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Send Large Files (Video, Audio, Image) on WhatsApp

How to Send Large Files on WhatsApp (for Android Phone, iPhone and More)

Nov. 29, 2014 10:28 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to Android Tips
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It becomes a headache when it comes to sending a video file that you recorded with your Android phone via WhatsApp. You should know that WhatsApp has a file size limit of 16MB for videos, music and images as well. Even so, there's still a solution for this. This guide will tell you exactly how to send large video files on WhatsApp (iPhone and Android), which also works for sending audio files and images.

how to send large video files on whatsapp android

How to Send Files (video or audio) More than 16MB through WhatsApp?

When record videos or audios, we don't care much about the size, as external storage space is not a big concern for most smart phones. And recording an HD video on Android or iPhone using the highest available settings would mean that even a 30 second video will be easily around 15 to 20 MB in size.

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To transfer or share these files you can upload your files to any cloud service you prefer to and copy the download link. One well-know cloud service is Dropbox which can be downloaded to Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, PC and more. You can use the free cloud services and its apps to share and manage your files.

Besides sharing large video, audio files on WhatsApp, you can also broadcast a WhatsApp message to other contacts, backup your WhatsApp chat history, etc. More info can be found in the Top 10 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks.

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