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2 Best Vivo Y16 FRP Bypass Methods [Android 13]

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-10-31 / Update for  Unlock Android

Vivo is another well-known Android OS based smartphone brand in the world. It is known for offering high-end phones with remarkable features at affordable prices.

FRP or Factory Reset Protection, is a built-in security feature on Android devices running Android OS version 5.1 (Lollipop) and above. FRP automatically gets enabled on an Android device the moment a Google account gets registered on it. The purpose of FRP is to prevent unauthorized access of any Android device on which Factory Data Reset operation has been performed in any manner other than through the phone’s Settings menu.In this article we discuss how to perform Vivo Y16 FRP bypass.

Part 1: Vivo Y16 FRP Bypass Without PC

Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial to guide you on how to perform Vivo Y16 FRP bypass without PC.

Note that this method doesn’t involve using a PC for performing Vivo Y16 bypass Google account. And since this is going to be a lengthy process, ensure following each step the way it is mentioned below.

  • Once you have factory reset your Vivo Y16 in an untraditional method, your phone will ask you to verify your account with Google account credentials originally used on this device. Hit the back arrow here at screen bottom-left corner.

    hit back arrow vivo frp bypass
  • On the second screen shown below, hit “Don’t Copy”.

     click dont copy vivo frp bypass
  • Wait for the phone to complete “Checking info…” step.
  • When prompted with the following screen (left), press back arrow button twice or more times until you return to “Connect to Wi-Fi” screen (right).

    connect to wifi page vivo frp bypass
  • Once the Wi-Fi is connected, hit the back arrow several times until you return to the following screen. Tap to open “Accessibility Settings”.

     accessibility settings vivo frp bypass
  • Now tap to open “TalkBack” (left) and toggle it on (right).

    open talkback vivo frp bypass
  • When the below shown (left) black screen appears, keep swiping left-to-right until the dialogue box appears (center). Tap first option “WHILE USING THE APP” and then “Use voice commands”

     use voice cpmmands vivo frp bypass
  • Now a bit loudly say “Open Google Assistant” for activating it. Once it appears, say “Open YouTube”.

    use voice cpmmands vivo frp bypass
  • Once the YouTube is open, press and hold the volume up and down keys together for 3 seconds for the following message to appear. Select “Turn On”. Now press and hold the volume keys again to turn off the TalkBack shortcut. Notice that the black box in the center-top of the screen

     click turn on  vivo frp bypass
  •  Now tap on the user icon on YouTube top-right corner. Select “Settings”, then “About”, and then “Google Privacy Policy” to open Google Chrome.

     open google chrome vivo frp bypass
  •  Tap on “Accept & continue” (left) and then “No thanks” when asked to Turn on sync? (right).

    tap accept and continue vivo frp bypass
  •  Type “hardreset.info/bypass” into the address bar now and hit enter.

     type hardreset into address bar vivo frp bypass
  •  On the website that opens (left), hit consent (center) and then scroll-down to reach and open “Setting App”.

    open setting app vivo frp bypass
  •  Now scroll-down till the bottom of the “Settings” menu, then “System”, then “Reset options”, then “Reset all settings”, again “Reset all settings” on next screen, and then your phone will restart. Wait for some time now until your phone starts again after resetting all settings.

  •  Now when the phone restarts, connect it to Wi-Fi again to continue with the remaining steps of Vivo Y16 FRP bypass. On the first screen that appears after your phone restarts, tap “Start”, then “Next” after selecting your location, then again “Next” on the following screen to reach to the

     set up after vivo frp bypass
  •  Now again repeat all the steps from 5 till 13 above except tapping on the “Setting App” this time. Instead scroll further down and tap on “Screen Lock Set Menu” this time. Remember that this won’t download any Vivo Y16 FRP file. Rather, it will simply take you to setting a PIN on your

     screen lock set menu vivo frp bypass
  •  Now tap “PIN” to set a PIN on your Vivo Y16. We recommend setting a simple PIN now such as 1234 or 0000. Remember that you are only performing Vivo Y16 FRP bypass latest version now hence an easy-to-remember PIN should do. You can use a stronger PIN after you are successfully done with Vivo Y16 FRP bypass. Re-Enter the PIN again, tap “Confirm” and then “Skip” on the

    screen lock set vivo frp bypass
  •  Now keep tapping the back button of your phone until you return to the phone setup screen again. This time tap “Start”, then “Next” after selecting your location, wait for a few seconds, then tap “Don’t copy”, wait again and then enter the PIN you just set on “Verify PIN” screen and then wait again.

