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[Full Guide] How to Get Marshadow in Pokemon Go Fest 2024

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2024-05-13 / Update for  change location

Pokemon Go trainers will have the opportunity to add the elusive Mythical Pokemon Marshadow to their collections in 2024. Marshadow, a dual Fighting and Ghost-type, boasts an impressive maximum Combat Power of 4217 CP, making it a formidable addition to any team. However, obtaining this rare Pokemon will not be a simple task.

Niantic has planned various special events and challenges that trainers must complete to encounter and catch Marshadow weakness. Details surrounding these activities have not been fully revealed, but dedicated players can expect a test of their skills and perseverance in their quest to acquire this powerful Mythical Pokemon. Let’s take a complete look at how to get Pokemon Go Shadow Pokemon.

Part 1. Full Introduction about Pokemon Go Marshadow

how to get marshadow in pokemon go 2024

Marshadow Pokemon Go is a very special and mysterious Pokemon. It looks like it's made of smoky gray shadows and has a helmet-like head with curly horns. Its eyes are orange-red with yellow in the middle.

When Marshadow gets angry or attacks, it can change into a powerful form called Zenith Marshadow. In this form, parts of its body look like they're on fire with green and yellow flames, and its eyes glow brighter.

Not many people have seen Marshadow evolution, so for a long time, it was just a legend that people told stories about. Marshadow likes to hide in shadows and watch others without being seen. It can even copy the abilities of the people and Pokemon it watches, making it stronger than them.

Marshadow is the only Pokemon that can use two special moves called Spectral Thief and Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike. These unique moves, along with its mysterious powers and ability to transform, make Marshadow a truly amazing and rare Pokemon.

Part 2. Is Marshadow a Legendary?

Yes, but Marshadow is not a Legendary Pokemon. It is classified as a Mythical Pokemon. Mythical Pokemon are a subset of Legendary Pokemon.

The key difference is that Legendary Pokemon, like the Legendary birds or Legendary beasts, can be encountered and caught multiple times in the games they appear in. Mythical Pokemon, on the other hand, are extremely rare and typically only available for a limited time through special pokemon go Marshadow event or distributions.

Part 3. How to Get Marshadow in Pokemon Go 2024?

marshadow event

Pokemon Go Fest 2024 is an exciting annual event organized by Niantic, the developers of Pokemon Go. This year, it will take place across multiple locations around the world, including Sendai, Japan (May 30 - June 2), Madrid, Spain (June 14-16), New York City (July 5-7), and a global event (July 13-14).

Trainers will have their first opportunity to encounter the elusive Mythical Pokemon Marshadow smogon during these Pokemon Go Fest 2024 events. However, there will only be two ways to obtain Marshadow upon its initial release. Here is how to get Marshadow in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu:

  • Attend one of the real-world GO Fest events in Sendai, Madrid, or New York City by purchasing a ticket.
  • Purchase a ticket for the GO Fest Global event, which costs $14.99 (or equivalent in other currencies).

Both options will grant ticket-holders access to a Special Research questline, and completing this questline will reward them with a single encounter with Marshadow, allowing them to catch this rare Pokemon.

As of now, these GO Fest 2024 events are the only confirmed way to obtain Marshadow when it makes its debut in Pokemon Go. Niantic has not announced any other methods for acquiring Marshadow at this time.

Part 4. How to Get Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Ticket?

Getting tickets for Pokemon Go Fest 2024 is crucial if you want to encounter the rare Mythical Pokemon shiny Marshadow. Here are the steps to purchase your ticket:

  • Open the Pokemon Go app on your mobile device and navigate to the Map View.
  • marshadow nature
  • Tap the Main Menu button and select "Events" from the list.
  • Browse the list of upcoming live events, which will be sorted chronologically with the nearest event at the top.
  • Follow the prompts to log in to your Pokemon Go account and complete the purchase for the selected event.
  • marshadow pokemon go

Part 5. Best Pokemon Go Spoofer: Catch Marshadow without Moving

While attending the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 events is the officially sanctioned way to encounter Marshadow nature, some trainers may be considering alternative methods to catch this elusive Pokemon without physically traveling. In such cases, a tool like Tenorshare iAnyGo could be tempting to explore.

Tenorshare iAnyGo is a virtual location changer for iOS and Android devices that allows users to change their GPS location without jailbreaking or rooting their devices. Designed specifically for location-based apps like Pokemon Go, iAnyGo offers various features that could potentially aid trainers in their quest to catch Marshadow.

Some of the key features of Tenorshare iAnyGo include:

  • The ability to freely change your GPS location to anywhere in the world, enabling you to virtually "teleport" to Pokemon Go Fest 2024 event locations.
  • A GPS joystick that allows you to control your movement direction within games like Pokemon Go.
  • A feature that scans for nearby Gyms and PokeStops, allowing you to teleport directly to any PokeStop within seconds.

Steps on how to use Tenorshare iAnygo:

  • Download and install iAnyGo on your computer, then launch the app. Now click “Enter” to begin.

    marshadow smogon
  • Connect your iPhone or Android phone to the computer using a USB cable. iAnyGo will detect your device.

    marshadow event
  • On the iAnyGo world map, search for the location of the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 event you want to attend virtually. Select the event location and click "Start to Modify" to change your phone's GPS coordinates to that spot.

    how to get marshadow in pokemon let's go pikachu
  • You can also use the joystick feature to manually move around the map and explore different areas of the event location while playing Pokemon Go.

Part 6. People Also Ask about How to Get Marshadow in Pokemon Go 2024

Q1. What number is Marshadow in Pokemon Go?

Marshadow, the Gloomdweller Pokemon, holds the #802 spot in the Pokemon Go Pokedex. This humanoid specter, shrouded in smoky shadows, is a cautious and elusive being that observes from the shadows, mimicking others to grow stronger.

Q2. Is Marshadow better than gengar?

While both are formidable Ghost-types, Marshadow generally outperforms the regular form of Gengar in Pokemon Go. With higher Attack, Stamina, and valuable resistances, along with the powerful Spectral Thief move, Marshadow holds an edge over non-Mega Gengar. However, Mega Gengar's boosted stats make it superior to Marshadow when Mega Evolution is accounted for.

Final Word

Getting Marshadow in Pokemon Go in 2024 is bound to be an exciting challenge for trainers worldwide. As a legendary and elusive Pokemon, Marshadow's appearance is expected to be a highly anticipated event, perhaps tied to a special research task or exclusive raid battles.

For those trainers looking to gain an edge, consider using a virtual location changer like Tenorshare iAnyGo, which allows you to spoof your GPS location on iOS and Android devices, potentially giving you access to exclusive events or spawns related to Marshadow's release.