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[PoGo Wizard Guide] Pokemon GO Failed to Detect Location 12 Latest Solution

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2024-07-11 / Update for  change location

Pokemon Go's recent 315.2 update has introduced a new challenge for virtual location users, causing widespread pokemon go failed to detect location 12. This update likely integrates an advanced virtual location monitoring interface, similar to what we've seen in other games like Monster Hunter Now, rendering existing virtual location tools ineffective. Now, users are encountering an 'Unable to detect current location 12' error when they attempt to alter their location.

failed to detect location 12

"iAnyGo+PoGo Wizard" guarantees you smooth Pokémon GO location spoofing.

iAnyGo has now successfully partnered "PoGo Wizard" to resolve the issue of "failed to detect location. (12)." This ensures that Pokémon GO players can enjoy seamless gameplay using iAnyGo.

Earlier versions of PoGo Wizard had instability issues, which led to some accounts being locked. However, after multiple improvements and four iterations by the team, PoGo Wizard is now much more stable. Since the latest version: PoGo Wizard Beta4, released on June 21st, there have been no reported cases of accounts being banned. We will continue to update PoGo Wizard and release even more stable versions.


It's also recommend users to test it with secondary accounts before using it. When using PoGo Wizard for Pokémon Go spoofing, please observe cooldown times to avoid the risk of soft bans.

So, how can Pokémon location be spoofed using iAnyGo without encountering error 12? First, tools you need:

  • Tenorshare iAnyGo
  • PoGo Wizard

Then, steps to successfully change Pokémon GO location using iAnyGo + PoGo Wizard:

  • Download and Install iAnyGo on Your Computer: Click the download button below to download and install iAnyGo on your computer.
  • Purchase iAnyGo.Purchase iAnyGo

    Buy iAnyGo Windows Version

    Buy iAnyGo Mac Version

  • Obtain the PoGo Wizard Package.

    For Win Users: POGO Wizard

    For Mac Users: POGO Wizard


    Pogoskill and iAnyGo, as industry partners, offer iAnyGo's paying users free access to the normally paid POGO Wizard. After purchasing iAnyGO, users can contact customer service to use POGO Wizard for free.

  • Install PoGo Wizard on your computer - Log in with your Apple ID (it doesn't have to be the one currently used on your device; you can use an alternate ID) - Click "Install PoGo," and install the Pokemon GO(beta 1) on your device - Wait for the installation to complete.

    pogo wizard fixed failed to detect location 12
  • Then log in to the cracked version of Pokémon on your device. Open iAnyGo on your computer. You will now be able to successfully change the Pokémon GO location without encountering error 12.

    pogo wizard fixed failed to detect location 12 pogo wizard fixed failed to detect location 12

Video Guide: Error 12 Fixed

FAQs about Pokemon Go Error 12

Q1 Will You Get Banned for Spoofing Pokemon Go?

Yes, players might get banned for spoofing in Pokémon Go. Since the official Pokemon ban on flying people on June 7, spoofer has been unavailable on the market for a while. Our temporary solution is to use third-party software, PoGo Wizard, or devices to change your GPS location, making the game think you are in a different place than you actually are.

Q2 How do I use it after installing it on my phone? When I open it, it still shows 12.

iOS Pokémon users install third-party Pokémon on their phones via Pogo Wizard, and then use iAnyGo to modify the location of the third-party Pokémon game. Players need to open the third-party Pokémon, not the official Pokémon. The data will be synchronized to the official Pokémon game account. It is recommended to log in to the third party with a Google account

pogo wizard fixed failed to detect location 12

Q3 If I had a link to download beta1 of pogo wizard, do I need to get a new link and license to download beta2?

If you tried beta1 before, please do following: Uninstall the old version of Pokémon Go(beta1), and reinstall the new one(beta2) on using PoGo Wizard.

Q4 How to spoof Pokemon Go by iAnyGo safely?

If you want to know how some players attempt to spoof carefully, here's how experienced players often try to minimize risks:

  • Use Secondary Accounts: Using secondary or alternate accounts to test spoofing methods can help protect the main account. Therefore, we recommend that current Pokémon Go users first use a spare Pokémon Go account for testing.

    create pokemon go Secondary Accounts
  • Simulated Walking Speed: "Joystick mode" allows for simulated walking, reducing the risk compared to teleporting. Try not moving too far, joystick mode below 2.9m/s, single spot movement below 4m/s, DO NOT fly across the cities. create pokemon go Secondary Accounts
  • Use Cooldown Timers: Features such as "cooldown timers" remind players of the time needed between actions to avoid detection. create pokemon go Secondary Accounts

Tips: Cooldown Chart Reference

  • 1 - 5 km: 2 minutes
  • 6 - 10 km: 8 minutes
  • 11 - 25 km: 12 minutes
  • 26 - 65 km: 22 minutes
  • 66 - 81 km: 25 minutes
  • 82 - 250 km: 35 minutes

If you have any questions, you can join the "PoGo_Club" community for help, where you will find answers to all your questions about Pokémon GO and Monster Hunter Now location issues.

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