     return to setup screen set vivo frp bypass
  •  Now on the Google account “Sign in” screen, tap “Skip”, then again “Skip”, then “More”, and then “Accept”.

    Google account Sign in screen vivo frp bypass
  •  Now select “Google” as your search engine, tap “Next”, then “Next” again, then “Ok”, wait for a few seconds, then again “Next”, then “Next” again, and you have now completed setting up your phone again with Vivo Y16 FRP bypass. Finally tap “Use now”.

     finish set up vivo frp bypass
  •  Lastly, we highly recommend doing a factory reset on your device one last time to completely wipe all data on it and thus finally completing Vivo Y16 FRP bypass process. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu on your phone, scroll down and tap “System”, then “Reset options”, and then “Erase all data (factory reset)”. Once done, you will have successfully performed Vivo Y16 bypass Google account on your device.

Part 2: Vivo Y16 FRP Bypass With PC [Best Method]

While the above method for performing Vivo Y16 FRP bypass without PC is effective, you can see that it is way too lengthy. Especially, if it’s your first time performing Vivo Y16 FRP bypass latest version on your own, this entire method could be difficult as well.

Hence, we here have a simple and easy-to-use method that only requires a few clicks from beginning to end.

4uKey for Android – Best Tool for Vivo Y16 FRP Bypass

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is an excellent tool packed with everything you need to perform untethered Android lock screen removal and Vivo Y16 FRP bypass solution.

Advantages of Using 4uKey for Android for Vivo Y16 FRP Bypass Solution

  • Easily removes any kind of password, PIN, biometric, face recognition, and pattern lock from Android devices.
  • Perform Vivo Y16 bypass Google account as well as for Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, and Realme.
  • No data loss in most cases while unlocking earlier Samsung models.
  • Supports over 6000 Android devices running various Android OS versions.

How to Use 4uKey for Android to bypass Vivo Y16 FRP?

Using 4uKey for Android is easy and will only require a few simple steps from beginning to end. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use 4uKey for Android for Vivo Y16 FRP bypass. You can further read about it here.

  • Download, install, and run the Tenorshare 4uKey for Android first on your PC. When done, connect your Vivo device to your PC and select “Remove Google Lock (FRP)” (right-side).

    choose remove google lock feature
  • Now let 4uKey for Android automatically detect your device brand. If it doesn’t, then select it manually as shown in the next image.

    select the brand of the device
  • On the next screen after device selection or automatic detection, click “Remove Now”.

    remove vivo google account lock
  • Now you will receive a notification on your device screen. Next, follow the 9 instructions precisely as shown below to continue with Vivo Y16 FRP bypass with PC.

    vivo frp bypass set up device 1
  • Finally, after the last step, 4uKey for Android will start removing the Google lock. Wait and avoid causing any interference while 4uKey for Android performs Vivo Y16 FRP bypass.

    vivo frp bypass set up device 3
  • Once done, the following screen will appear. Congratulations, you have successfully completed Vivo Y16 FRP bypass latest version.

    bypass google frp lock successful

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Performing Vivo Y16 FRP bypass without a PC isn’t for everyone. It requires patience and following each step in the correct manner and time.

However, Tenorshare 4uKey for Android from detecting your Vivo device to guiding you on how to exactly perform its 9 simple steps is an excellent tool with Vivo Y16 bypass Google account solution. Download it now for free and experience its amazing features now.

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