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Pokémon GO 100 IV Finder Guide 2024: Catch the Best!

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-01 / Update for  change location

Finding a Pokemon with 100IV is troublesome for most Pokemon Go players. They usually don't know how to get this super Pokemon to increase their Pokedex or win a battle.

Are you one of those who are eager to find 100IV Pokemon? This guide will teach you about the best Pokemon Go 100IV finder apps with some tips and tricks. So, let's begin!

Part 1: What is 100IV Pokemon?

In Pokemon Go, IV stands for the individual value of a Pokemon. 100IV Pokemon Go means a Pokemon of a particular species with the best CP, HP, and base stats. It can perform better than the other Pokemon with a lower IV of its species.

For instance, a Pokemon with 15/15/15 stats is considered 100IV, which means that the attack, stamina, and defense all have the best value of 15. A Pokemon with 45/45 stats also has 100IV, as it has its species' maximum CP(combat power) and can perform better than others.

Part 2: How to Identify the 100IV Pokemon?

Identifying the 100IV Pokemon Go is not a big deal. You can see the value and check it by yourself. For instance, if your Pokemon has three stars and a red stamp, it has 100IV. Similarly, if a Pokemon has three stars but an orange stamp, it means it has 80-90%IV. Further, a Pokemon with two stars shows 66-80% IV, and one star indicates an IV value of 50-65%.

Part 3: 6 Popular Pokemon Go 100IV Finders in 2024

The in-game checking IV gives a rough idea of your Pokemon stats. So, if you want to know the exact IV value of your Pokemon, you can use apps specially created to check the individual value of a Pokemon.

1.The Silph Road

The Silph Road is an app built by Pokemon enthusiasts where you can trade and look for Pokemon, raids, gyms, and battles. Just go to its website and use any of its features. It has a feature of the Pokemon Go 100IV map. In the Pokemon Go 100IV map, you have to make Pokemon stats visible on your Pokemon ID and your trainer level. The Silph Road IV calculator will give you the IV rate of your Pokemon, and you can easily decide how strong your Pokemon is.

pokemon go 100 iv

2. The IV100 App

IV100 is an Android app on Google PlayStore that works as a Pokemon Go IV finder. Just download the app and set filter preferences to view specific Pokemon. The Pokemon Go 100IV map will show the Pokemon with 100IV. Moreover, you can add 100IV Pokemon to your favorites, and the app will notify you if it finds this type of Pokemon of any species.

pokemon go 100 iv  app

3. Pokedex 100

The Pokedex100 is a Pokemon Go 100IV finder that serves players through a website and a Discord server. It is specially built to encounter Pokemon with higher IV and CP. It shows the coordinates of Pokemon with higher CP and IV in more than 30 countries. With this website, you can easily find a coordinate where you can find a Pokemon with 100IV. It updates and adds new coordinates regularly.

4. Poke Genie

Poke Genie is the safest and most secure Pokemon Go companion app available for Android and iOS. It has an IV calculator to read screen recordings and screenshots. It gives instant results of Pokemon Go, 100IV Pokemon and you can check the specific IV of any Pokemon.

5. Calcy IV

Calcy IV is a Pokemon Go 100IV finder app for Android and iOS devices. It calculates the IV, PvP, and DPS rank of your Pokemon and displays them in the game. You can even see a Pokemon's IV before catching it. It reads screenshots, so there is no need to log in to the game. When encountering a Pokemon, you can tap the overlay to view its stats IV, DPS, and PvP.


PokeRater is a Pokemon Go 100IV finder app for iOS and Android. PokeRater complies with the terms of service for Pokemon Go. You don't need to log into the game. Just take a screenshot of your Pokemon in-game, go to PokeRater, select the screenshot from the app, and see the IV rate of the specific Pokemon. It rates your Pokemon, and you can easily decide which one is best to keep.

Part 4: Tips to Catch 100IV Pokemon in the game

It's harder to catch a Pokemon with the 100IV; however, you can use some tips to catch a Pokemon with 100 individual values.

  • With trading: The chances of getting a Pokemon with 100IV are higher with trade. When you trade with a friend, the IV level of a Pokemon increases, and it increases if you trade with a high-level friend. For instance, if you trade with an ultra friend and your friend's Pokemon IV rate is 79, after the trade with an ultra friend, the IV rate increases to 2100, so you will get a Pokemon with 100IV after the trade.
  • Tera raid battles: Another best chance to get a higher level 100IV Pokemon is participating in Tera raid battles. Tera raid battles are mostly five-star, and the chances of getting 100IV Pokemons are higher.
  • Pokemon Go 100IV coordinates: With a Pokemon 100IV finder app, you can find the 100IV coordinates where you can easily locate a Pokemon with 100IV.

Bonus: Catch 100IV Pokemon From the Comfort of Your Home-iAnyGo

If you want to catch 100IV Pokemons from the comfort of your home, you can use a GPS spoofer. It will give you a map view of 100IV Pokemon coordinates, and you can be there by spoofing locations and catching your favorite Pokemon.

So, if you want to try a GPS spoofer, we recommendTenorshare iAnyGo. It’s one of the best Pokemon Go spoofers. It has various features specifically created for Pokemon Go players to enhance gameplay. Some of its attractive features are the following:

  • It can spoof location anywhere in the world with a click.
  • Compatible with Android and the best iPhone location changer.
  • No need to jailbreak or root the device.
  • Cooldown timer to prevent account bans.
  • A virtual GPS joystick to move freely in-game.
  • Simulate movements with a customized speed of walking, cycling, and driving.

Follow the simple steps below to change location and catch 100IV Pokemon.

  • Download iAnyGo and install it on your computer. Keep the default mode "Change Location."

    change location
  • Attach the phone to the computer. Link iOS or Android to the computer using a USB cable. After connecting your device, click on "Enter."

    change location
  • : Select a location. In the iAnyGo map, choose a location where you can find the 100IV Pokemon, type its address or GPS coordinates in the search field, and then click "Start to Modify."

    change location

You will be there with a click and start catching 100IV Pokemon.

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Most players need 100IV Pokemon to win a battle. With the Pokemon Go 100IV finder app, you can note the coordinates where they are spawning. By typing the coordinates in the search field of Tenorshare iAnyGo, you can reach there with a click and catch your favorite buddy.

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