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Must-Known FAQs on WhatsApp Temporary Messages

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-10-20 / Update for  WhatsApp Tips

WhatsApp temporary messages allow you to send messages that automatically disappear after a set period. You can choose from a timer of 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days according to your need. This feature is ideal for sensitive conversations and makes your chat history clutter-free. In this article, we'll explore how to send WhatsApp temporary messages, save temporary messages before disappearing and how to recover them.

Part 1: WhatsApp Temporary Messages or Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp has “Disappearing Messages”, which is also called by many users as temporary messages. So basically, they refer to the same feature in WhatsApp. These messages are temporary and disappeared automatically from both the sender and receiver’s WhatsApp after a set period.

Part 2: How to Turn on and Send WhatsApp Temporary Messages

First of all, let’s see how to turn on and send temporary messages in WhatsApp. There is a shortcut that enables disappearing messages for all chats at once. You can also turn it on for individual or group chats according to your requirement. Open your WhatsApp and start doing as follows.

  • To set all messages to disappear, go to Settings > Privacy > Default message timer in Disappearing messages section.
  • To set temporary messages on iPhone, open a chat and tap on the chat name, then your will see Disappearing messages option.
  • To set temporary messages on Android, open a chat and tap on the three dot to see Disappearing messages.
  • Then choose the timer for disappearing messages. Done. All the messages sent later will disappear after the timer. You can turn it off at any time.

    enable whatsapp temporary messages

Note: The old messages sent before you set up Disappearing Messages will still exist. And anyone in the chat can change the Disappearing Messages settings.

Part 3: How to Save WhatsApp Temporary Messages Before Disappearing

Is it possible to save a temporary message without turning off the feature? Yes, both messages and media can be kept if necessary even if disappearing messages are turned on.

  • Open a chat, tap and hold on the disappearing message you want to save.
  • Tap on Keep or the bookmark icon. This message will stay here after the time for disappearing messages has passed.

    enable whatsapp temporary messages
  • For WhatsApp users who have enabled Auto Download, the media sent in disappearing messages will be automatically saved to your Photos app.

Part 4: How to Recover WhatsApp Temporary Messages from Backup

Having enabled Chat backup to either Google Drive or iCloud, WhatsApp will save all of your messages including temporary messages before they disappear. So you can recover WhatsApp temporary messages from the backup. But disappearing messages will be deleted after you restore a backup, and you can only get back messages for which the time has not passed or those which were kept in chat.

  • Delete WhatsApp from your phone and install it again.
  • Now set up your WhatsApp. It will search for a backup. When it finds one, restore messages from it.

    whatsapp restore messages from backup android

Part 5: How to Recover WhatsApp Temporary Messages without Backup

If you don’t backup your WhatsApp chats and now are facing the problem of losing all of your data, there is still hope for you. Using Tenorshare UltData WhatsApp Recovery is one of the methods that have proven to work for WhatsApp chat recovery on both iPhone and Android devices.

  • Download and install UltData WhatsApp Recovery. Run it and click on Device > Android.

    how to recover whatsapp temporary messages without backup via ultdata whatsapp recovery
  • Connect your phone to the computer and enable USB debugging with the help of on-screen instruction.

    how to recover whatsapp temporary messages without backup via ultdata whatsapp recovery
  • Click on Start to start scanning WhatsApp messages. Ensure a stable connection during the process.

    how to recover whatsapp temporary messages without backup via ultdata whatsapp recovery
  • You will see the program back up the data, uninstall WhatsApp and then reinstall it. Please follow the instructions.

    how to recover whatsapp temporary messages without backup via
  • After that, you will see all of the scanned WhatsApp data. Select the messages you want and click on Recover.

    how to recover whatsapp temporary messages without backup via ultdata whatsapp recovery


WhatsApp temporary messages is a useful feature that enables users to be more in control of their privacy. Messages get deleted after a certain period. You can also keep a temporary message before it disappears. To restore WhatsApp temporary messages, you can opt for an available backup or choose UltData WhatsApp Recovery, a professional WhatsApp data recovery tool.