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Best Tricks to Increase Pokemon Go Trading Distance, Never Miss!

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2024-03-04 / Update for  change location

Pokemon Go allows players to play in the real world with friends. They can play battles together, win rewards, and collect rare Pokemons to increase Pokedex. You can also get your favorite or rare Pokemon by the in-game trade.

But trading in Pokemon Go is not as simple as you think. Niantic has set some restrictions on Pokemon Go trading distance. But no worries, we have created a comprehensive guide for you to give details about Pokemon Go trading distance and tips and tricks on increasing the distance. Keep reading if you want to trade without any complications while sitting on your couch.

Part 1: The Rules and Limitations of Pokémon GO Trading Distance

The in-game trade enables you to get rare or powerful Pokemon to increase your Pokedex, win more battles, and get rewards. But you must know the Pokemon Go trading rules before starting trade.

  • Trading eligibility: To trade in Pokemon Go, you must be friends in-game and have a trainer profile level ten or above.
  • Pokemon Go trading distance: You can trade with your Pokemon Go friends who are physically available within a range of 100 meters.
  • Pokemon Go trading cost: To start trading, you need to pay the Pokemon Go trading cost, which is called stardust. The stardust depends upon the friendship level and the trading Pokemon. It can be 100 stardust to 1,000,000.
  • Number of trades per day: One trainer can do 100 trades, which is enough if you trade wisely.
  • Special trades: Some Pokemon trades are rare, and you can make limited daily trades of them. These include shiny, legendary, and ultra-beast Pokemon. Pokemon with special features or forms not already in your Pokedex are also considered special trades. A Pokemon that you have previously traded cannot be traded again.
  • Restricted Pokemon for trade: Some Pokemon cannot be traded, like Mew in the category of Mythical Pokemon.

Part 2: How to Trade Pokémon at the Designated Distance (within 100 Meters)

To start trading with your friend, you must be physically present near your friend within a Pokemon Go trade distance of 100 meters. When you both come nearby, follow the steps below:

Open trading screen: Open your Pokemon Go trainer profile and navigate the trading screen in Pokemon Go. Tap on your profile on the map.


Find your friend profile: Open the friends list and tap on the friend profile you want to start trading.


Start trading: Now, both friends tap on trade in the menu to start trading. When both friends join the trading session, you will get the details and select Pokemon for trade.


Confirm your Pokemon for trade: After both friends select the Pokemon for trade, a confirmation menu will appear that shows the amount of stardust you need to trade, how many candies you receive after the trade, and the stat of Pokemon after the trade—CP, HP, etc.


Confirm trade: Hit the confirmation button to get your desired Pokemon and earn candies.

Part 3: Best Trick to Increase Pokemon Go Trading Distance

The Pokemon Go trading distance limitation may irritate you. In this way, you can’t get the Pokemon you need to include in your Pokedex. But we have got a solution for your problem, iAnyGo. The easiest trick is to increase the Pokemon Go trading distance.

Pokemon Go is a location-tracking game. It knows your location by tracking your mobile GPS location. With iAnyGo, you can set your GPS location anywhere in the world near your friend and start trading. Some of the key features why you use iAnyGo are listed for your convenience:

Safe and reliable: You don’t need to worry about the account ban or data theft. It is the safest and most reliable GPS spoofer that can change GPS location without anyone knowing.

Compatible: It works on both iOS and Android. Further, you don’t need technical work to root or jailbreak the device to change the GPS location.

Change location with a click: It is easy to use. You can change your device location and go on long-distance trading with a click.

GPS Joystick: iAnyGo offers a virtual joystick to control your movements in a game that gives a more natural movement effect.

Follow these three simple steps to increase Pokemon Go trading distance:

  • Launch iAnyGo on your PC and set the default “Change Location” mode.

    change location
  • Now, connect your Android or iPhone to the PC with a USB cable.

    change location
  • Type the address/GPS coordinates near your friend to start trading. And click on “Start to modify”. With a click, you will be near your friend no matter how far your friend's location is.

    change location

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FAQs about Pokemon Go Trading Distance

1.What is the Trade Distance Bonus in Pokemon Go?

Most of the time, players trade in Pokemon Go to exchange or buy Pokemon. They get a reward after every trade. These rewards are called candies. Candies are used to feed and power up Pokemon. The number of candies depends on how far the Pokemon are caught from each other and used in the trade.

Mostly, if the distance is 0-10, both the traders get one candy. If the distance is 10-100km, the reward will be two candies; for a 100+km distance, the reward would be three candies. Moreover, you can get an XL candy when you are above level 30.

2.Can Best Friends in Pokemon Go Trade From Anywhere?

To start a trade, you must know how far can you trade in Pokemon Go. You must be near or in the range of 100 meters from your friend. Niantic has set these rules for all, no matter the friendship level in the game. The friendship level can decrease the trading cost or amount of stardust needed for a trade.

3.What is the 10000km Trade Pokemon Go?

The trade-in in which you can get a rare Pokemon caught 10000km away from your region is the 10000km trade Pokemon Go. It is also known as Pokemon caught 10,000km apart. This way, you can get a Pokemon you can’t find in your region or area. This distance can also be defined if you caught a Pokemon from X km and your friend caught one from the opposite direction of your home, Y km. Then both X+Y=10,000.


With the Pokemon Go trade, you can get powerful, rare Pokemon and increase Pokedex. But the Pokemon Go trading distance limits you with the 100-meter trading range. Now, you can resolve this issue and trade with a distant friend with iAnyGo. So, enjoy trading in your Pokemon Go game from the comfort of your couch with iAnyGo.

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