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Top Guide For Ingress Fake GPS [SAFE/FREE]

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-01-04 / Update for  change location

Ingress Fake GPS can be used to spoof your location, ie. While in one place, you could change your GPS location, and it'll act like you're somewhere else. You can use fake GPS on Ingress to engage with more people. Allows you to get an all-over better gaming experience making every bit of AR technology worth it.

ingress fake gps

Part 1: Simple Introduction of Ingress

Ingress or Ingress Prime is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game made and published by Niantic. Niantic, Incorporation is an American software development company based in San Francisco. Niantic is best known for developing the augmented reality mobile games Ingress and Pokémon Go

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Part 2: Can You Fake GPS on Ingress

Yes, you can! It is essential to understand that faking GPS should be done with quality software. It is advised that don’t change location when using Ingress. Shut down the Ingress, and then fake your GPS with some third-party tools. After faking location, you can use joystick to fake walking on the Ingress.

Part 3: How To Fake GPS on Ingress

As we know that ingress prime fake gps is reachable, and there are a lot of tools we could choose to use. However, we recommend Tenorshare iAnyGo to fake gps ingress prime for the reason that it is 100% safe and easy to use. iAnyGo is designed to change location on iDevices. It also has joystick movement to allow you to move virtually. 

And here you can apply the following steps to apply fake GPS on Ingress:

  • Install and Launch Tenorshare iAnyGo software on your PC. It is free to download and also has a trial version. Then we go to Joystick movement.

    choose joystick movement
  • Next, you can set the desired speed you want to move with by dragging the speed slider. The fastest speed you can have is 72 kilometres per hour.

    set speed on joystick movement
  • Lastly, start your automatic movement by circling the middle button and releasing it. Not to mention, you can also tweak direction in 360 degrees freely.

    change the direction of movement

Part 4: FAQS about Ingress Fake GPS

And there are some questions about Ingress gps spoof 2023, check them to learn more about fake gps.

How do I level up fast in Ingress Prime 

Some pro tips are as follows:

  • Getting to level 8 in Ingress for a Pogo player is relatively easy. It took about 30 days.
  • To get to level 8, read the stuff linked in the "moronic Monday" thread. Any advantages you get after level 8 are marginal.
  • Play a lot. Finds areas with many portals in a small space, deploy, link and create fields.
  • If no one takes them down, it can be a pain as you must wait for them to decay naturally. So find somewhere else to do the same.

How many levels are in ingress 

The level cap on Niantic Labs' augmented reality massively multiplayer game, Ingress, is now more than double, increasing from level 8 to 16, the developer announced recently.

How do I get more AP in Ingress

As you play the game longer and reach more levels by using iAnyGo to fake gps, then you'll get more AP. 

Final Words

Ingress is a brilliant app with amazingly developed technology. Using Ingress fake GPS will help you to make the game easier. All the issues regarding this are dealt with in this article hope it'll be helpful for you.