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How to Prevent Bumble Location Stalking

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-05-07 / Update for  change location

Bumble uses your location in order to connect you with the people on this dating app. When you use this app, it updates your current location based on where you are physically located. So, it’s the key part of using this app. 

bumble location stalking

However, some people get annoyed with this location-sharing feature of bumble all the time due to privacy reasons. This leads to other issues like bumble location stalking. Read this article to find out more about this and a solution to hide your location on this dating app. 

Some Bumble Location Stalking Talks 

People have been talking about this lately. Here we have discussed some important talks going on between people on two popular Q&A websites.

1. On Quora 

bumble location stalking on quora

On quora, many people are indulged in asking about the suspicion they have about their match. For example, someone asked “the guy I have been dating still uses Bumble as his location keeps changing. But he says he doesn’t know about it. Is he lying?” 

Similarly, other users have also asked similar questions that they suspect that their match is still using this dating app actively while dating them. These questions clearly show the location stalking behavior which may cost you a lot especially when you want to be private about what’s going on in your personal life. 

2. On Reddit 

bumble location stalking on reddit

On Reddit, the talk about location stalking is not different at all. Bumble users on Reddit are asking whether everyone stalks their match’s location or not. The answers to this question state so many people like to stalk their match’s location, especially after a meeting. 

Most have admitted that they secretly look for a location just to check where someone is and also to confirm whether they are still using the app. This bumble location stalking Reddit talks show that you are being stalked especially when you have matched yourself with someone. 

How to Prevent Bumble Location Stalking 

As you clearly know that Bumble uses your location to match you with others not far from you. So, this means you can’t expect to use this app by hiding your location. The only option you have is to allow location while using this app or always. 

Video Guide: How to Prevent Bumble Location Stalking on Bumble

You can put your account in snooze mode if you want to take a break. But how do you prevent this bumble location from being stalked when you still want to use this app? We have got you covered. Tenorshare iAnyGo is a professional location spoofer that helps you to fake your location on all location-based apps including Bumble.

Here are the steps to use iAnyGo’s Change location mode.

  • Download and Launch iAnyGo on your computer. Proceed with the “Change location” mode.

    change location mode
  • Now connect your device using a USB cable or you can connect via Wi-Fi.

    connect device to pc
  • Lastly, select a location from the world map or you can enter a particular location in the search bar. Press “Start to modify” to get started with it. You are done here.

    change location successfully

How to Keep Bumble Location Not Changing

If you want to keep the bumble location not changing then you have two options. One is as we have discussed you can fake your location to have only one location. 

While the other solution can be you can turn off location permission on Bumble. In bumble when you want to take a break, then turn on snooze mode, it also turns off your current location. 

Can I Use Bumble without Granting Location Permissions 

No, you can’t. To be active on Bumble and find a match you need to have your location turned on. Bumble uses your active location to show you your potential match and then your dating gets a start. 

This shows an approximate geographic distance between you and your match. That being said, there isn’t a way to hide your location especially when you are using the app. 

Be Cautious of Your Location Info 

Before we end this article, it’s important to give you a reminder to be cautious with your location info. 

Sharing your personal information, phone number, home address, location details, and other private details may cost you. It is very important that you give prime importance to your location to keep yourself safe from scammers and other similar parties.

Wrap Up 

Bumble location stalking is really a headache when you are a very private person and don’t like to let people know about your location all the time. However, there is a way to fake your bumble location using a third party to spoof your GPS location using Tenorshare iAnyGo. This tool gives you relief from stalking and nobody will guess about your actual location.