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[Tutorial] 3 Tips For How To Create A Route On Google Maps

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-02-28 / Update for  change location

How to create a route on google maps? Lucky you, this blog is specifically designed to guide you on creating a route on google maps. If you are looking to pre-plan a tour, then making a route on google maps will be inevitable. Scroll down and take a look at the content that benefits you definitely.

Tip 1: How to Create a Route on Google Maps on Desktop (Windows or macOS)

Creating a customized route is not a difficult process in Google maps as it already has all the necessary tools which you need to draw a route on a map. It consists of two steps, firstly you need to create a new map in My Maps followed by adding a custom route. Here is how to make a route on google maps on the desktop.

  • Sign into Google Map>Menu>Your Places.

    google map setting go to your places
  • Go to Maps>CREATE MAP.

    google maps create map google map create map
  • Click the No.6 button(Add directions) below the searching bar.

    add directions
  • Enter your start and the end of the route.

    enter information
  • Click the Setting button and choose “Export to KML/KMZ.”

    export to kml

Tip 2: How to Create a Route on Google Maps on Mobile Device

Creating routes on Google maps is not currently available for Android and iOS devices. Fortunately, you can use the Google My Maps web app and use its number of features for customization available on mobile devices. You can access this web on both Android and iOS devices. Here is how to make your route on the google maps app.

  • Navigate to Google My Maps App on your mobile device.
  • Click on Get Started (If necessary).
  • Click “Add a new line” or edit on the existing map to edit.
  • Tap a place on the map and click on the plus sign.

    how to create a route on google maps 3
  • Tap a location on the map again and hit the done button on the right top corner.
  • Name the route and save it.

    how to create a route on google maps 4

Tip 3: How to Save a Route You Created to Reuse [iOS]

Undoubtedly Google maps are the most famous navigation app which provides its user with a fast way to get to their destinations. But what if I want to reuse the route made by ourselves? Is there any way to reuse the route without importing another file? Tenorshare iAnyGo now becomes your best friend to do so.

  • You can start a multi-spot movement on iAnyGo.

    customize your route
  • In your historic records, your route will be saved automatically. And if you want to save it permanently, you can bookmark the route.

    expand the route option


With Google maps customization features, it’s now easy “how to create a route on google maps” So, pre-planning your routes before the start of the actual journey is convenient, and stress-free with google maps and you can even share these routes with your friends and family. Don’t forget to save your favourite routes using Tenorshare iAnyGo as it helps you to re-use your preferred routes.