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Google has introduced FRP lock in android phones to protect your device and data. But the issue arises when you want to factory reset your device but have forgotten the credentials of Google account synced with your android phone. In that case, you have to bypass the FRP lock to continue using your android mobile. Well, you can easily fix this issue by reading the following paragraphs as this piece of writing will elaborate how to disable frp lock with just few clicks.

Part 1: What Is FRP Lock on Android Device?

FRP is the abbreviation of Factory Reset Protection. Android has added a special security feature on an android device with Android OS version 5.1 or higher than you need Google email address and password to factory reset it. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your android mobile and it will be locked. This feature is automatically enabled when you register your Google account on an Android device. So, if you cannot recall your Google account password, then you have to disable frp lock Samsung to regain access to your Samsung mobile.

Part 2: Can You Disable FRP Lock on Any Android Device?

Well, the answer is definitely YES. If you have forgotten the password and want to reset your mobile for any purpose, then you can disable frp lock Samsung. Whenever you have reset an android device having Android OS version 5.1 or higher, the following notification pops up on your screen.

The problem arises when you couldn’t recall your Google account details to enter but you need not worry as in the following paragraphs, I will explain various methods to disable FRP lock.

bypass diabled frp lock
Go pass Google account verification(frp)

Part 3: Top 3 Guides on Disable Google FRP Lock[Take Samsung as an Example]

FRP lock has become an inherent component of the Android security program. It protects your private data against theft as there is no direct way to bypass Google FRP lock. But Google provides certain methods to disable google FRP lock.

I will explain to you the three simplest and widely recommended methods to disable Google FRP lock to continue using your Android mobile even if you forget your Google account password or ID.

Guide 1: How to Disable Google Account Verification on Android Device

You can directly disable Google FRP lock on your Android device. When you forget your account credentials, you are stuck at the following screen. Just follow the below guidelines to understand how to disable google frp lock.

  • Firstly, connect your device to the WIFI and make sure you have chosen the Google Keyboard option.
  • Now, tap on @ and then tap on the ‘settings’ icon. After that, open the ‘Google Keyboard setting’.
  • Click on 3 dots at the top and select ‘Help and Feedback’ and then tap on ‘Search Google and send results from your keyboard’ option on the screen.
  • Now select the word from the screen and click on ‘Web search’ at the top and open it via Google App and you will see search results.

    samsung bypass frp locl
    Solve disabled Google frp lock
  • After that, search S and you will see the System Setting Icon. Click on that icon and open the Backup and reset menu and tap on ‘Factory Data Reset’. The process will complete in a couple of minutes.
  • Now, your welcome screen on the mobile will no longer ask for Google account credentials and you could simply ‘Skip’ or add ‘New Google Account’ to regain access.

    set new google frp
    After bypassing old FRP, set new Google FRP

Guide 2: How to Disable Google Lock Online via Google Account[Need Preconditions]

To disable Google Lock online, you need to remove the activation lock before applying the factory reset. Once you have applied the Factory data reset, you will not be able to remove the FRP lock using Google account. Follow the below guidelines to know how to disable frp lock;

  • Log into your Google account and then go to ‘Device activity and Notifications’ and click on review devices and then select the Android device you want to remove from Google Account.

    frp lock disabled
    Remove FRP lock - Google Account 1
    delete frp lock
    Bypass FRP lock - Select review devices
  • Now remove the access of your device from Google account and proceed.

    disabl locked frp
    Bypass android lock - Remove Google Account
  • After that, a confirmation window will pop out. Select ‘Remove’ and Google FRP lock from your mobile will be removed. A confirmation window will approve this.

    what is android lock - confirmation
    Confirmation to bypass samsung frp lock

After completing the above procedure, you need to perform reset to your device. For more information about this procedure, open this link;

Guide 3: How to Disable Google FRP Lock at Fastest Speed[No Need Password]

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is the most robust and efficient software to bypass FRP lock. It supports all android devices and helps you to unlock FRP screen lock, delete your Google accounts without passwords and it has the unique ability to decrypt all Android phones with just few clicks.

The ‘Remove Google Lock’ option allows you to bypass FRP lock most quickly. You don’t need any password so if you are stuck at the welcome screen, Tenorshare 4uKey will help you how to remove google lock. You must know that this process will remove all data from your Samsung device and will take some time, so make sure your mobile is connected to a plug if its battery is less than 50%.

Follow the below steps to carry out the process;

  • First of all, install and launch Tenorshare 4uKey for Android on your PC and connect your Samsung device to it. Now, click on ‘Remove Google Option’ on the screen.

    disable frp lock – Remove Google Option
    Step 1: Click remove google frp option - 4uKey for Android
  • Now, enter the details of your Samsung device and click ‘Next’ to start the process. The drop-down option will help you to accurately enter the information of your android device.

    what is frp lock – start the process
    Step 2: Start removing google frp - 4uKey for Android
  • It can be seen that this software provides guidelines with all Samsung mobiles, either they are with the home button or without. So, follow the guidelines accordingly as shown in the figures.

    disable google lock – Home Button
    Step 3: Do Home button guideline - 4uKey for Android
    Bypass frp lock – Without home button
    Step 4: Do without Home button guideline - 4uKey for Android
  • Now enter PDA information of your Samsung device; use the dropdown option to fill in the required information. Then click on ‘Next’. A confirmation screen will pop up. Select ‘Confirm’ if you have entered the right information.

    turn off frp lock – Fill information
    Step 5: Fill Samsung info to close frp lock - 4uKey for Android
    how to disable google account verification – Select confirm
    Step 6: Confirm to delete frp lock - 4uKey for Android
  • Now, your Samsung device has entered the Download mode. Follow the instructions corresponding to your device type i.e., either with or without the Home button to continue the process.

    how to bypass android lock - mobile has home button
    Step 7: Donwload mode with home button mobiles - 4uKey for Android
    how to remove google lock – don’t have home button
    Step 8: Donwload mode without home button mobiles - 4uKey for Android
  • The software will automatically download the firmware package matching your device. It will take some time to download.

    remove google lock – Download firmware package
    Step 9: Download android firmware - 4uKey for Android
  • After that, the software will again put your device in the recovery mode and you will have to follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

    how to disable google factory reset protection – Follow instructions
    Step 10: Follow instructions with mathced package - 4uKey for Android
  • Finally, 4uKey will automatically detect the firmware package and will initiate the process to remove FRP unlock from your device. It will take a few minutes and then Google account will be removed from your Samsung device.

    disable frp lock Samsung – Google account removed
    Step 11: Succeed in removing Samsung FRP lock - 4uKey for Android

Now, you have regained access to your mobile.


This article has elucidated one of the most common issues of Android phones i.e., how to disable google lock. Ever since Google has developed an advanced security feature of FRP lock in Android mobiles, many users have been facing difficulty when they forget the credentials of their Google Account. Fortunately, Tenorshare 4uKey for Android provides answers to all their problems in the most user-friendly manner. It is the fastest and the most reliable to help you bypass FRP lock using 4uKey for Android in just a few minutes. Now you know what to do next with this full guide.

  Updated on 2020-11-10 / Update for  Unlock Android

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