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Get Answers About How to Unlock HTC Phone

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2021-10-27 / Update for  Unlock Android

Have you forgotten your password and are looking forward to answers on how to unlock HTC phone or how to factory reset a locked HTC phone? We have several answers to give to anyone who is asking others something like how to unlock my HTC phone. Here we share those HTC phone unlocking methods that come with minimal risks and work well too.

1. Unlock HTC Phone by Trying Different Passwords

Sometimes, you cannot activate your HTC smartphone because you just forgot the password suddenly. Just guess and try different passwords that you think might help you unlock the phone. Putting in wrong passwords for several time might automatically cause temporary disabling and need try again after a specific time, like 30 seconds or 5 minutes. While it is a rare chance, trying out different passwords often ends in the HTC phone being unlocked and lets you enjoy your phone to the fullest.

2. Unlock HTC Phone with Android Device Manager

Let us suppose that you tried multiple passwords to unlock your HTC phone but none of them worked out. Well, in that case, you must be looking forward to knowing more about how to unlock HTC phone forgot pattern. Using Android Device Manager is one of the most common answers to all the Google searches on how to reset a HTC phone that is locked.

  • First, these prerequisites need to be met: Google account is logged in to your phone and the Find My Device feature is turned on; your phone is connected to the Internet.
  • Then on any android device or your PC, visit www.google.com/android/find.
  • Sign in to the Google account that you use on your HTC smartphone too.
  • Select your HTC smartphone. You'd get a window with multiple options. One of these options will be labeled "Erase Device". Select this option.

    google find my device
  • Now the password will be erased and you can unlock your HTC phone without passwords and enjoy!

3. Unlock HTC Phone with Google Account

If you want to have a HTC phone with Android 5.0 or below, then unlocking with Google account will help you. In this case, you need to know the exact method of how to unlock HTC desire with your Google Account. Follow the steps below to unlock your old HTC phone:

  • Once you've had enough tries of the wrong unlocking pattern, your device will ask you to try again after 30 seconds. At this point, the screen would show a "Forgot Pattern" option too.
  • Clicking on this option, you'd get a field to add your Gmail account associated with the locked device.
  • Add the account and click “Next”.
  • From here, you can easily set a new pin or pattern for your phone and unlock it using this new pin.

    google find my device

4. Unlock HTC Phone via 4uKey for Android

Last but not least, if the above methods are not working, then you can turn for help from third-party software. 4uKey for Android is a software that lets you unlock an Android device if you forgot its pin, passcode, pattern or fingerprints. Once you install it on your PC, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Launch 4uKey on your PC. Connect your HTC phone to your PC via a USB cable.
  • Now, from your PC, choose the option titled “Remove Screen Lock”. Click on Start and the process will begin.

    4ukey for android interface
  • You’d have to confirm the warning informing you about all your data being erased when you choose to remove the lock screen to let this process begin. Simply, click on “Yes”.

    data erase confirm
  • The software will take some time to remove the lock screen. After this, you need to enter the recovery mode and reboot your phone's system.

    entet into recovery mode
  • You’re done. The screen lock will automatically be removed, and you’d get your phone’s access back.

    unlock screen lock successfully

FAQs about Unlocking HTC Phone

1.Do I lose data after unlocking the HTC phone?

This depends on the method you choose to unlock your phone. If you remember the Google account associated with your phone, you'd not lose any data while unlocking the phone. However, using software and other apps to unlock the phone often wipe all its data.

2.How to turn off the screen lock on HTC settings?

Here is how you can turn off the screen lock on your HTC phone:
1.Go to setting and tap on “security”.
2.Tap on “Screen Lock”.
3.Confirm your already existing lock screen. Then tap on “None” > “Yes, Remove.”


In this article, we tried to explain to you all about how to unlock HTC phone and shared with you some ways of unlocking your phone without knowing its passwords. Lastly, we explained to you the usage of 4uKey for Android and how you can unlock your HTC phone through it. We hope that all of it made sense to you, and you could benefit from the knowledge shared.

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