WhatsApp Archive and Unarchive Feature

WhatsApp has emerged as one of the constants of our life. With a whopping base of 1.5 billion+ users, it is the most used social app. More than sharing messages, media files and a whole lot of chitter-chatter, WhatsApp renders amazing streak of features that includes archiving WhatsApp chat- that allows to secretly hide chats from your fellas to get entrapped in the heaps of doubts! Curious to know how you can actively maintain WhatsApp archived messages on your device! Explore right here.

Part 1: What is WhatsApp Archive and Unarchive Feature

In dictionary terms, "Archive" refers to a "collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution or place", so are the archive WhatsApp chat. The "Archive" feature allows users to secretly store the chat by hiding it from the main chat thread where all the contacts and conversations reflect.

Here is how to "Archive" message on your WhatsApp on your Android phone:

  • 1.Open WhatsApp and view all the available chats.
  • 2.To archive a chat/group, just long press the desired contact.
  • 3.You'll notice 5 options appearing at the top. Just press the one with the downward inverted triangle that is the "Archive" icon.
archive chat android

Archive WhatsApp message on your iOS device:

  • 1.Launch WhatsApp and the chats will be displayed.
  • 2.Simply, slide left on the desired conversation and tap on the "Archive" option available from the menu.
 archive chat ios

As we know archive feature allows users to keep hide the contacts they don't wish to keep. On the other hand, the un-archive feature does nothing unique, it simply undo the archive feature applied over. So, that users can access the contacts they had put on archive mode.

Part 2: How to See Archived Messages on WhatsApp

It's very easy to view the Archived Messages on WhatsApp. Whether you are running WhatsApp archive mode on IOS device or Android phone- the mantra to viewing them is just too easy! Read it here.

On iOS:

  • 1.Locate "WhatsApp" bubble from the app drawer of your device.
  • 2.Open it to view the chats available over your phone.
  • 3.Just, scroll down the chat list, and the "Archived Chats" will reflect over the upper panel.
  • 4.Tap on it and you'll view the archived contacts respectively.
view archive chats ios

On Android:

  • 1.Start by launching WhatsApp on your Android phone.
  • 2.On the WhatsApp screen view your ongoing chat threads.
  • 3.Just slide down until you reach the last chat available at your disposal. Here, you'll see "Archived Chats" option. Just press on that panel and access all your chats that have been archived.
view archive chats android

Part 3: How to Unarchive WhatsApp Chats

It's just not a rocket science to view the un-archive WhatsApp on your device at all. There is an ease of fetching back the contents in an unbelievably simple way. Discover it right below-

On Android:

  • Launch WhatsApp application and view the available chats.
  • Scroll down till the end of chats.
  • Here you'll view "Archive Chats" option shaded in black, press on to open it.
  • Long press the contact and options will appear over the upper screen, click on "upward triangle"" to un-archive the chat!
unarchive chats android

On iOS:

  • Start by opening WhatsApp in your iOS device.
  • Then slide the chats screen down and "Archive Chats" will reflect on top.
  • Tap on it, and slide left on the desired conversation that you wish to unarchive and hit the "Unarchive" option.
unarchive chats ios

Part 4: How to Backup WhatsApp Messages in An Easy Way

It's a good practice to maintain the backup of your chats, media. As an unexpected turn of event can cause you much! The ultimate solution of maintaining the backup of your folders is by using Tenorshare iCareFone. Incorporated with edge-cutting technology, it can upkeep the backup of all the contents that includes your WhatsApp chats too! Can get your device to work outstandingly.

Key Highlights:

  • Offers free backup service to your iOS device.
  • Capable of performing batch removal of files no longer required.
  • Acts as an iOS fixer that saves iPhone with several kinds of problems.
  • Allows unlimited transfer of music, videos, contacts, SMS, photos etc.

Here is the extensive guide to maintain backup via Tenorshare iCareFone.

Step 1 Load Tenorshare iCareFone

Make use of a genuine USB cable to get your device connected to iPhone and download Tenorshare iCareFone. Run the software and select "Backup &Restore" menu located above the screen.

icarefone interface

Step 2 Process Backup

The available data types for performing backup of your respective device will be reflected. Just ensure to opt in for "WhatsApp & Attachments" data type. Optionally, you can also tick-mark other files to maintain their backup too, if the need be.

select preferred data type

Step 3 Finish Backup!

At last, hit the "Backup" and you're all done.

backup completed

Final verdict

The WhatsApp Archive feature is useful in hiding down the messages available on your respective device. We hope, you're well versed with the functionality, usage and the possible methods for the same. Whatever you do, the safest bet is to upkeep backup and for that Tenorshare iCareFone - an impeccable solution that renders amazing features in one!

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