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Redmi 7 MI Account Remove: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-06-13 / Update for  Unlock Android

Redmi 7 MI account can help you access the Cloud services and other devices of Xiaomi. It is also a useful option to unlock various Xiaomi features without hassle. However, forgetting your Redmi 7 MI account’s login details means you can’t access all these services anymore.

To regain your mobile access, you must know the Redmi 7 bypass MI account steps. This guide can provide various ways to unlock or bypass your MI account on your Redmi 7 or Note 7 devices.

Part 1: Preparing for Redmi 7 Mi Account Removal

Before removing the Redmi 7 MI account,here are some key preparation tips you need to consider.

  • Always back up your Redmi MI 7 / Note 7 mobile data. It is because there is a risk of losing data when attempting to Redmi 7 MI account removal.
  • In addition, you must remember that removing our Redmi 7 MI account will also make you lose access to various Xiaomi services and features. So, always keep that in mind before proceeding.

Part 2: Redmi 7/Note 7 Mi Account Remove without PC

Here are a few methods for your Redmi Note 7 MI account removal needs. The first two methods don’t require a laptop or PC to complete the account removal process.

Method 1: Reset Mi Account Password

Proceeding with Redmi 7 bypass MI account generally requires providing account credentials to verify your authorization. However, if you have forgotten your MI Account password, then resetting its password can be the basic solution here.

Most of us experience Forgetting an account password at some point in our lives. Here are the steps you can follow to reset your account password:

  • Open the sign-in page of your Redmi 7 MI account.
  • Click the "Forgot password" option below your password textbox.

    redmi 7 mi account remove
  • Enter the details required to show your association with the account. Click Next.

    redmi 7 mi account remove
  • You will see a popup on your screen if the entered details are correct.
  • Select your preferred verification option from here.
  • It will send you a verification code. Use this to verify your account and click submit to gain access.

Now set a new password and start using your MI account again.

Method 2: Visit Mi Service Center

The next option here is to visit your nearest MI Service Center. Always keep the necessary accessories when visiting the MI service cente for Redmi 7 MI account bypass.In addition, ensure to take screenshots of the error messages you received while attempting to access the MI account.

Always remove the SD and SIM cards before handing your Redmi 7 to the service center to avoid damage.

Part 3: Redmi 7/Note 7 Mi Account Remove with PC

Here are a few Redmi 7 MI account bypass methods requiring you to use a PC.

Method 1: Use Mi Account Unlock Tool

Redmi Note 7 MI account remove unlock tool helps you to unlock your Redmi 7/note 7 mobile phones. The tool provides an effective bypassing solution to regain your account access. Put your phone in recovery mode and follow the steps below to unlock its MI account:

  • Download the MI Account unlock toolkit on your laptop.
  • Run the .exe file after extracting the files from a .zip file.
  • Enter Redmi 7 into recovery mode.
  • Take a USB cable and connect your system to your mobile.
  • Open the MI account unlock tool on your computer system if your device has connected to the system.

    redmi 7 mi account remove
  • Click Bypass MI account to reboot your device automatically.

Here are the potential risks associated with using third-party tools to remove an MI account:

  • You may fact authentication problems during MI account removal due to slow internet or wrong credentials. Besides that, removing the MI account will also result in a device lockout.
  • Using third-party tools to remove MI accounts can also result in data loss. Preventing it requires backing up your data before using any third-party tool.

Method 2: Use TPS Xiaomi Tool

Here is another lucrative tool to resolve problems in your Redmi 7 or Note 7 phones. It will also help you with Redmi 7 MI account bypass. Consider it as another reliable solution here:

A step-by-step guide on how to use the tool effectively.

Follow the steps below to use TPS Tool for Redmi 7 MI account bypass:

  • Download and install TPS Xiaomi Tool on your computer.

    redmi 7 mi account remove
  • Launch the tool and run its .exe file by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Now open the tool.
  • Shut down your Redmi 7 and put it in fastboot mode.
  • Connect your mobile to the computer system using a USB cable.
  • Download ADB and Fastboot drivers on the system and activate USB debugging.
  • Enter “adb devices” and “adb reboot edl” in your command prompt.
  • A pop-up will appear on your screen. Allow USB debugging by clicking OK.
  • Select “Check Device info” to see if the mobile is connected to the PC properly.
  • Now open “Account Lock” > Disable Mi Account.
  • Select Bypass Mi Account to complete the process.

Extra Tip: How to Unlock Any Mi Phone Screen Lock?

4ukey for Android is an effective tool to open the MI phone screen lock without greasing your elbows in any technicality. It can let you unlock the screen lock on any Android device without a password. You can use it as a one-click solution to unlock your MI phone.

Here are the steps to follow for unlocking your MI phone without a password:

  • Download and install 4ukey for Android on your system.

  • Select “Remove Screen Lock” from it. Click start

    redmi 7 mi account remove
  • Click confirm from the dialogue box that appears on your screen.

    redmi 7 mi account remove
  • Let the tool complete the process of removing the screen lock.

    redmi 7 mi account remove
  • Enter your mobile phone into recovery mode after removing the lock screen.

    redmi 7 mi account remove
  • Perform a factory reset, and your mobile will be ready without a screen lock.

    redmi 7 mi account remove

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Can I remove the MI account without a password?

4ukey for Android is a special tool that can help you to remove your MI account without a password.

What happens if I forget my MI account credentials?

If you forget your MI account details, you will lock out of your device. You will no longer be able to access your account anymore. Then you can consider bypassing your Redmi account bypass by resetting its password or using a third-party tool.

Will removing the MI account delete my data?

The MI account is linked to various Xiaomi services and features. Removing this account means losing access to these features and services.

Can I use the same MI account on another Xiaomi/Redmi device?

Fortunately, yes. You can use one MI account on another Redmi device to regain access to all your MI account services and facilities without any hassle.

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So, here are some effective ways to unlock Redmi 7 MI account.You can use any of these listed methods per your preferences and needs. However, if you are stuck with a forgotten screen lock and don’t know how to unlock your Redmi 7 or Note 7 mobile phone, consider 4ukey for Android. It provides a one-click solution for all screen unlocking needs. Above all, the tool is compatible with thousands of Android devices.