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SECRET: How Long Do Pokemon Spawn for Pokemon GO

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-11-01 / Update for  change location

If you are a die heart fan of Pokemon then you must know what are spawn points in the pokemon go game. These spawn points are basically the core of this game, which spreads worldwide and produces pokemon encounters.

how long do pokemon spawn for pokemon go

It is also considered an important infrastructure responsible for pokemon breathing and evolving activities with every passing day. These areas attract trainers. Just to add more to the list, these areas are not connected with each other since you will find them far apart.

This article will explain how long do pokemon spawn for pokemon go so you have an idea about these wild pokemon encounters.

How Long Do Pokemon Spawn for Pokemon GO

Before starting the real talk on how long do pokemon spawn for in pokemon go, we assume now you know about the spawn points which are responsible for creating wild pokemon encounters.

So, if you see no spawn point in a particular area that means there exists no wild pokemon. Now let’s talk a little about pokemon go how long do pokemon spawn for. The time of pokemon spawn and how long they appear totally depends on the rarity tier of pokemon.

Common Pokemon 1 Hour
Uncommon Pokemon 45 minutes
Rare Pokemon 30 minutes
Super Rare Pokemon 10-15 minutes

How Long to Hatch A Pokemon Egg

In the pokemon go game, hatching eggs is one of the important parts of the game. Hatching eggs is different for different species and even they vary with each egg.

You can expect the longest struggle to hatch an egg requires 10,240 steps while the fastest-to-hatch egg needs about 1,280 steps.

There are other factors that also help you to lower the number of necessary steps like putting a pokemon with the Flame body first in your party.

How to Find More Spawn Points

After discussing the time of spawn points’ existence, it’s very necessary to know how you find such points. The very first thing you can try is using Pokemon Go Maps and searching for spawn points in your area.

If you see no spawn points in nearby areas then change the place and look for spawn points. Playing in different locations helps you find new pokemon and there are high chances that you will find the rare spawn you have been looking for.

How to Reach The Spawn Points Far Away from Home

You need to play in different locations to be able to encounter such spawn points. Because there are some definite spawn points in pokemon go which appear on a regular and daily basis in a particular area.

The only way to figure out when and where pokemon spawn points appear is to play at different locations and it requires physical movement.

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Wrap Up

We hope this article addressed your query about how long do pokemon spawn for pokemon go. That totally depends on the rarity level of those pokemon. You will see common pokemon for more time than the ultra-rare. All it takes from you is just to be there before they disappear. In this regard, Tenorshare iAnyGo offers the easiest way to be there in the blink of an eye.