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How To Go to The Best 10 Pokemon Go Hotspots Without Moving

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2021-11-24 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Want to visit the best pokemon go hotspots but don’t have the time or resources to do that? Don’t worry! We bring you an easy method for pokemon go spoofing hotspots just by doing one click.

pokemon go hotspots

Part 1: Steps to Go to Pokemon Go Hotspots Without Moving in One-Click(No Jailbreak) 

Get ahead of everyone else and visit the best pokemon hotspots by following the below steps. It’s simple and only takes a few minutes. After that, you’ll be catching rare Pokemon in no time! 

  • Search and Download The GPX Files from Any Website.

    GPX file is simply a text file that contains all the geographic information, such as; waypoints, tracks, and routes. Depending on which pokemon go hotspots you want to visit, just download the GPX file for those pokemon hotspots and move on to the next points.

    gpx routes
  • Download and Launch iAnyGo.

    Now, you have to download the Launch iAnyGo, this is where the real magic happens! Launch iAnyGo, unlock your iPhone and tap on the “Trust this Computer” option on your smartphone.

    download and launch ianygo
  • Go to “Single-Spot Movement” Mode.

    You will find a GPX button in the bottom right corner. Cilck it to import GPX files.

    where to import gpx files
  • Import GPX file to iAnyGo.

    Here comes the final step! Import the GPX file that you downloaded in the first step and import it to iAnyGo. Now, you’ll be able to visit the best pokemon go hotspots without going out of your home.

    import gpx files successfully

Part 2: The 10 Best Cities For Pokémon Go Players

Unlike rural areas, you’ll be able to find many rare pokemon and level up quickly in big cities. For Pokemon players who want to catch ‘em all, below are the top 10 best cities that will help you succeed. And if you don’t know how to use GPX files, click the link to learn more about it. 


Out of all the top 10 cities, New York City leads the list because of a few reasons. Whether you’re looking for rare Pokemon or iconic gyms, this city has it all! As compared to rural areas, there are hundreds of Pokestops in this city so you can gather your supplies on the go. 

new york


Los Angeles, especially the Santa Monica Pier, it’s a great place for Pokemon lovers who want to catch rare pokemon. You’ll also be able to find many water types over there, it’s a place that you definitely want to add to your go-to list.

los angeles


If you prefer regional pokemon over the rare ones, Al Sila is the place to be! It’s not as filled with Pokestops and lures as the other cities present on this list, but you can find both east and west regional Pokemon over there, which is awesome. 

al sila


If you’re from Orlando, charge your phone and go to Disney Land if you’re in the mood for Poke hunting. As this area is filled with theme parks, you’ll easily spot hundreds of Pokemon, especially in Downtown Disney. It’s a fun place to be, catch some of the best Pokemon while enjoying your ride.



Have you ever visited Chicago? It’s not only one of the best pokemon go hotspots but is also filled with many spectacular tourist places. This city is well-known in the Pokemon community because of all the rare Pokemon, Pokestops, gyms, and lures you can find in this city. 



In London, you’ll find several stunning tourist points that are more popular as gyms and stops for the players. As it’s one of the best pokemon hotspots, you’ll definitely be able to get your hands on some of the most unique Pokemon in this city and fill up your supplies at various points.



Explore Sydney and catch Pokemon of the same type, sounds amazing, right? In Circular Quay, you’ll be able to catch many different kinds of water types and see the amazing sunset at the same time. Don’t forget to visit the famous Opera house (also a gym) and fill in your supplies. 



We’ve only included Anaheim for one reason, and that is Disneyland! Equipped with several Pokestops, gyms, and lures, you’ll find many players in this area having the time of their life. Explore Sleeping Beauty Castle (also a gym) and battle with strong pokemon.



Despite being the last on our list, San Francisco is overall a fantastic city for Poke hunting. Whether you want to fill your supplies or catch some rare water types, this city will give you many opportunities to level up your ranking. Explore the beautiful water and enjoy catching Pokemon. 

san francisco


In this article, 10 pokemon go hotspots were introduced. All you need to do is download relevant GPX files about these cities, and import them to iAnyGo. In this way, you will be able to play Pokemon Go in these cities without the limitation of reality.