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VPNa Fake GPS Location Review [Guide/Download]

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-01-04 / Update for  change location

VPNa fake GPS location is a tool loved by many to fake location online. Easy to use, this app lets you teleport to any place on earth with a single click so that you can prank your friends or level up in location-based games! Let us look at everything in and around the VPNa fake GPS. 

vpna fake gps location

Part 1: Introduction of VPNa  

VPNa is a great tool to fake location in minutes for Android users. Be it Rome or Tokyo, Delhi or London, you can now teleport within seconds using this wonderful tool. Tech savvies all over the internet believe that this is like using a VPN but for the GPS, hence the name. by a single click and entering the right coordinates, you can go anywhere on the earth. 

The main features of VPNa fake GPS are summarized here:

  • Search any place on the earth.
  • Add avatars to make the experience more fun.
  • Share location with friends.
  • Change map styles to your favourite layout.
  • No rooting required.
  • Save locations for future reference.

Let us now have a look at how you can download this tool for spoofing location free. 

Part 2: Where to Download VPNa [OFFICIAL]  

The best part about VPNa is that you can easily download it on the google play store –no hassle. This saves you from the risk and stress of choosing a third-party downloader for the app. Simply go to google play store, search VPNa fake GPS location and hit download. 

For iOS Users: Unfortunately, VPNa has discontinued its services and compatibility with iOS. However, that doesn’t mean the end for iOS users! Read till the end to see what you can use to spoof location safely for free using a better tool. 

For Android Users: If you’re an android user, VPNa will work on your device and will be easily downloadable. Follow these steps to download the tool on your device. 

That’s it! Three easy steps to easy installation and use. 

Part 3: How to Use VPNa  

After downloading VPNa, you must be wondering how to use it to suit your purpose. Let us take you through a guide on how to use VPNa to spoof your location online. 

  • Download and launch the app.
  • Choose to enable mock locations on the popup when comes to the main screen of the app.
  • You’ll be taken to developer options.
  • Go to settings> about phone.
  • Now click on build number seven times quickly.
  • Go to developer settings and opt-in for a select mock location app.
  • Choose VPNa from the popup.
  • Back to the app, select the location you wish to teleport to.

    how to use vpna

Part 4: Does VPNa Still Work In 2023 

In 2023, VPNa doesn’t work on iOS devices. However, it works on android but the catch is that the version should be either 4.4 version or above that. So, it might be tricky for you to use it if your device is not either of these. 

Part 5: Never mind! Best VPNa iOS Alternative Is Here [SAFE And FREE]  

What if we told you that there is an alternative to VPNa that flawlessly runs on iOS for free, without disrupting your safety at any cost. Yes! Tenorshare iAnyGo is an angel that lets people spoof locations online without disrupting their device’s performance or safety. It also protects privacy and doesn’t let apps catch if you’re spoofing your location. Let us see how you can use Tenorshare iAnyGo to spoof location:

  • Download and launch the app on your pc. Select single spot movement from the main interface and choose enter.

    download and install ianygo
  • Connect the device (iPhone or iPad) using a USB cable.

    connect device to ianygo
  • Now, enter the address of the place you want to go to on the search bar. Tap a location on the map and click start to move. You will be teleported and your location will be faked. Using iAnyGo to fake your location won’t be detected by any apps daily used.

    change location successfully


VPNa fake location is an insightful tool user can use to fake their location online with ease. However, we have an excellent alternative to the VPNa iOS that works with everything! Tenorshare iAnyGo is a brilliant tool you can use to spoof location safely and easily in seconds. Try it out today!