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How to Evolve Drakloak? Here Is the Answer

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-01-11 / Update for  iPhone Tips

As a Sword and Shield player, it would be a goal for you to add the popular Dragapult to your team. But achieving your goal needs some initial steps, including the collection of a Drakloak and its evolution. If you are wondering how to evolve Drakloak? Keep reading to find the answer.

drakloak evolve

Introduction of Drakloak

A Drakloak is among the most popular yet rare Pokémon in the game Sword and Shield. It is the middle stage of the evolution of a Dragapult. A Dragapult is counted among the best Pokémon that can enhance the composition of your competitive team. But it is not easy for the players to catch a Drakloak. The difficulty level increases when it comes to spotting a shiny Drakloak.


1. Drakloak Strengths and Weaknesses

Being a famous Pokémon, Drakloak comes with a set of exciting strengths and weaknesses. Some of these are listed below-

Strengths of Drakloak:

Drakloak is a powerful Pokémon, and it turns out to be useful while fighting against Pokémon like Arcanine, Gyarados, Milotic, and Snorlax. The Drakloak directly counters fire, grass, water, poison, bug type, and electricity. These make it super-efficient while fighting against other Pokémon.

Weakness of Drakloak:

Despite its many strengths, Drakloak comes with a set of weaknesses. It is vulnerable to dragons, ghosts, fairies, dark Pokémon, and ice. It would help if you did not use Drakloak against Pokémon like Tyranitar, Togekiss, and Goodra. 


2. Abilities of Drakloak

Drakloak has numerous abilities like:

  • A clear body: Drakloak has a clear body that prevents other Pokémon’s from using their ability to lower Drakloak’s stats.
  • Infiltrator: It has the abilities of an infiltrator. This means that it can pass and strike through  opposing Pokémon’s barrier.
  • Body Curse: Drakloak has a cursed body that empowers it to disable moves against it.


3. Drakloak Moves

As Drakloak levels up, it gains more new moves. You can also use TMs and TRs to teach it new moves. Some of the many impressive moves of Drakloak include:

  • The Dragon Dance
  • Brine
  • Phantom
  • Steel Wing
  • Dragon Rush
  • The Will-O-Wisp
  • Last Resort


How to Evolve Drakloak in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Evolving Drakloak in Pokémon Sword and Shield can be a milestone for the player. The evolution can strengthen your competitive team, and you can easily make your way to the top. You will have to reach level 60 in the game to see the entire evolution of Drakloak. 

what level does drakloak evolve

What level does Drakloak evolve

Drakloak will automatically evolve itself into Dragapult at level 60.

How to evolve Drakloak from Dreepy

Dreepy will doesn't require an evolution stone to evolve intro drakloak, as long as your dreepy comes to level 50, it will evolve into Drakloak automatically.

How to Catch A Drakloak

If you want to catch a Drakloak, you must head towards the area near Lake of Outrage. You can try your luck in the rainy, overcast, foggy, or thunderstorm conditions. There is a 1-2% chance of spotting a Drakloak around the 55th and 58th levels. 

how to catch a drakloak

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FAQS about Drakloak

How do you evolve Drakloak level 60

To evolve Drakloak at level 60, you first need to catch a Drippy. Once you have it, the Dreppy will evolve in a Drakloak at level 50, and at level 60, Drakloak will evolve in a dragon and ghost type Dragapult. Now you no longer need to wonder how to evolve Drakloak into Dragapult, and you can complete the evolution successfully. 

At what level does Drakloak Evolve

Drakloak evolves at level 50. 

How does Drakloak evolve into Dragapult

Drakload will evolve itself into Dragapult when it comes to level 60. The evolution does not cost anything.