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Full Guide: Best 4 Pokémon GO Maps Pro Still Work 2024

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-12-29 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Although many players have forgotten their involvement in Pokémon GO, some seem to be doing well even in these crazy days. Now you can play your favourite game from home by changing few settings and some guide tools to help you through it. One of these useful tools are Pokémon GO Maps Pro.

pokemon go maps pro

Part 1: The Advantage of Using Pokémon GO Maps Pro

Pokémon GO is one of the most successful games of all time that retains the highest download record. Now you can avoid unnecessary interactions because Pokémon GO Maps Pro allows you to create social interaction through technology while being comfortable in your space.

Part 2: 4 Pokémon GO Maps Pro Still Work Collected for You

To make sure you make the beat of your Pokémon GO journey we have brought you some tools that are still in-game and can help you achieve higher levels of Machamps and some rare Pokémon Spawns.

1. Go Map for Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO maps pro allows you to get a list of spawns, Gyms, and even Pokestops in quick time by accumulating the Pokémon GO locations reported by the reality players which makes it more reliable than others. Go Map also offers you to choose your city or country for traditional maps along with suggestions for Pokémon in PVP battles.

pokemon go maps

2. PokeHunter for Pokémon GO

If you live in California, Minnesota, or Oregon, this map is for you to get your hands on all details regarding the controlling party at Gyms at any time, remaining spaces, and Live Raids. Download the PokeHunter Map on your gadget and take advantage of it to its fullest.

pokehunter map

3. PoGoMap for Pokémon GO

In addition to providing improved Gym maps, PoGoMap for Pokémon GO offers precise information about the Pokestops and the Nests. It can be a very handy tool in areas with active players as it hints to Gyms with potential Raid Passes. Alongside this, you can also know the Spawning happening in nearby nests.

4. The Silph Road

The Silph Road allows players to collaborate in games and real life. The map provides the details of live and potential spawns with multiple guides on Pokémon GO and Pokedex. The best feature of it is that it offers a League Map for players to meet up in the real world.

the silph road

Good News: How to Play Pokémon GO By Importing GPX File

The current pandemic has reduced the number of players at Pokémon GO and has halted the EX Raids altogether. But don't lose hope, Tenorshare iAnyGo is able to importing GPX file now.

  • Download and launch iAnyGo and connect your iPhone to your PC via a USB cable. Select the 'Single-Spot Movement' mode from the main screen. Click on the GPX buttom on the lower right corner.

    where to find gpx
  • Import the GPX files. The route of GPX file will show up automatically in the map.

    import gpx file
  • Start the movement. You can start the movement after set up the speed, and you can also pause during the movement.

    start the movement


The pandemic has changed the parameters of outdoor activities and the players of outdoorsy games, like Pokémon GO have gone into the dark with only a few remaining. Now you can resume the Pokémon GO spawn map craze with the Tenorshare iAnyGo by faking your location and that too, without moving. Launch it today on your computer and level up your game!

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