Why Does It Say Location Not Available on Find My Friends

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Find my Friends' location can be conducive to a particular situation. On your iOS devices, you can enable the service with your friends and family. Thanks to the location-based service from Apple, allowing us to discover friends' locations and ensuring our safety. It could get troublesome if the function doesn't work; however, there is nothing to panic. You are in the exact place where you get the "Location not available" issue solved. Read till the end of the article for all-inclusive tried and tested methods.  

Part 1. Why Does It Say Location Not Available on iPhone

Several users have reported that the "Find my Friend" service is not working on their iPhone. Here is a list of potential reasons for the issue to occur.

  • The date and time on your friends or family connected to your device might be incorrect.
  • The iPhone you are trying to connect might have been switched OFF.
  • The cellular or Wi-Fi connection on an iPhone might be OFF.
  • The location service on either of the devices is not activated.
  • Your friend or family may not have signed in to the "Find My Friend" service
  • Find My Friends works in selective locations; there can be a case where your friend is out of reach from the service.

Part 2. How to Fix Find My Friends Location Not Available Error

Like any other application on the iPhone, Find My Friends can go through several bugs and issues. The issues can relate to the dis-functioning of the service. We have researched and run down the potential fixes on the "Location Not Available" error; follow along with the solutions below.

Solution 1. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting an iPhone refreshes the whole system and solves software related issues. There can be a time where Find My Friend service stops working due to excessive caches or the battle between background processes. Restart the iPhone, and you are good to go.

restart iphone

How to restart iPhone X and 11:

  • Press and hold still the power and volume down button of your iPhone for a while until you see the power off slider on the screen.
  • Now, draw the "Power Off" slider to the right side. Wait until the screen goes completely blank.
  • Power ON your iPhone X or 11 with the power key at the right hand side.

How to restart iPhone 8, SE Series, 7 and below:

  • Press and hold still the power button available at the right or top of the iPhone.
  • Patience until you see the slider screen and draw the power off slider to the right.
  • Similarly, press the same button to power it back on.

Solution 2. Close Find My App And Launch It Again

Re-launch an app and solve an issue – is the traditional approach of solving any software issues on smartphones. And that's what we are recommending you to practice. Here are comprehensive steps on how to re-launch Find My Friends service.

close apps on iphone
  • Unlock your iPhone and swipe your finger from the mid-button and hold your fingers when you see application cards.
  • Now, swipe right and left between the background applications to find "Find My Friends."

  • Swipe the application card upwards to close the application.

  • Re-launch the application by merely tapping on the desired application.

Solution 3. Correct The Date on Your Friend's iPhone

As we are aware from the above section, incorrectly setting Data and Time on your friend's iPhone doesn't allow location sharing. Check if the date is correct; if not, follow the steps to manage the settings.

correct the date on iphone
  • Unlock your friend's iPhone and go to "Settings."
  • Now, on the settings, scroll down and tap on "General" settings.
  • Search for "Date & Time" and tap on it.
  • After that, toggle the "Set Automatically" to the right so that the iPhone sets the correct date and time. 

Solution 4. Quickly Fix Find My Friends Location Not Available with Tool

There can be several cases where you have to face multiple issues on your iOS device; the collective solution comes from a robust solution tool—we advise you to use Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix the iOS system. Here are detailed steps to use the ReiBoot application to fix the "Location not available" error on iPhone.

  • Download ReiBoot and launch it, also connect your iPhone to the computer.

  • On the application interface, tap on the "Repair Operating System."

    repair operating on reiboot
  • Proceed and click on the "Fix Now" tab.

    click fix now on reiboot
  • Now, ReiBoot tries to detect your device to download the firmware package. If it fails to do so, it asks you to enter your iPhone into "Recovery Mode" or the "DFU Mode." Follow the pictorial guide to being.

    download firmware on reiboot
  • Once all set, click on "Repair Now" and start downloading the firmware package for your device.

    start to repair on reiboot
  • ReiBoot then starts repairing the iPhone for persisting issues. After repair finishes, click on "Done," then reboot your iPhone.

    successfully repair system using reiboot

Location Tip: One-Click to Change Current Location on iPhone  

The location-related issues are not new to encounter on the iPhone. If you wish to spoof location on the iPhone with a single click, then you are looking for an absolute tool called Tenorshare iAnyGo. The tool helps you march between multiple locations virtually. As you fake location, there are numerous services you can access like Location-based games, blocked applications and have private communication and data sharing.

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  Updated on 2020-09-23 / Update for  iPhone Tips

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