How to Locate Someone on Whatsapp: 4 Methods (with Pictures)

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There are a few different methods by using which you could track the location of WhatsApp user. It might sound insane; however, thinking about keeping your youngsters from danger, or getting a cheating life partner, it can prove to be useful. WhatsApp itself offers a "share Location" option to its users, which permits clients to share locations in both one-on-one and in group chat. Aside from that, you could use some of the online services or WhatsApp location trackers. Some of the ways to locate someone on Whatsapp are discussed below:

Method 1. Locate Someone on WhatsApp with The 'Share Location' Feature

You can just ask someone to share their location with you. WhatsApp has a free and in-built element that permits users to track the constant location. This makes it extremely simple to check if your family or companions remain safe.

Here’s how to track the location through WhatsApp built-in feature.

  • Open the chat or a group chat in the WhatsApp, and tap on the attached file icon.
  • Click the “Location” option, then select the “Share live location” option.
  • Now choose the time duration for sharing the location and tap on the “Send” option. The location can be shared for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or even for eight hours.

    share live location to locate someone on whatsapp

Then you'll see the location shared by the user. If the request is sent to the group chat, then everybody in the chat will be able to see the location.

Method 2. Using 'Command Prompt' to Track Whatsapp Location

Another simple method to track somebody's WhatsApp location is to utilize the Command Prompt on your PC. This method only works when you log in the WhatsApp on the web page version; however, it is easy and highly effective to do. Here is how you can do this.

  • Start by opening the WhatsApp Web and open a chat with the individual you want to track in order to get his IP address.
  • Close all the apps that are running in the background, except the browser that you’re using to avoid interference. Just click 'Ctrl + Alt + Delete' simultaneously to open task manager then shut off the apps.
  • Now hit 'Win +R' keys simultaneously on the keyboard and type “cmd”, after that hit enter key.

    Now Hit Win +R keys simultaneously on the keyboard and type “cmd”, after that hit enter key.
    open the command prompt to locate someone on whatsapp
  • The command prompt will open, now type “netstat-an” and after that hit enter button. Note the IP address that shows on the screen before closing command prompt window.

    get someone ip address to locate someone on whatsapp
  • You could go to and then enter the IP address that you have noted to find its estimated location.

Method 3. Spy And Locate Someone on WhatsApp via Tracking Link:

You could likewise make a tracking link and send to the person you want to locate. This tracking link will provide you with data regarding the person's whereabouts. Here's the way how you can do that;

  • To start, you have to make a free web hosting user account. You could do that at 000webhost, Hostgator, or My3gb. Sign in to the account, and after that, click “File Manager.” Now download the ZIP file named “Tracking ZIP File.”

    find ip trace code to locate someone on whatsapp
  • Unzip the file that you have downloaded to extract all 3 files that are in it. After doing this, upload all the files in root (public _html) folder of file manager in the hosting account.
  • The link that you have to send to the device that you’re tracking will be named as

    using my3gb to locate someone on whatsapp

You could find all the info that you require about the device you’re tracking in the log.txt file on the root folder.

Method 4. Using mSpy to Locate Someone on WhatsApp (Easy to Use)

mSpy is a greatly acclaimed application that permits to track the WhatsApp messages without knowing them, and furthermore comes with plenty of exceptionally helpful features.

  • mSpy offers the users a bucketload to look over including observing calls as well as managing the upcoming call limitations
  • Tracking sent and got instant messages, web history, for example, browsing patterns and accessing calendars, contacts, outgoing and incoming emails and even managing the installed applications.

    my3gb dashboard to locate someone on whatsapp

Here's the method to start with WhatsApp tracking utilizing mSpy software.

  • Register mSpy and download the application on the target device.
  • Now move to mSpy dashboard and click WhatsApp messages option from the left side panel to obtain a list of sent and received messages. Moreover, you could also sort over the messages by date to view them easily.

The location of the target device can be viewed from the dashboard in real-time, and you can also set up the geo-fences as you like.

my3gb geo fencing to locate someone on whatsapp


The easiest way to get someone’s location via WhatsApp is ask him to share the location with you because it comes with no expense, and the location is shared in real-time. If you want to track the mobile phone location without them knowing, you could use mSpy. It's light-weighted, efficient, and above all, invisible. At last, if you have no idea to manage WhatsApp data, try Tenorshare iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer, which enables you to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android.

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  Updated on 2021-02-02 / Update for  WhatsApp Tips

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