What Is YoWhatsApp and Is It Safe to Use?

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If you have ever looked for methods to improve your WhatsApp experience, it is highly like you have seen this app called YoWhatsApp. There are also many other similar apps in the market that claim to be enhancing your WhatsApp user experience and bringing you some new features.

This post particularly focuses on Yo WhatsApp and tells you what it is, how you can go about installing it on your Android and iOS devices, what features it offers, and finally if it is actually safe to use this app on your phones.

Part 1. What Is YoWhatsApp (YoWA)?

If this is the first time you have come across this app, you might want to know exactly what it is and how it works.

YoWhatsApp is actually a third-party modded APK app that lets you use your WhatsApp account with even more features. This app brings many options that are not available by default in the official WhatsApp app. It even has many customizable options that you may not find in your current app.

Part 2. How to Download and Install YoWhatsApp on iPhone and Android?

If you are bored of using the official WhatsApp chat client and you want to give a try to YoWhatsApp, you would be glad to know that this app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

You can download and install the app as follows on both types of phones as below.

1. Download and install YoWhatsApp on Android

On Android, you need to sideload the YoWhatsApp APK to install it. The following steps explain the whole procedure.

  • On your Android device, go to Settings > Security options and enable the “Unknown Sources” to enable the 3rd party installation.

  • Open WhatsApp, go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup, and tap Backup.

    yo whatsapp
  • Uninstall the actual WhatsApp app from your phone.
  • Go to Google, search for YoWhatsApp APK, and download it to your phone.
  • Tap on the downloaded APK to install YoWhatsApp on your device.

    yowhatsapp apk
  • Launch the app and restore your earlier WhatsApp backup.

You can now start using your WhatsApp account with YoWhatsApp.

2. Download and install YoWhatsApp on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, the easiest way to get new apps on your iPhone is to search the App Store. The iOS App Store is loaded with tons of apps and you can download and install your favorite apps from there in a few easy taps.

The following is how you Yo WhatsApp download on an iPhone.

  • Do to iTunes and download YoWhatsApp.
  • After downloading, it will install itself automatically.
  • After installation, go to iPhone Settings > General > Profiles & device management.
  • Find the app profile and trust the app by following the screen instructions.

After trusting the Yo WhatsApp on iPhone, you ca n now enjoy it.

Part 3. What You Can Do with YoWhatsApp?

There are many things you can do after installing the Yo WhatsApp APK. The following are some of the main features of this app.

  • Better Privacy Controls

    This option offers more, better, and flexible options to control your privacy. You can choose who can call you, the visibility of your status, and if he or she can see if you're recording or writing a message, and check if a message has been received.

  • Completely Customizable

    This app is fully customizable meaning you can customize the background, status bar, navigation bar, and many other items in the app. This lets you make the app truly yours.

  • Unlimited File Sizes

    Unlike WhatsApp, you can send send files of over 700 MB in any file types like APK, ZIP, PDF with YoWhatsApp from your phone. This is something you would appreciate if you had issues sending large files earlier.

  • Various Emojis

    This app is actually loaded with many more emojis than what you find in the original WhatsApp app. This way, you can express yourself better.

Part 4. Is It Safe to Use YoWhatsApp?

The final question is if it is safe to use descargar Yo WhatsApp. Well, there is no right or wrong answer but the following are some of the things that might concern you.

  • Account Banning

    WhatsApp does not like it when you use your account with third-party apps like YOWhatsApp, BSE WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. The company is known to ban the accounts for the people who use third-party clients for their WhatsApp messaging.

  • Privacy Concerns

    Since YoWhatsApp is a third-party app, you never know how your data is going to be stored. It may be exposed to someone or somewhere that you do not like.

Bonus Tip: The Best WhatsApp Backup Tool for iPhone and Android

Whenever you play with any WhatsApp settings, it is a good idea to make a backup of your WhatsApp chats. This way, if you ever end-up losing something, you can restore it with a few clicks.

There is an app called Tenorshare WhatsApp Transfer that allows you to easily and quickly backup WhatsApp chats on your iPhone and Android devices. It is fairly easy to use this tool to backup your messages and the following shows how.

  • Get the latest version of the software and install it on your computer.
  • Plug-in your iPhone to your computer, launch the software, and click on WhatsApp.

    descargar yo whatsapp
  • Select the Backup option in the left sidebar, choose your device, and click on Back Up Now.

    yo whatsapp apk
  • Wait while the software backs up your WhatsApp data. You will see the following when your chats are all backed up.

    yo whatsapp download

That is all there is to it.


If you are not concerned about your privacy or getting banned, YoWhatsApp is a pretty nice way to use WhatsApp but with more and better features. Before you use it, you are recommended to back up your WhatsApp conversations with iCareFone for WhatsApp as shown above. It is better to be safe than sorry.

  Updated on 2020-09-04 / Update for  WhatsApp Tips

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