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Pokemon GO Spoofer Reviews from Reddit/Quora to Find Out The Best in 2024

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-07-18 / Update for  change location

In 2024, the Pokemon GO community continues to thrive, with players seeking ways to enhance their gaming experience. Spoofing, or faking GPS locations, has become popular for players to access different areas and catch rare Pokemon without physically travelling.

Pokemon GO Spoofer reviews

This article delves into Pokemon GO Spoofer reviews from Reddit and Quora, highlighting the best spoofing apps like iAnyGo, PGSharp, and iPoGo. Whether you're an iOS or Android user, understanding the safety, effectiveness, and user feedback on these spoofers is crucial. Let's explore the top recommendations for Pokemon GO spoofers in 2024.

Part1: What Is The Safest iOS Spoofer?

Spoofing your location in Pokemon GO can be tricky, especially on iOS devices. Ensuring safety and reliability is crucial, as Niantic's anti-cheating measures are stringent. According to various sources, Tenorshare iAnyGo stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust safety features.

1. Free Pokemon Go Spoofer iOS Reviews from Quora and Reddit

When it comes to iOS spoofing, safety and reliability are paramount. iAnyGo by Tenorshare is a widely recommended option that allows users to spoof their location without jailbreaking their iPhones. This section analyses pokemon go reviews from Quora and Reddit to provide an authentic view of iAnyGo's performance.

1.1. iAnyGo iOS Pokemon GO Spoofing Reviews from Quora

The reviews on Quora for iAnyGo highlight its impressive features and ease of use. Users appreciate the software's ability to teleport, use a joystick for navigation, and adjust the speed to mimic real-life movements.

The software is highly recommended for those looking to spoof their location on an iPhone without jailbreaking.

change location on ianygo

Users find iAnyGo particularly user-friendly and effective in providing a seamless spoofing experience, making it a top choice for iOS spoofing.

change location on ianygo

1.2. iAnyGo iOS Pokemon GO Spoofing from Reddit

Users have shared positive experiences with iAnyGo on Reddit, often noting its reliability and safety.

change location on ianygo

Many users report successful spoofing sessions with no issues, emphasising the app's effectiveness. The general sentiment is that iAnyGo is a dependable tool for iOS spoofing, with users highlighting the importance of managing the subscription to avoid unexpected charges.

change location on ianygo

Reddit reviews confirm that iAnyGo is a trusted and efficient option for those looking to Pokemon GO spoofer IOS free devices.

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1.3. How to Use iAnyGo?

Using iAnyGo is straightforward. Here are the three steps to get started:

  • Select a Location on Maps: Open iAnyGo on your iPhone or computer and select the “Change Location” mode. Then enter your desired address or GPS coordinates in the search box. change location on ianygo
  • Cooldown Time: Use the cooldown timer to ensure that your actions mimic real-life movements, reducing the risk of getting banned. Modify Speed:
  • Scanning Pokestop & Gym: Navigate to different Pokestops and Gyms using the joystick feature for precise movements. click enter on ianygo

Video Guide: Pokémon GO Auto Scan PokéStop & Gym Guide

Part 2: Joystick Spoof Pokemon Go Android Reviews

Finding a reliable spoofer is just as important for Android users. PGSharp and iPoGo are popular choices offering various features to enhance the Pokemon GO experience.

1. PGSharp - Pokemon GO Spoofer Android Reviews from Reddit and Quora

PGSharp is a well-known spoofer for Android, praised for its functionality and ease of use. This section pgsharp review feedback from Quora and Reddit.

1.1 How Safe is PGSharp? Quora Pokemon GO Spoofer Android Reviews

Quora users have shared mixed but generally positive reviews about PGSharp. The consensus is that PGSharp is an effective Pokemon GO spoofer Android, offering features similar to those found in iPogo for iOS users.

 PGSharp Pokemon GO Reviews

While many users find PGSharp easy to install and use, they also stress the importance of adhering to community guidelines to minimise the risk of bans.

 PGSharp Pokemon GO Reviews

These reviews indicate that while PGSharp is a powerful tool, caution is advised to ensure safe and continued use.

 PGSharp Pokemon GO Reviews

1.2 Is PGSharp Legal? Reddit Pokemon GO Spoofing Android Reviews

On Reddit, discussions about PGSharp's safety and legality are common. Users often share their success stories, highlighting the app's ability to help them achieve significant milestones in the game without resorting to cheating. For example, some users have collected numerous rare and regional Pokemon, completed their Pokedex, and levelled up their strongest Pokemon thanks to PGSharp. However, these detailed reviews also emphasise the risk of potential bans, indicating that while PGSharp is effective, users must remain vigilant and aware of the consequences of spoofing.

 PGSharp Pokemon GO Reviews

1.3 How to Spoof Pokemon GO Android by PGSharp?

Here are the steps to spoof Pokemon GO on Android using PGSharp:

  • Install PGSharp: Download and install the PGSharp app from the official website.
  • Set Up Joystick: Enable the joystick feature for easy navigation.
  • Teleport and Play: Use the teleport function to change locations and the joystick to move around seamlessly.

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2. iPoGo - Best Pokemon GO Spoofer Android Reviews from Reddit and Quora

change location on ianygo

iPoGo is another popular choice for Android users, known for its comprehensive features and reliability.

2.1 How Safe is iPoGo? Pokemon GO Spoofing Android Reviews from Quora

Quora users have shared their experiences with iPoGo, focusing on its features and the importance of safe usage. The general sentiment is that iPoGo significantly enhances the Pokemon experience by offering additional features not provided by the game's developer, Niantic.

 iPoGo Spoofing Reviews

Users appreciate the ability to catch, battle, and train virtual Pokemon more effectively. However, these Pokemon Go game review also stress following safety guidelines to avoid detection and potential bans. While iPoGo is seen as a beneficial tool, caution is advised to ensure continued safe use.

2.2 Will You Get Banned from Using iPoGo? Reviews from Reddit

On Reddit, users provide a balanced perspective on the risks associated with using iPoGo. While some users report that using stock apps with spoofing methods tends to be safe, many caution against using modified client apps like iPoGo.

 iPoGo Spoofing Reviews

The community highlights numerous users losing their accounts due to spoofing with iPoGo. This feedback underscores the importance of being careful and aware of the risks of using iPoGo to prevent account bans. Users are advised to consider these risks before using the app for spoofing.

2.3 How to Use iPoGo?

Using iPoGo involves a few simple steps:

  • Download iPoGo: Get the app from the official iPoGo website.
  • Set Up: Configure the settings for your preferred spoofing method.
  • Navigate and Play: Use the app to teleport and navigate different locations.

These steps provide a clear guide on using iPoGo for an enhanced Pokemon GO Android Spoof.

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Final Words

Finding the best Pokemon GO spoofer requires understanding the options available and the feedback from the community. iAnyGo stands out as a reliable choice for iOS users, while PGSharp and iPoGo are excellent options for Android users. By considering Pokemon GO Spoofer reviews from Reddit and Quora, players can make informed decisions and enhance their gaming experience safely.

Explore the safest and most effective spoofing apps today and take your Pokemon GO adventure to the next level. Download and try iAnyGo for a seamless and enjoyable spoofing experience.

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