, it is now easier to encounter shiny espeon. In this guide, you will learn about how to get a shiny espeon. 

shiny espeon

What Is Shiny Espeon

Since 2017, when the very first Shiny Magikarp appeared in the game, players started to look for shiny espeon, which is the coolest shiny Eeveelution in Pokemon Go. However, one year after the release of Eevee, shiny Eevee pokemon go released in August 2018. Shiny Eevee can evolve into shiny or special-looking forms, which is known by the name of shiny espeon. It has three forms which are Normal, Shiny, and flower crown.

what is shiny espeon

3 Tips To Get Shiny Espeon Pokemon Go

You can evolve to espeon shiny when you want. Because these Eeveelutions are not random, so here are the 3 easy tips to get espeon shiny Pokemon Go. 

1. Use Name Trick to Get Shiny Espeon

This trick is quite simple and feasible for players and the most recommended way to get shiny espeon. You can rename Eevee to Sakura to get shiny espeon. However, this trick works only once per account. It means that if you have used it already, then you cannot benefit from this trick again to get espeon shiny Pokemon Go. 

name trick to get shiny espeon

There is always a chance that new shiny Eeveelutions are released in-game eventually. So hold onto a few Eevee and evolve it again and again.

2. Use The Buddy Trick to Get Shiny Espeon

Walk with buddy Eevee for 10km (earning 2 candy alongside) and then try to evolve it into shiny espeon during the day. When we say the day, it means the daytime in the game, not in real life.  You need to notice the colour of the sky during the game. During the night, it can be evolved to Umbreon. However, there is a crucial part of this trick: evolution always happens with Eevee as your buddy. This Eevee should still be your buddy, and most of the players ignore it often. 

buddy trick

3. Participate in Raid Battles to Get Espeon Shiny

Espeon has started to appear in raid battles so players can participate in these battles with friends to increase the chances of getting espeon shiny. If you are a lower-level player, then it's much easy for you to play with friends. 

raid battle

Once the raid battle is over, then the Pokemon game will show if it's a shiny espeon during the capturing phase. There are chances that shiny espeon will appear in the raid, so increase your chances, participate in as many espeon raids as possible.

Super Tip: How to Get Shiny Espeon in An Easy Way

With Tenorshare iAnyGo, you can play this game without moving in reality. It has made this game more fun and time-saving for its crazy players. With its new feature of importing GPX files, players can now walk on the already arranged route between two spots. Here is how it works:

  • Import GPX file

    Firstly, Click the download button and launch iAnyGo on PC. Go to the “Single-Spot Movement” mode. And you will find a GPX button in the lower right corner. Tap on the button and import the GPX files.

    where to import gpx files
  • Start to walk

    After the GPX file is imported successfully, the map will show the imported route. Now you can adjust the movement speed. After setting it, click on "start to move" to the arranged route between two points. You can pause it halfway whenever you want. You can also import another GPX file and enter again by stopping the movement. 

    import gpx files successfully
  • Zoom in on the map

    You can also zoom in on the map by scrolling the mouse wheel to see your progress between two routes.

    scroll the mouse wheel to enlarge the map

FAQS About Shiny Espeon 

1. Is Shiny Espeon Rare

Shiny espeon is not rare actually, its availability in Pokemon Go depends on three factors:

  • Number of players playing this game when you are playing.
  • The ability to get Pokemon and walk with eggs.
  • The chances of getting a particular Pokemon when it was launched officially.

2. Can Shiny Eevee Evolve into Shiny Espeon

Yes, you can. But it takes chance. You can evolve shiny Eevee into espeon by adding it as your buddy and walking with it for 10km. Once you have accomplished it, try evolving it to espeon during day time. 

shiny eevee

3. What Is the Coolest Shiny Eeveelution

If you are really looking forward to getting the most significant shiny Eeveelutions, then shiny Espeon is best in this regard. 

shiny espeon


The above-explained tips and tricks are tried and tested to get the rare Pokemon of your choice especially espeon shiny Pokemon Go. We recommend you to play this game with the new feature of Tenorshare iAnyGo (importing GPX file). It's much easier and convenient to play this game with no hassle at all.